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valentine hearts
jarca by jarca 27m ago


Taliasba by Taliasba 3h 27m ago

so pretty! thank you

margrith1956 by margrith1956 9h 49m ago

Tausend Dank

luvjonz1 by luvjonz1 11h ago

Thank you

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Muchas gracias

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corine by corine 14h ago


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Thank you

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Thank you.

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thank you

a1lotte by a1lotte 1d ago

Thank you!!

a1lotte by a1lotte 1d ago

Thank you!!

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super! merci

ressie by ressie 1d ago

Thank you

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Thank you!!

Wandering by Wandering 1d ago

Thank you

soeryamartine by soeryamartine 1d ago

Hartelijk dank !! :-)

LoriW by LoriW 1d ago

so cute, thank you

dleonard by dleonard 1d ago

Thank you for this free heart.

dleonard by dleonard 1d ago

Thank you for this free heart.

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 1d ago

thank you x

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monjure by monjure 1d ago

merci beaucoup

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Sehr schönes Herz. Vielen Dank! :-)

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lovely thank you

naenenlisette by naenenlisette 1d ago

dank u

lindarisenhoover by lindarisenhoover 1d ago

thanx so much for a beautiful design.

ingart57 by ingart57 1d ago

Thank you for the design.

sewmena by sewmena 1d ago

This is so cute. I will be using this for my granddaughter spring dress.

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Cruelabel by Cruelabel 1d ago

muchas gracias

UteMcK by UteMcK 1d ago

Thank you :-)

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betgor by betgor 1d ago

Another lovely heart. Thank you.

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jeanpuckett by jeanpuckett 2d ago

great for valentines

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 2d ago

Thank you!

HOKIS by HOKIS 2d ago


craftysewer by craftysewer 2d ago

Love this design, Thanks so much. Leila

craftysewer by craftysewer 2d ago

Love this design, Thanks so much. Leila

decojo by decojo 2d ago

Thank you!

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Pug by Pug 2d ago

Thank you.

patty59 by patty59 2d ago

Thank you!

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Thank you

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Vielen Dank!

SabineH by SabineH 2d ago

Dankeschöööön ♥

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MaureenDoyle by MaureenDoyle 2d ago

Thank you so much

westaussie by westaussie 2d ago

Thank you. Dorothy in Western Australia

Mapucca by Mapucca 2d ago

Merci !

dimity by dimity 2d ago

Thank you so much

Mariedw01 by Mariedw01 2d ago

thank you

MargaretMcDonald by MargaretMcDonald 2d ago

Thank you. That is so beautiful. Margaret

momac by momac 2d ago

Thank you

KingaK by KingaK 2d ago

Thank you.

hjreid by hjreid 2d ago

Thank you so much...lovely.

gabri1 by gabri1 2d ago

grazie buona giornata

debaldwin by debaldwin 2d ago

So Cute Thank you

Emylie by Emylie 2d ago

Thank you :)

lesleyc by lesleyc 2d ago

very pretty, thank you

73alex by 73alex 2d ago


nokidding15 by nokidding15 2d ago

love the heart and flowers. thank you

nokidding15 by nokidding15 2d ago

love the heart and flowers. thank you

Triens by Triens 2d ago

lovely,thank you

Relle by Relle 2d ago

great design for a loved one

1penny by 1penny 2d ago

thank you

Khira by Khira 2d ago

Thanks you

rosemaryorchard by rosemaryorchard 2d ago

thank you

sewdenise by sewdenise 2d ago

Thank you!

ANGEL13 by ANGEL13 2d ago

Thank you for the lovely heart designs. They are most useful.

jennyvovk by jennyvovk 2d ago

thank you 🎀🎀🎀

jaydee2 by jaydee2 2d ago

Lovely design, thank you!

twilastone by twilastone 2d ago

itsd beauifuo

Petunias by Petunias 2d ago

Lovely! Thank you.

EBD108 by EBD108 2d ago

Thank you!

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ctravis by ctravis 2d ago

Love it thank you!

LuciS by LuciS 2d ago

Many Thanks.

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cinderbike by cinderbike 2d ago

Thank you

konalinda by konalinda 2d ago

Lovely, just in time for Valentines Day. thank you!

craft6767 by craft6767 2d ago

thank you

worthy by worthy 2d ago

Thank you for the lovely heart flower design.

ladawnjung by ladawnjung 2d ago

thank you!

Gailmom by Gailmom 2d ago

Thank you!

khadidja46 by khadidja46 2d ago

merci beaucoup

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Thank you.

