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Size (in): 5.28"(w) x 4.65"(h)
Size (mm): 134 x 118
Stitches: 15400
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sset by sset 2h 5m ago

lovely thank you

wendyzuidema by wendyzuidema 9h 37m ago

thank you

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irisnurse by irisnurse 11h ago

Thanks for sharing!

gfNana by gfNana 12h ago

Looks like spring.

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betgor by betgor 15h ago

Beautiful thanks

yvonne1956 by yvonne1956 15h ago

Thank you

mv65 by mv65 16h ago

Thank you

Casinero by Casinero 19h ago

Muchas gracias es muy bonito

Tonil by Tonil 19h ago

Thank you

apple59 by apple59 20h ago

Thank you.

gabbsalot by gabbsalot 21h ago

very pretty

sue1963 by sue1963 23h ago

it looks wonderful thanks

dtaylor by dtaylor 1d ago

thank you

sylviaa by sylviaa 1d ago

ty so much

janelle by janelle 1d ago


judy4my3 by judy4my3 1d ago

Thank you so big bunches!

bettyline by bettyline 1d ago

Thank you

RagamuffinsK9 by RagamuffinsK9 1d ago

thank you so much x

bret123 by bret123 1d ago

Beautiful Thank you

Justmai by Justmai 1d ago

Love the design shame not 4x4

Justmai by Justmai 1d ago

Love the design shame not 4x4

sunnybunn38 by sunnybunn38 1d ago

Love the design

FARA by FARA 1d ago

Un grand merci

tchougie by tchougie 1d ago

Thank you! Beautiful design.

carhar by carhar 1d ago

Thank you, lovely design



fira by fira 1d ago

Heel mooi dank je wel

castor by castor 1d ago

beautiful thank you

neene by neene 1d ago


sewydog1 by sewydog1 1d ago

thank you

betgor by betgor 2d ago

Pretty pansies thank you

dorodavis325 by dorodavis325 2d ago

Thank you.

ACOlive by ACOlive 2d ago

Thank you!

jb889 by jb889 2d ago


beluga by beluga 2d ago

thank you


merci beaucoup c'est très beau

MelliB by MelliB 2d ago

Thank you.

Dorcia by Dorcia 2d ago

Piękne, dziękuję

Dorcia by Dorcia 2d ago

Piękne, dziękuję

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 2d ago

Heel mooi, dank u

Roxelana by Roxelana 2d ago

dziękuję bardzo

rodica by rodica 2d ago


abuch by abuch 2d ago

thank you.

samain by samain 2d ago

un grand merci

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 2d ago


wally1948 by wally1948 2d ago

Hartelijk bedankt zeer mooi.

gizzy03 by gizzy03 2d ago

Pretty, thank you

willaura by willaura 2d ago


sewmadau by sewmadau 2d ago

Thank you

doramrudin by doramrudin 3d ago

thank you very much

seamripper40 by seamripper40 3d ago

Thank you

aleene by aleene 3d ago


grandma9diane by grandma9diane 3d ago

thank you

sanpay by sanpay 3d ago

thank you

Bolling by Bolling 3d ago

thanks so much

jaxs by jaxs 3d ago

beautiful thank you

maisiebo by maisiebo 3d ago

Beautiful thankyou

rielmar by rielmar 3d ago


pambothma by pambothma 3d ago

Thank you.

wanger by wanger 3d ago

Vielen Dank für das schöne Motiv,super

smudge7 by smudge7 3d ago

I love it! Thank you!

Midnight1 by Midnight1 3d ago

Beautiful. Thank you so much

Vega by Vega 3d ago


sewmom by sewmom 3d ago

Thank you.

colettec by colettec 3d ago

merci beaucoup

Blan by Blan 3d ago


joyce05 by joyce05 3d ago

I love pansies.
Thank you!

outbacklady by outbacklady 3d ago

Beautiful,thank you.

sewdeb by sewdeb 3d ago

Thank you.

Mkay by Mkay 3d ago

Lovely Thank you


ghislaine77 by ghislaine77 3d ago

très jolies pensées pour une maman ravie

brendalea by brendalea 3d ago

Thank you for these lovely flowers. Happy Stitching

vickiepatterson by vickiepatterson 3d ago


Tine575 by Tine575 3d ago


hedwig by hedwig 3d ago


hedwig by hedwig 3d ago


nadin415 by nadin415 3d ago


Pwarson by Pwarson 3d ago

Thank you!

JudyVogler by JudyVogler 3d ago

thank you

bescal by bescal 3d ago

Thank you so much. I love panseys.

MartDen by MartDen 3d ago

Спасибо за прелесть.

