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Christmas tree

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Size (in): 4.76"(w) x 3.54"(h)
Size (mm): 121 x 90
Stitches: 10100
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christmas christmastree
aussiequilter by aussiequilter 2h 22m ago

Thank you it beautiful

Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 3h 35m ago

Beautiful Christmas tree!

greytgirl by greytgirl 6h 42m ago

Thank you for the lovely Christmas tree!

Terry625 by Terry625 6h 53m ago

You give the most wonderful gifts! Thank you

simoneleecrombie by simoneleecrombie 7h 54m ago

Thank you very much

carolynanns by carolynanns 8h 59m ago


carolynanns by carolynanns 8h 59m ago


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carolynanns by carolynanns 9h 0m ago


carolynanns by carolynanns 9h 2m ago


silvia29 by silvia29 9h 14m ago

Gorgeous! Thank you!!!!

silvia29 by silvia29 9h 16m ago

Gorgeous! Thank you!!!!

craftysewer by craftysewer 9h 53m ago

Wow! This is so attractive and elegant, thanks, Leila

DorisCreations by DorisCreations 11h ago

Thank you!

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 12h ago

Thank you

MaureenDoyle by MaureenDoyle 12h ago

Thats gorgeous

sewwed by sewwed 14h ago

This is so nice thank you

karinou53 by karinou53 14h ago


SissyJane by SissyJane 14h ago

Love this design, but it is too big for my tiny 4x4 hoop! UGH!Tried sizing it down with Wilcom, but then only printed parts of the tree and no star! So disappointed

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 15h ago

Thank you! This is beautiful!

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 15h ago

thank you

JanT by JanT 17h ago

Thank you for the beautiful design.

ElsabeA by ElsabeA 18h ago

Very special thank you!

jlcquilter by jlcquilter 18h ago

thank you

ubrause by ubrause 18h ago

Ein tolles Weihnachtsbaum Motiv. Vielen lieben Dank dafür

larysa by larysa 19h ago

благодарю. понравилось.

Iricha by Iricha 21h ago

ого как красиво!!!!

bettyline by bettyline 21h ago

Thank you

sylvie88 by sylvie88 22h ago


Nanastutucute by Nanastutucute 22h ago

Thank you

soizick by soizick 22h ago

superbe! merci

engyyy by engyyy 23h ago

Thank you for the beautiful tree. love it.

chrispi by chrispi 1d ago

Vielen Dank.

tamara1 by tamara1 1d ago

Чудесная елка .Спасибо

embrockabees by embrockabees 1d ago

Thank you sew much.

Cindy2003 by Cindy2003 1d ago

Thank You. It's beautiful!

sharonsdolls by sharonsdolls 1d ago

Thank you

baboum2011 by baboum2011 1d ago


worthy by worthy 1d ago

Thank you for the beautiful tree. love it.

Cruelabel by Cruelabel 1d ago

muchas gracias

LindaBullard by LindaBullard 1d ago

Beautiful, thank you!

chenil by chenil 1d ago

thank you

amkuntz by amkuntz 1d ago

This is gorgeous, thank you!

Joinerkk by Joinerkk 1d ago

Thank you!

Bolling by Bolling 1d ago

Thanks so much

rachap by rachap 1d ago

Lovely, Thank you

TheresaLC by TheresaLC 1d ago

Very Beautiful Thank you

TheresaLC by TheresaLC 1d ago

Very Beautiful Thank you

sewmom by sewmom 1d ago

Thank you.

Svitlana by Svitlana 1d ago

thank you

shafey by shafey 1d ago

Thank you

kullerauge by kullerauge 1d ago

Total schön. Danke :)

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light by light 1d ago

Thank you very much!

monaels by monaels 1d ago

Lovely. thank

Ostviertel by Ostviertel 1d ago

Ist wundervoll. Danke vielmals

Ostviertel by Ostviertel 1d ago

Ist wundervoll. Danke vielmals

asc by asc 1d ago

superbe sapin pour noel

bregeon by bregeon 1d ago

super beau, merci beaucoup

Gusch1205 by Gusch1205 1d ago

Thank you very much!

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 1d ago

Awesome design!!!Thanking you in kindness!!!

dtaylor by dtaylor 1d ago

Thank you

RuthLawrence by RuthLawrence 1d ago

Thank you for the pretty tree

Nonnyib by Nonnyib 1d ago

Very pretty, thank you.

Morinda by Morinda 1d ago

Thank you very much for this christmas tree. It is beautifull.
Bye bye Morinda

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 1d ago

what a beautiful tree ,thank you

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 1d ago

what a beautiful tree ,thank you

brendalea by brendalea 1d ago

Love the tree, Thank you very much. Happy Stitching :~)

Ccile1957 by Ccile1957 1d ago


markus by markus 1d ago

Lovely thank you

clarathibodeau by clarathibodeau 1d ago

love it so nice thank you

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Roxelana by Roxelana 1d ago

amazing, thank you

OlgaO by OlgaO 1d ago


miquette by miquette 1d ago

Merci beaucoup

MissWilma4310 by MissWilma4310 1d ago

Very nice! Thank You

AndreaCecilia by AndreaCecilia 1d ago

Hermoso, muy Original! muchas gracias por compartirlo!

fabreg by fabreg 1d ago

Merci,c'est charmant.Georgina77

soeryamartine by soeryamartine 1d ago

Heel mooi voor kaartjes te maken ! :-)

Paula2825 by Paula2825 1d ago

Wonderful, thanks

olga241 by olga241 1d ago


karengeihl by karengeihl 1d ago

Thank you!

margara54 by margara54 1d ago

Dibujo muy bonito, muchas gracias

djbowers by djbowers 1d ago

Thank you!

