Colors: 13 

Letter Z

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Size (in): 2.20"(w) x 2.95"(h)
Size (mm): 56 x 75
Stitches: 7200
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jurassicdinosaurfont z
ejtads by ejtads 2m ago

Thank you!

patty59 by patty59 8m ago

Thank you!!!

bugfuzz123 by bugfuzz123 8m ago

Thank's for the cute alpha. You're the greatest!

klaessle by klaessle 9m ago

thank you

linwood by linwood 16m ago

thank you for the alphabet

evelynmarshall by evelynmarshall 18m ago

Thank you very much, these look lovely.

mommaf by mommaf 28m ago

Thanks so much for this cute alphabet!!

gougousse by gougousse 36m ago

Un GROS MERCI pour cette collection

1dian by 1dian 44m ago

Thank you for this alphabet. I love the little Dinosaur's.

gramsbear by gramsbear 49m ago

Thanx so very much for this great alphabet!!! You do an awesome job of Digitizing!!! Hugs, Judy...

AvK by AvK 55m ago

Bedankt voor jurassicdinosaur ABC
Ik heb op de andere letters voor jullie gestemd

zzshtik by zzshtik 57m ago

Thank you

flbaker by flbaker 1h 3m ago

Please vote jurassicdinosaur H , while I was helping others to get missing letters I forgot to download it for myself.

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 1h 8m ago

Love this alphabet, please vote the M.

cutepaws by cutepaws 1h 11m ago

Thank you for the Z Please also vote for R as it is the only one I am missing from this beautiful set.

avalon by avalon 1h 21m ago

Thank you

momac by momac 1h 22m ago

Thank you, please cuties please, please, please vote for the J.

peafarm by peafarm 1h 24m ago

thank you for Jurassic Z [ Please all vote for 'S'

tinfriend by tinfriend 10h ago

Thank You!