Jyockey by Jyockey 3d ago

Thank you!

krissie1 by krissie1 3d ago

Need it in a 4 X 4 hoop size please.

AndreaCecilia by AndreaCecilia 3d ago

Muchas gracias amigos Cute Embroidery!

rosmrye by rosmrye 3d ago

Love pansies!! Thank you so much!!

Marthyne by Marthyne 3d ago

thank you !

JanetKPerry by JanetKPerry 3d ago

Thank you for all the beautiful designs. You are a blessings. by Janet

deedon by deedon 3d ago

Thank you Deedon

Macmac1951 by Macmac1951 3d ago

thank you

Michellel by Michellel 3d ago

Thank you

KWtrio by KWtrio 3d ago


PMS by PMS 3d ago

Thank You so Beautiful

Capecodder by Capecodder 3d ago

Thank you so much! Pansies were my dads favorite flowers next to roses!

LyndyLou by LyndyLou 3d ago

Thank you!

tiana01 by tiana01 3d ago

Just beautiful, thank you

cinderbike by cinderbike 3d ago

Thank you

quiltnsew6 by quiltnsew6 3d ago

Thank you, very lovely design

PetronellaDale by PetronellaDale 3d ago


genin by genin 3d ago

Thank you

ubrause by ubrause 3d ago

Wunderschönes Motiv. Vielen lieben Dank dafür.

AvK by AvK 3d ago

dank je wel

rooslyda by rooslyda 3d ago

thank you beautiful

weather by weather 3d ago

thank you!

t2sew by t2sew 3d ago


Kasure by Kasure 3d ago

awesome. thanks.

vickismithh1 by vickismithh1 3d ago

Beautiful, Thanks, Vicki

hairgoddess1 by hairgoddess1 3d ago

Thank you, pansies are one of my favorite flowers!

Patricia103 by Patricia103 3d ago

Delightful, thank you

JasminkaBlecic by JasminkaBlecic 3d ago

Predivno, hvala!

JasminkaBlecic by JasminkaBlecic 3d ago

Predivno, hvala!

jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 3d ago

magnifique !merci

Petra3305 by Petra3305 3d ago

Dank je well

Pircy by Pircy 3d ago

thank you very much for this embroidery design

elize0 by elize0 3d ago

Baie dankie

marianb by marianb 3d ago

thank you

soeryamartine by soeryamartine 3d ago

Mooi,dank je !! :-)

Willma by Willma 3d ago

Beautiful. Thanks.

christine47 by christine47 3d ago

einen ganz besonderen dank

DebDykstra by DebDykstra 3d ago

Thank you

margheritaviolini by margheritaviolini 3d ago


SueCherry1957 by SueCherry1957 3d ago

Thank you what a beautiful design.

alinemortier by alinemortier 3d ago

very nice thank you

silvanabettati by silvanabettati 3d ago

Bello ! Grazie!

eamarais by eamarais 3d ago

Beautiful. Thank you

lecoustre by lecoustre 3d ago

je vous remercie

Aletta1956 by Aletta1956 3d ago

Thank you.

ansannen by ansannen 3d ago

hier ben ik heel blij mee

ariadna by ariadna 3d ago

Thank you

hildegardw by hildegardw 3d ago

wat zijn die mooi, dankjewel

momac by momac 3d ago

Thank you

butikstalden by butikstalden 3d ago

Thank You!

cogs42 by cogs42 3d ago

Thank you

HesterDiekjobst by HesterDiekjobst 3d ago

Thank you very much, it's beautiful.

1Kathleen by 1Kathleen 3d ago

Tank You Beautiful embroidery

suelace by suelace 3d ago

Thank you so much it is so beautiful. Thanks again

LLLadyBBBird639 by LLLadyBBBird639 3d ago

Thank you.

gisaa by gisaa 3d ago

Vielen Dank für das schöne Motiv

hjreid by hjreid 3d ago

How lovely. Thank you so much.

wellsa by wellsa 3d ago

Thank You, Beautiful Pansies !

tolkate by tolkate 3d ago

Thank you!

Angie56 by Angie56 3d ago

thx a lot

dolly6 by dolly6 3d ago

beautiful thanks

ribblev by ribblev 3d ago

thank you so much

meid by meid 3d ago

super mooi

krzysztofto by krzysztofto 3d ago


krisgo by krisgo 3d ago

Thank you very much!

DominiqueDecrouilleWoets by DominiqueDecrouilleWoets 3d ago

Merci beaucoup

decojo by decojo 4d ago

Thank you!

