by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Well, my dear friends I am back in hospital. I will be having surgery late Tuesday morning. Professor Yousef Ghabrial will be performing the removal of my Bursa which has been giving me so much grief since late last year. This is my second stint in hospital and I hope now to get things moving. I have another problem too which showed up on the second MRI I had on Friday and that is a depressed disc in my lower spine. I will have to have an operation on that later but by another Doctor. I'm so glad that Amy and Steve have postponed their wedding till next year, as no way, would I have been o.k. by April when they were originally planning to get married. On Friday I drove into Amy's place crying my eyes out as the pain in my Bursa was going down into my leg and driving was just excruciating. When I arrived at Amy and Steve's place poor Steve thought someone had died. I collapsed on their lounge and Ophelie and Delphi came over to give me cuddles and kisses. I was crying so much it worried them. Anyway to cut a long story short Amy took control and rang emergency daycare for Delphi. Steve took Ophelie to school and then Delphi to daycare. Amy rang the Professor's office (and he was supposed to be having a day off) and organised an appt for me at 9.00. Poor girl had to go to work but took me to the doctor's rooms and came in when he arrived. She then took me to the hospital which luckily is just in the next street. She left me when I had to go and have 2 x-rays. I came up to my room which Prof had organised and then had the MRI at 1.00. I was not to eat anything for 2 hours prior just in case I had to have an injection. This MRI was really noisy and luckily I only had to be in there for 15 minutes. I'm back on heavier pain medication which is helping a bit. I won't be out of here till next weekend apparently and will be needing physical therapy for quite a few weeks. I have great empathy for Toogie who has had to endure so much with her leg. I know I'm going to be on crutches or a walker for a while, gee that makes me feel really old! I won't be sewing for a while I imagine as it's just so bloody painful to sit down!!! I also won't be allowed to drive. Mum has cancelled appointments she had for her hair and a doc's appt for her Vitamin B12 injection on Tuesday. I suggested she catch a Taxi and that when down like a wet blanket. She has not had to take any form of transport as I always take her to everything. Trev said he would take her if she can reappoint. My reason for writing is to ask for prayers for me for a good recovery from this operation. I'm not sure how long the pain from the surgery is going to take to settle down, but I told the Professor well I've been in constant pain since early November, so a few more weeks won't matter, I hope. Love to you all, prayers for all who have asked for them and happy birthday to all having birthdays. God bless you all, love Chris (Sorry I've had to write this all in one long section, but I've been caught before when I've written a lot of information and the whole lot has disappeared when I've hit the submit tab - so no paragraphs this time.)


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by lbrow edited 08 May 2016

One of my dear friends that lives near by fell yesterday, she is in her upper 80s. My son n law was driving by and saw her fall. Knowing she was alone he went straight to her and called 911 along with her son and tried to comfort her till someone arrived. She broke her femur just below the hip joint. She was in terrible pain as she lay in the yard waiting on the ambulance. Surgeon operated yesterday evening and put a metal plate and screws to hold the bone together. I just hope she will be able to walk after all this. She is a widow and lives alone but her 1 son lives within walking distance of her. Of course she will be in the hospital a while. Am really glad this is an old post Chris and you are not down again. Friends name is Betty so keep her in your prayers please. Love you Lillian

by pennifold 07 May 2016

Thanks so much everyone, this was when I had surgery in March. I am doing better now, still on pain killers, but I'm slowly recovering. Love Chris

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pacmp by pacmp 07 May 2016

Can not tell you how grateful I am that this is an old post!!! Praying for continuing improvement, Faith and prayers that the Lord's plan is a full recovery. (((HUGs))) Pam

by justsew 07 May 2016

Poor you, sounds so painful, I pray for speedy are lucky to have such a lovely family.
Hugs Pam.

by juanitadenney 07 May 2016

Sending prayers to you and hope all goes well with your surgery. I have no idea what is causing your pain as I don't know what a Bursa is (maybe it is called something else in America). Please keep us informed on your condition and recovery and everyone will continue saying prayers for you. Juanita

by noah 06 May 2016

Oh my Chris i just saw this now Yes i will pray and ask my church also May our God be with you Hugs as always Carolyn XXOO

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toogie by toogie 06 May 2016

