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Size (in): 3.19"(w) x 3.03"(h)
Size (mm): 81 x 77
Stitches: 8400
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kitchen teapot decor
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Thank you so much its lovely

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Will be great on the Kitchen Towels and serviettes.

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This Teapot is so beautiful. I can't wait to sew it. Laurann

Laurann by Laurann 2d ago

This Teapot is so beautiful. I can't wait to sew it. Laurann

Laurann by Laurann 2d ago

This Teapot is so beautiful. I can't wait to sew it. Laurann

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Sweet greatings


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roselper *Please ask for help in the community section. We can help you there. Check the Q&A section if you need help posting in the forum. This section is just a good place to say, "Thank you"

margrie1930 by margrie1930 2d ago

this is so cute

roselper by roselper 2d ago

Thank you for sharing. However my downloadable format is PES for my brother SE425 and it indicates that is the wrong format. Is there anyway I can download this gorgeous design? Thank you so much

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Sweet design. Your designs are always top notch.

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