JanHansen by JanHansen 4d ago


mimans by mimans 4d ago


JadeDouce by JadeDouce 4d ago

Thanks :)

SewingWithMe by SewingWithMe 4d ago

Very Nice

catharina by catharina 4d ago

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

pamschnathorst by pamschnathorst 4d ago

Thanks, love pansies!!!

liesel3 by liesel3 4d ago

I have been wanting these flowers forever in rememberance of my mother, they were her favorite flowers and no one has ever done them justice until now... thank you so very much

Majorcarol by Majorcarol 4d ago

My favorite flower

Amische by Amische 4d ago

thank you so much

Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 4d ago

Thank you so much! Beautiful!

rosebudsews by rosebudsews 4d ago

beautiful. Thanks

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 4d ago


mindy1 by mindy1 4d ago

thank you

worthy by worthy 4d ago

Thank you for the lovely flowers.

iam85220 by iam85220 4d ago

Thank you, You are so generous!

sewdenise by sewdenise 4d ago

Thank you!

mlfinwv by mlfinwv 4d ago

LOVE it., thanks.

ladyrose by ladyrose 4d ago

Thank you

rebug by rebug 4d ago

Love these! Thanks.

kjchris66 by kjchris66 4d ago


Biff by Biff 4d ago

Thank you for the lovely design

funlovin by funlovin 4d ago

thank you I love pansies

tjkeeler by tjkeeler 4d ago

Lovely. Thank You.

LuciS by LuciS 4d ago

So pretty. thank you.

bertabel by bertabel 4d ago

Looks beautiful

gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 4d ago

Thank you!!

BetsyEvans by BetsyEvans 4d ago

So colorful.

lesleyc by lesleyc 4d ago

Very pretty, thank you

maca6o by maca6o 4d ago

dank je wel


It is beautivul, thanks

Paula2825 by Paula2825 4d ago

Pretty pansies.


It is beautivul, thanks

barbbeau by barbbeau 4d ago

It won't download :-(

emilia1 by emilia1 4d ago


joi by joi 4d ago

Thank you for the beautiful pansies.
Joi 12ms ago

karenmunro by karenmunro 4d ago

I love pansies, my Mom loved pansies, my Gram loved them and all 4 of my sisters love them. This is very nice thank you!

merry7110 by merry7110 4d ago

Pansies are my favorite. Thank you!

MagdalenaNagy by MagdalenaNagy 4d ago

Thank You

Cruelabel by Cruelabel 4d ago

muchas gracias

cozzy by cozzy 4d ago

thank you

cj2sew by cj2sew 4d ago

absolutely beautiful, thank you

1penny by 1penny 4d ago

Thank you

grandma9147 by grandma9147 4d ago

Thank you.

Janethouston by Janethouston 4d ago

Thank you they are so beautiful.

janelle by janelle 4d ago


casher by casher 4d ago

Thank you so very much - I love the designs and they stitch out beautifully.

MargaretMcDonald by MargaretMcDonald 4d ago

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you. Margaret

1965lisa by 1965lisa 4d ago


napkelley by napkelley 4d ago

just as happy faced as the real ones

cmpcrafts by cmpcrafts 4d ago


craft6767 by craft6767 4d ago

Love it!

joy59 by joy59 4d ago

wow gorgeous thank you

kesaintjean by kesaintjean 4d ago

Thank you!

Ossineu by Ossineu 4d ago

Vielen lieben Dank

al08uncle by al08uncle 4d ago

beautiful, thanks

mcs by mcs 4d ago


cazram1 by cazram1 4d ago

Many thanks, lovely design

patou62 by patou62 4d ago


borduurmuts by borduurmuts 4d ago

Hartelijk dank

vjsam by vjsam 4d ago

Thank you, the stitching looks beautiful

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 4d ago

thank you for the lovely pansies

jeanpuckett by jeanpuckett 4d ago

love pasies

Radmila67 by Radmila67 4d ago


mare118 by mare118 4d ago

Thank you

Turbeville by Turbeville 4d ago

thank you

EBD108 by EBD108 4d ago

Thank you!

Kaye52 by Kaye52 4d ago

Than you so much

hansalbert by hansalbert 4d ago


Robyn6 by Robyn6 4d ago

they look gorgeous, thank you.

nicoled by nicoled 4d ago


pennymum by pennymum 4d ago

Thank you, pretty

Pollux by Pollux 4d ago

Mooi, dankje!!

Gerrie112 by Gerrie112 4d ago

love, love, love pansies. Thank you

Pollux by Pollux 4d ago

Mooi, dankje!!

Pollux by Pollux 4d ago

Mooi, dankje!!

nunzia1 by nunzia1 4d ago

Thank you very much!!!

ARDN by ARDN 4d ago

Magnifique, merci beaucoup !

