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Letter J

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Size (in): 3.90"(w) x 3.82"(h)
Size (mm): 99 x 97
Stitches: 14400
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j merrychristmasfont
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crazystitcher by crazystitcher 23 Jan 2010

thank-you for this very nice J - missed it when it was free - so glad I subscribed and can complete this set

broderiedaiton by broderiedaiton 03 Dec 2009

Superbe MERCI!!

sewnso by sewnso 03 Dec 2009

Lovely! thanks

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Jubilant J, thank you.

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Thank you for such a pretty J.

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jeepfour by jeepfour 02 Dec 2009

Thank you. My mother's initial, perfect for gift bag.

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judybell by judybell 02 Dec 2009

Thanks for the J. Hard to find them. God Bless.

robinbird by robinbird 02 Dec 2009

What a delightfully joyous letter J. Thanks for your effort in sharing the design& God's blessings. :^D

gramsbear by gramsbear 02 Dec 2009

Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, I needed the J especially for MY napkins!!!

chyrlalbert by chyrlalbert 02 Dec 2009

thank you, thank you, thank you

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niralana by niralana 02 Dec 2009

Lindo alfabeto, muito obrigada.
Thank you very much!

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