This post originated in March, this year Carolyn. Suzanna must have brought it back up- I think our Chris is doing a lot better now, at least I hope she still is.

by sebsews 06 May 2016

You have my prayers. So sorry you continue to be in be in pain. I pray the doctor will give you relief from so much pain. Suzanna

by mariagiannina 07 Mar 2016

Hi Chris, this sounds so awful. Wishing your surgery goes well, and a speedy recovery, I am thinking of you this morning.

by tlp22 07 Mar 2016

Prayers for you. God Bless

by crazystitcher 07 Mar 2016

So Sorry to learn you are back "in the wars" with all that pain; hope all goes well with your surgery, you're in my prayers.

by aussiequilter 07 Mar 2016

take care ,I hope you are feeling much better very soon

by Shisha 07 Mar 2016

Prayers for u to have a very speedy recovery!

by joannemccue 07 Mar 2016

praying for you

by brittanycooper 07 Mar 2016

I googled it. Sounds awful. Prayers are always good. Let us know who you are doing.

by pldc 07 Mar 2016

you have them Chris & the best recovery for you! So glad that Aimee was able to get things moving properly for you! ~hugs & Prayers going your way~

by peafarm 07 Mar 2016

I am another friend adding to your prayers. Maybe now, after this operation, you'll be pain free and get your life back.

by meganne 07 Mar 2016

Well BFF it wouldn't be right if I didn't come here to Cute to add my prayers (for you) to everyone else's so when you wake in the morning you will know that, even if I'm still asleep, you will be the first person I think of when I awaken.
I am so glad you are finally getting some treatment that should remove at least part of the problem and alleviate some if the excruciating pain you have been enduring for too many months now. It is a good thing!
I hope and pray that when you wake from the surgery, the relief will be immediately noticeable and your healing will be swift and bearable.
We have lots of missed shopping sprees and missed visits to catch up.
My thoughts and prayers are ever with you dear friend and I know your faith and indomitable spirit will get you through this.
They say "you can't keep a good man down", well that is doubley true of a good woman with a beautiful soul. You can do this, you WILL do this and you WILL beat this. Hugs n love, your other BFF.

by kathymourie 07 Mar 2016

I am so sorry for all the problems you are having. Hopefully this surgery will help.. You are in my prayers for a great surgery and a fast recovery.

by twee 07 Mar 2016

Prayers and blessings your way

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twee by twee 07 Mar 2016

I wrote a long message and it didn't go through, so sorry

by grandmamek 07 Mar 2016

So sorry to hear this Chris. Praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery for you. Sending love and prayers your way. Hugs, Mary

by dididwiar 07 Mar 2016

Oh my Goodness Chris! Hope all will be well for you soon. Sending Love and light. xxx

by lolly3 07 Mar 2016

Hi Chris, Sorry to hear that you are still not well, sending you all our Love for a speedy recovery.
Love Lorraine & Keith

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Mar 2016

I am adding my prayers. I hope recovery will be fast.

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Angie, me too! Love Chris

by chenille 07 Mar 2016

Chris you have my prayers and are in my thoughts. We have our trials but it seems that with prayers and good thoughts from friends we seem to muddle through. You have a great family and are so fortunate to have that and their support. I wish you good luck and good health.
Love & Hugs, Nadyne

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Nadyne. Yes, you are right with all the prayers of my family and you wonderful ladies I know I'll be fine. Love Chris

by marianb 06 Mar 2016

Chris keeping you in my thoughts and close to my heart, I'm sure all will go well. Best to think on the brighter side of life.. I'm having my own MRI on Wednesday down here at Liverpool Hosp. so I will think of you as I go through.. I'm a bit nervous in tight spaces..

pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Hi Marian, I found it quite comforting like being wrapped in a glove. It's more noisy than anything and I asked for classical music whilst the photos were being done. Just think, all it is is a big camera that is taking pictures of you in hundreds of slices. If you like to count, count the times the camera is making noises. I'm sure you will be fine. It's quite cool in there, so you can ask for a blanket. Whilst you are in the machine a technician is watching you the whole time, so don't worry. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday. Love Chris

marianb by marianb 07 Mar 2016

Thanks Chris lets hope they can find something in the old shell, DH keeps telling me I've lost my just don't want any new clot sites..

by Sewmum1 06 Mar 2016

Will be thinking and praying for you. Get better soon

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Karryn, not sure which state in Australia you are from, but if you are from NSW I'll be going into surgery around 8.00ish Tuesday. Love Chris

by clintonmiss22 06 Mar 2016

You've been on my prayer list. Will continue to pray for speedy healing and peace for you. .