Levie by Levie 4d ago

beautiful. violets.. love it...Levie Brown

queenie1 by queenie1 4d ago

Thank you.

olga241 by olga241 4d ago

Vielen Dank

perraut by perraut 4d ago


Francabrotto by Francabrotto 4d ago


jarca by jarca 4d ago


barbaradylewski by barbaradylewski 4d ago

Thank you so much for your kindness. The flowers are lovely!

underwaterkid by underwaterkid 4d ago

Thank you.

tinfriend by tinfriend 4d ago

Thank you for the gift!

seamsgreat by seamsgreat 4d ago

Thank you. I love pansies

chenille by chenille 4d ago

Thanks so much!

gerryvb by gerryvb 4d ago

thank you :)

MelRosiePosie by MelRosiePosie 4d ago

Thank you

Ostviertel by Ostviertel 4d ago

Wunderschön naturgetreu. Vielen Dank

Mariedw01 by Mariedw01 4d ago

thank you

bepquilt by bepquilt 4d ago

they are lovely! Thank you!!

Lolita71 by Lolita71 4d ago

Merci beaucoup !

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 4d ago

Beautiful!!!Thanking you in kindness

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 4d ago

Thanks for the pretty pansies!

Karenatpalmer by Karenatpalmer 4d ago

thank you

Bre by Bre 4d ago

Thank you for your free gifts. I do appreciate them. Bre

kocurik by kocurik 4d ago

nádherné! Ďakujem :)

debi430 by debi430 4d ago

Thank you my favorite flower is a pansy!!

Debramcg by Debramcg 4d ago

Very pretty, thank you

jirinazemanova by jirinazemanova 4d ago

Thank you - very pretty

2night by 2night 4d ago

Lovely pansies! Thanks so much!

jlcquilter by jlcquilter 4d ago

thank you

nellasavino by nellasavino 4d ago

molto belli i fiori nonché i gatti e altri ricami in applique, grazie.

bergemth by bergemth 4d ago

very beautifull thank you very much for sharing

Germaine by Germaine 4d ago

Un grand, grand merci.
C'est superbe

MartiMorgan by MartiMorgan 4d ago

Thank you - very pretty

Dulcineia by Dulcineia 4d ago



Los preferidos de mi mama...fallecio hace 2 meses y voy a bordar estospensamientos para recordarla.gracias

Gailmom by Gailmom 4d ago

thank you!

Joheliza by Joheliza 4d ago


ERIN619830 by ERIN619830 4d ago


feby by feby 4d ago

Thank you for the cute design.

brotheranita by brotheranita 4d ago


1964Marta by 1964Marta 4d ago


HOKIS by HOKIS 4d ago

merci beaucoup

Michele1 by Michele1 4d ago


12juatho by 12juatho 4d ago

Thanks so pretty

jamiller by jamiller 4d ago


craftysewer by craftysewer 4d ago

Love this one, Thank You so much, Leila

graceandham by graceandham 4d ago

Vibrant pansies. Thank you.

aff52 by aff52 4d ago

Thank you so much, I adore pansies

Sergick by Sergick 4d ago

Спасибо !

Martine33 by Martine33 4d ago

merci beaucoup

kelly4 by kelly4 4d ago

many thanks for the wonderful design

melainej by melainej 4d ago

Beautiful! Thank you!

bemara by bemara 4d ago

Lieben Dank :-)

domie by domie 4d ago

merci pour ce magnifique motif

Jirina by Jirina 4d ago

thank you very much

vly3 by vly3 4d ago

Very beautiful

baboum2011 by baboum2011 4d ago


zzshtik by zzshtik 4d ago

Thank you

carol1943 by carol1943 4d ago

Beautiful pansies. Thank you so much.

OlgaO by OlgaO 4d ago


markiza by markiza 4d ago

их у нас называют "Анютины глазки". спасибо.

markiza by markiza 4d ago

их у нас называют "Анютины глазки". спасибо.

bazirejosiane by bazirejosiane 4d ago

merci beaucoup

Iren by Iren 4d ago

Thank you very much!

Redlady by Redlady 4d ago

Thank You for the lovely designs!!!!

joansatx by joansatx 4d ago

Beautiful and thank you

larysa by larysa 4d ago

благодарю.понравилось сочетание цвета. отлично.

vmbray by vmbray 4d ago


DeniseSTZ by DeniseSTZ 4d ago

thanks a lot!

barbijoe by barbijoe 4d ago

<3 <3 <3

tricotine31 by tricotine31 4d ago

Très joli, merci beaucoup !!!

light by light 4d ago

Thank you very much!

Marie6 by Marie6 4d ago


mkw7481 by mkw7481 4d ago

Thank you.

sandydraws by sandydraws 4d ago

Lovely! THANKS!