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Letter A

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Size (in): 2.48"(w) x 2.83"(h)
Size (mm): 63 x 72
Stitches: 3300
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goldendeerfont a
Iren by Iren 6m ago

Thank you so much!

KJBullock by KJBullock 26m ago

Thank you these are so darling, can't wait to get the whole set.

ullis by ullis 32m ago


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ejtads by ejtads 41m ago

Thank you

Martyme by Martyme 43m ago

Thank you

brotheranita by brotheranita 44m ago

thank you

brotheranita by brotheranita 44m ago

thank you

Ritanorton by Ritanorton 1h 11m ago

So cute! I will be trying this on a camo diaper bag. Will be a great embellishment!

maca6o by maca6o 1h 16m ago

dank u mooi voor de Kerst

kmac by kmac 1h 19m ago

Thank you! k

lnw by lnw 1h 23m ago

Thanks a lot.

caruschel by caruschel 1h 23m ago

Nice. Thanks.

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lenie22 by lenie22 1h 36m ago

dank je wel

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by 1h 53m ago

Sehr schön, danke.

Abama by Abama 2h 0m ago

Thank al lot!

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chebreda by chebreda 2h 9m ago

Thank You ))

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uta by uta 2h 24m ago


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tinfriend by tinfriend 8h 48m ago

Thank You!

pennydubose by pennydubose 13h ago

I love this...will it be available as a pack?