CarlaRibeiro by CarlaRibeiro 2d ago

Agradeço muito!

sewingchic by sewingchic 2d ago

thank you

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lovely thank you

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thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you..


Thank you very much!!!

fiveneight by fiveneight 3d ago

thank you so much

bluetongue8 by bluetongue8 3d ago

very nice thanks

clarathibodeau by clarathibodeau 3d ago

very nice thank you

margriet0247 by margriet0247 3d ago

so amazing!!!! Thank you.

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elisabethjean by elisabethjean 3d ago

So lovely for Valentine's -- thank you!

cutepaws by cutepaws 3d ago

Lovely....Thank you.

sfordmark by sfordmark 3d ago beautiful perfect for Valentine day.

Eilis by Eilis 3d ago

Lovely heart design, thank you very much

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Beautiful and thank you!!

sewdeb by sewdeb 3d ago

Thanks so very much!

joe1639 by joe1639 3d ago

thank you so much

Kaye52 by Kaye52 3d ago

Thank you so much

larysa by larysa 3d ago

благодарю. милый дизайн.

Marie6 by Marie6 3d ago

Thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you

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Love it

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Welcome spring, thank you.

Handie by Handie 3d ago

thank you

Kerkhove by Kerkhove 3d ago

Mooi hartje

linwood by linwood 3d ago

thank you for the heart design

light by light 3d ago

Thank you so much!

rosebudsews by rosebudsews 3d ago

Thank you.

Alabama by Alabama 3d ago

Thank you

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Sergick by Sergick 3d ago

Спасибо !

retep by retep 3d ago

thank you


Merci beaucoup

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 3d ago


VLSimoneaux by VLSimoneaux 3d ago

Do you have this in a .vp3 file?

EldoraBorger by EldoraBorger 3d ago


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mtjoylil by mtjoylil 3d ago

thank you

patharbison1 by patharbison1 3d ago

Thank you so much!

domie by domie 3d ago

merci encore un magnifique motif

Helili by Helili 3d ago


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chips by chips 3d ago

Thank you

2night by 2night 3d ago

Another cutie! Thank you!

metko by metko 3d ago

Thank you!

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knuddifant by knuddifant 3d ago

thank you so much

BJD11452 by BJD11452 3d ago

Very cute for Valentines Day. Love it.

jlcquilter by jlcquilter 3d ago

thank you

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 3d ago

thank you for the pretty heart

zzshtik by zzshtik 3d ago

Thank you

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thank you

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thank you so much

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Thank you!

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thank you

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lieben Dank :-), Maria

ARDN by ARDN 3d ago

Merci, joli cœur !

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Thank you!

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thank you !!!

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Thank you

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thank you

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Thank you so much

Michellel by Michellel 3d ago

Thank you so much

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Thank you for the gift!

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Thank you

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Thank you for this lovely heart

gramsbear by gramsbear 3d ago

Thanx for this sweet Heart!!!

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Beautiful. Thanks

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It's lovely. Thank you

jeannie33 by jeannie33 3d ago

thank you

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Stunning design!!!Thank you very much!!!!

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Nice Thanks

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Thanks so much!

ressie by ressie 3d ago

So pretty, thank you

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thank you..


muchas gracias

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Very nice indeed! Thank you!

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Merci beaucoup

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fira by fira 3d ago

Beautifull thank you

bekkieokie by bekkieokie 3d ago

This will beautiful for Valentine.

sewmadau by sewmadau 3d ago

Thank you

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weather by weather 3d ago

thank you.

lenie22 by lenie22 3d ago

dank je wel

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tolkate by tolkate 3d ago

Thank you for this lovely heart!

Turbeville by Turbeville 3d ago

thank you

essellbee by essellbee 3d ago

Very beautiful, thank you

djbowers by djbowers 3d ago

Thank you!

chrissiegem by chrissiegem 3d ago

It's lovely. Thankyou

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MartiMorgan by MartiMorgan 3d ago

What a beautiful heart - thank you

LLLadyBBBird639 by LLLadyBBBird639 3d ago

Thank you.

Jirina by Jirina 3d ago

děkuji moc

jamiller by jamiller 3d ago

So nice, thank you

Iren by Iren 3d ago

Thank you!

tricotine31 by tricotine31 3d ago

Merci pour ce bien joli dessin.
Bon week-end.

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 06 Feb 2012

thank you

holly12 by holly12 05 Feb 2012

Thanks. Arlene

margheritaviolini by margheritaviolini 04 Feb 2012


margheritaviolini by margheritaviolini 04 Feb 2012

non riesco a scaricarlo
mi da 404 not found

shirley124 by shirley124 04 Feb 2012

Another one. Thanks