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thanks so much I hope for a speedy healing too. I am feeling very relaxed at the moment and know that tomorrow I'll have all you ladies thinking of me. Once again thank you, love Chris

by phyllis3 06 Mar 2016

Father, Your word says that You go before us and make our crocked placed straight, Father we ask that You proceed Chris in the surgery room, that You direct and guide the surgeon's hands and mind through the surgery and when Chris goes back to her room, Father that You will take the pain from her, as Jesus took our pain onto Himself at the cross
Father that Chris think and speak positive as she recovers, and Father that the healing time be very speedy. Pro 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he Father we ask in Jesus name

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thank you so much Phyllis, such encouraging words and I know He will be with me as will all of these wonderful ladies' prayers. Love Chris

by sebsews 06 Mar 2016

You have my prayers dear Chris. I pray you have a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Hugs, Suzanna

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Suzanna, I pray for that too! Love Chris

by jrob Moderator 06 Mar 2016

Oh, my , Chris. I'm so sorry you have been debilitated again. Please don't get disheartened. You will over this too. I'll be asking for your healing and relief from pain and will put your name on my church's prayer list. God hold you in his palms and give you relief and renewed strength. Hugs!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Jerrilyn. I appreciate your church's prayers as well. I will keep my heart free of fear and I know that my great Healer will be covering me with His hands. Love Chris

by graceandham 06 Mar 2016

Tucking you into my prayers tonight and hoping for a really great result. You must be so tired of the pain. All the best, B.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks Betsey, yes, I'm over it!!! Thanks for your prayers, love Chris

by katydid 06 Mar 2016

Wow. You call your Dr. a professor. Is he a medical MD or a PHD? The older units of MRI sound like a jackhammer and the new models have music and are a piece of cake . I have had both. I do pray for you and your surgery. Keep us informed. We love you! Kay

pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Hi Kay, with regard to my Professor it is not uncommon that you will find that a lot of Professors are also Honorary Consultants, i.e. do a ward round a couple of times a week and consult on specialist cases, but do not have as much clinical time. They are also usually affiliated with a University. My Professor is a Medical doctor - and a Surgeon and does teach young doctors coming up through the ranks. Thanks for your prayers Kay, love Chris

katydid by katydid 07 Mar 2016

Your answer makes me feel better!!! Kay

by mranderson 06 Mar 2016

Sending you very best wishes Chris. Hope all goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery. Love and hugs, Marg.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Marg, I appreciate your best wishes. Love Chris

by fabricfairy 06 Mar 2016

I wish you the very best Chris hope thing go well for you , you have been added to my prayers , Hugs Cathy

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Cathy, I hope things go well too. Love Chris

by Smokey12 06 Mar 2016

Adding you to my prayers. Wishing you a comfortable recovery and many pain free years to come.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much smokey this is my prayer also. Love Chris

by irenewayne 06 Mar 2016

Chris...I will be thinking of you & I hope all goes well & you are soon back to your normal self. It sounds like you are in good hands, just do as you are told even if you think you are o.k. Good luck with your op.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks Irene, yes, I'll have to be aware of that. Sometimes I think that I'm o.k. and then find out that I'm not. Love Chris

by designgirl 06 Mar 2016

My Dear Chris, prayers being sent your way for a speedy recovery. Love and Hugs Lynn

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Lynn, I hope so too! Love Chris

by mi30kaja 06 Mar 2016

Thinking of you Chris. Hope all goes well.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Lynn, I appreciate it. Love Chris

by shirley124 06 Mar 2016

Dear Chris you are in my prayers and thought constantly. I sure hope the surgery goes well and you will be on your way to pain free days in no time. Hugs Shirley

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Oh! thanks Shirley, I also want this outcome! Love Chris

by Ossineu 06 Mar 2016

Dear Chris,
my English is unfortunately not so good, that I can understand everything. But I understand that you have pain for months and an operation is imminent. I want to tell you that I wish you all the best and hope you will your pain free and can enjoy life again soon.
Hugs, Angelika

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Angelika and your English is wonderful. I understand what you are saying. Yes, you are right, I've been in pain for months and the operation is tomorrow - Tuesday 8th March. Love Chris

by manami 06 Mar 2016

Dear Chris, I'm so sorry you are going through this! You certainly have my thoughts and prayers.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks dear Yoriko. I really appreciate that. I do hope you are recovering well too. Love Chris

by lique 06 Mar 2016

I will be thinking of you. From experience I can tell you that the post operative pain is easier to control than the joint pains.
Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Hi Angelique, thanks for that information. I do hope it will be the case. Love Chris

by gerryb 06 Mar 2016

Praying, praying. You are right about the pain; the post surgery pain will probably be less than the pain you're in right now! Use that walker; as I was told "4 points of stablility are a lot safer than 2 or 3" to prevent a fall & help you heal faster! Hopefully it will be a quick recovery.

pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks Gerry, yes, I believe you. I'll need all the help I can get for stability! I also hope I'll feel more like my old self. I don't handle anaesthetic too well, so I may not be eating for a few days! Love Chris

heleninca by heleninca 06 Mar 2016

That is a tough way to lose weight. Best wishes on your surgery and that you recuperate without too much pain.
I will be thinking of you on Tuesday.

pennifold by pennifold 07 Mar 2016

Thanks Gerry, I appreciate you thinking and praying for me. Love Chris

by devon 06 Mar 2016

You are always in my prayers. Will say an extra one for you. Hugs Devon

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much DeVon and I have you in mine. Love Chris

by liliana1 06 Mar 2016

I will be praying for you, Take care and don't over do it, hopefully after the physical therapy and your next surgery all will be well,

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Lilian, it's going to be hard to not overdo it. There are so many Physical Therapy exercises that have to target just the specific site so as not to aggravate other muscles. It's going to be fun, not! Love Chris

by sdrise 06 Mar 2016

Poor you!! I will be praying for you for all things to go well , o guide te surgeons hands and a quick recovery. I pray this works for you. You have been suffering a long time with this, Good thing for all the family support! And cute prayer warriors. ! Hugs to you!

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Suzanne. I too am thankful for my family's support and of course you wonderful prayer warriors on here. Love Chris

by gougousse 06 Mar 2016

It is sure that I will pray for you Chris. And praying that your surgery will be a success and you will be feeling better soon after.
Big Hugs, CĂ©line

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Celine, I also hope for a successful surgery. Love Chris

by basketkase 06 Mar 2016

All I can say is, Thank God this is moving forward towards a resolution... after your recovery all this will be behind you......I will tell you that the next time my sciatica acts up, I will be having the surgery for it, I will not suffer another bout of that.......I feel you pain, happy you are heading in the right direction...prayers go out to you!!!

pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Vicki. Yes, I agree with you and I hope that you don't get another bout of sciatica. Pain is just so debilitating and alters one's perception! Love Chris

basketkase by basketkase 07 Mar 2016

You bet it does....I had to sleep in a recliner for a month and got about 1/2 hr rest between the electric shocks I felt in that leg........most horrible thing so happy for you!!!

by cfidl 06 Mar 2016

It has been a long haul for you. I am positive this time will do the trick - so to speak. Best wishes Chris and pray your pain is relieved soon! Big Hugs

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks Christine, yes, it's been a long time coming, but I wanted to try every other thing before I had to succumb to surgery. I pray it will help me greatly, but time will tell. Thanks for the hugs, love Chris

by dailylaundry 06 Mar 2016

Oh, my Chris, I just read this. You must have relief from this awful pain - something had to be done and it is good that there is a plan. Please be patient with yourself - your Mom will understand and the rest of your family will understand - no one realizes just how much pain you have been in except you! You do so much for your family. It is okay to let them do for you for a change. I know you appreciate it but you do deserve everyone's help!!! Have someone keep us informed - we want to know how you are! Lots of prayers and love to you, Laura*

pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks dear Laura, yes, I know Amy told me not to be a martyr! It's so hard for us Mum's not to try and be there for everyone, isn't it? I know I must remain patient. I really appreciate your thoughts, prayers and concern. And It will be me letting you know what is happening as no-one else in the family knows how to get on here! he he he! Love Chris

meganne by meganne 07 Mar 2016

Ah, but I do. :-)

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 07 Mar 2016

Let us know Meganne!!!

by juanitadenney 06 Mar 2016

Praying that your surgery will be a success and you will be feeling better soon after. Hugs Juanita

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thank you Juanita, I also hope it will go well. Love Chris

by lidiad 06 Mar 2016

Prayers and hugs for you, dear Chris! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks my dear Lidia, I appreciate all of your prayers. Love Chris

by pacmp 06 Mar 2016

You continue to be in my prayers and I will add them to our church's prayer list. Hoping that this surgery not only gives you the pain relief from the bursa, but after all the pain you have been living with, that it will make your healing go so much easier and quicker and that you are able to sit and sew as you love to do. Once pain is removed you are likely not going to want to slow down. Prayers of love and support. Pam

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Ha ha ha! Thanks Patti, you seem to know me so well. I'm usually a powerhouse when I'm in full flight. I too hope that the pain will decrease. I'm not sure what that level is going to be of course, but anything better than what I've endured for the past nearly 5 months will be welcomed. Love Chris

by micntip 06 Mar 2016

OMG! You have really been going through a lot. We will all be praying for you and we will certainly miss you while you recover. Hurry Back.

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much, and I'm sorry as I don't have your name in my spreadsheet of my Cutie people. I'm so lucky that I'm in a Private hospital and have my laptop with me, so I'll be able to come back on here once I feel 'normal' again, he he he!! Love

by maleah 06 Mar 2016

Hope and pray all goes well for you.. Be patient for the healing process may be slow.

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Hi Cori, yes, I'll try to be patient. People here are amazed that I've been patient for this long and I know it's going to be a slow process!! Love Chris

by airyfairy 06 Mar 2016

Been thinking of you. Will write tomorrow. We have had rather a busy weekend. You know I am thinking of you

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Hi darling, yes, I know you have been. I really appreciate your prayers and also from our wonderful PRAYER WARRIORS on here. You take your time, I know our families have such busy lives and I'll look forward to hearing from you later. Love Chris

by elemausi 06 Mar 2016

So sorry for your pain, but hope you will feel mutch better after the surgery. My 86 years old mother gets a new hip tomorrow, I will include you in my prayers.

airyfairy by airyfairy 06 Mar 2016

Fantastic that your mother at her age is getting a new hip.

pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Barbel, prayers for your dear Mum too. I hope her recovery is swift and her therapy goes well. Love Chris

by gerryvb 06 Mar 2016

oh you will for certain be in my prayers, sorry you are in so much pain, lots of hugs/love for you.

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks my dear Gerry and hugs to you and our beautiful cats. I can tell you it's been a long time coming and the rest of my journey, I think, will be a bit rocky for a while!!! Love Chris

by noah 06 Mar 2016

Oh my dear friend yes i will pray and also ask other at church to pray hugs Carolyn xxoo

pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

How wonderful for you and your church friends to pray for me Carolyn, that is so kind of you. I know they work, because when I asked for prayers in the first MRI I fell asleep for the whole hour and the people there were astounded and it was all due to the Cuties praying for me. I know Miss Lillian has received prayer coverage from us all and it has worked. Love Chris

noah by noah 06 Mar 2016

yes prayer works:):)Will pray every day as i walk my 5 miles me and Mr.Peeko May God be with you hugs always

by kingmar 06 Mar 2016

Prayers for a speedy recovery. mk

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much dear mk, I will need them. Love Chris

by mysew1325 06 Mar 2016

I am so sorry for all this pain you have had to endure .. I will pray all goes well for a quick recovery..

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks so much Kathy and I appreciate your prayers. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 06 Mar 2016

Praying for you,Chris...hopefully you will get the relief you need and have a full and speedy recovery...

1 comment
pennifold by pennifold 06 Mar 2016

Thanks darling, yes, I do hope so too, because I know prayers work from all of you guys! Love Chris