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sewgroupie by sewgroupie 1d ago

Very pretty thank you

Midnight1 by Midnight1 1d ago

Thank you

elisabethjean by elisabethjean 1d ago


Turbeville by Turbeville 1d ago

thank you

coessens by coessens 1d ago


chips by chips 1d ago

Thanks so much, love it


Magnifique sapin, original, merci

oemmes03 by oemmes03 1d ago

vielen Dank für daas tolle Motiv


Thank you!!

claudfe by claudfe 1d ago


stork by stork 1d ago

How wonderful....Thank You!!!

Svetlana123 by Svetlana123 1d ago


ARDN by ARDN 1d ago

Merci, très joli décor !

bekker by bekker 1d ago

beautiful thanks

koosjefred by koosjefred 1d ago

Lovely thank you!

margriet0247 by margriet0247 1d ago

I really love this fresh, stylish tree!!!! Thanks.

vmbray by vmbray 1d ago

beautiful, thanks..

weather by weather 1d ago

thank you

deedon by deedon 1d ago

Thank yo Deedon

drcro by drcro 1d ago

Thank you.

naenenlisette by naenenlisette 1d ago

dank u

naenenlisette by naenenlisette 1d ago

dank u

SewOften by SewOften 1d ago

Simply beautiful!
Thank you.

babsie by babsie 1d ago

Thanks for a lovely design.

kimspuppydogs by kimspuppydogs 1d ago

thank you

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Dulcineia by Dulcineia 1d ago

Maravilhosa, obrigada

mimy53 by mimy53 1d ago

Mille mercis

Lysou by Lysou 1d ago


Maffi by Maffi 1d ago

Fantastico! GRAZIE

Marthyne by Marthyne 1d ago

Thank you !

katze1104 by katze1104 1d ago

Danke, Wunderschön

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iamanrn by iamanrn 1d ago

Beautiful ! Thank you

eamarais by eamarais 1d ago

Beautiful. Thank you

hylena by hylena 1d ago


Marlenefivaz by Marlenefivaz 1d ago

Lovely! Thank you.

sandrineguillou by sandrineguillou 1d ago

merci génial

kelee by kelee 1d ago

Thank you~

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 1d ago


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essellbee by essellbee 1d ago

So pretty for Christmas, thank you

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zvjezdana by zvjezdana 1d ago

Thank you

Lyogau by Lyogau 1d ago

Thank you


Thank you very much!!!

Patricia103 by Patricia103 1d ago

Thank you



YellaPony by YellaPony 1d ago

Thank you, it's lovely!



awesome1 by awesome1 1d ago

Love the tree! Thanks so much.

MartDen by MartDen 1d ago

Спасибо.Вот это красиво.

annap1957 by annap1957 1d ago

Just on time. Thank you

queenie1 by queenie1 1d ago

Just what I needed. Thank you.

Robyn6 by Robyn6 1d ago

Thank you thats beautiful.

marianb by marianb 1d ago

thank you

verdonck by verdonck 1d ago

merci pour ce joli motif
belle journée

jej1953 by jej1953 1d ago

thank you

blue12477 by blue12477 1d ago

Beautiful. Thank you so much

adonk by adonk 1d ago

Heel mooi om te zien. Ben benieuwd hoe deze uitpakt!

arwen62 by arwen62 1d ago

Vielen Dank , der ist sehr schön

Martine33 by Martine33 1d ago

très joli sapin merci beaucoup

MDG by MDG 1d ago

Thank you

Priti by Priti 1d ago

Thank you !!!!

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IneBoomkamp by IneBoomkamp 1d ago

dank je wel

mollycoddleyourworld by mollycoddleyourworld 1d ago

Thank You!!!

yvonne1956 by yvonne1956 1d ago

Thank you


magnifique ce sapin merci beaucoup

monique1510 by monique1510 1d ago

Merci pour tous ces jolis motifs offerts toutes les semaines.

momac by momac 1d ago

This design is truly beautiful, thank you very much

neene by neene 1d ago


fbjulia by fbjulia 1d ago

Schöne Stickdatei zur richtigen Zeit :-))))

Driejo by Driejo 1d ago

een mooi boompje dank je wel.

gabri1 by gabri1 1d ago

grazie. molto natale.....

meidjiemens by meidjiemens 1d ago

Baie dankie

Casinero by Casinero 1d ago

Que bonito, muchas gracias

Bieken by Bieken 1d ago

Dank je wel.

Atisor by Atisor 1d ago

Merci beaucoup !!!

prigent by prigent 1d ago

Magnifique, merci

ariadna by ariadna 2d ago

Thank you

Sergick by Sergick 2d ago

Спасибо !!!

mamielie by mamielie 2d ago

thank you

westaussie by westaussie 2d ago

Many thanks. Dorothy (Western Australia)

mv65 by mv65 2d ago

Thank you

arianedekoning by arianedekoning 2d ago

een geweldig mooi boompje waarvoor mijn hartelijke dank

elize0 by elize0 2d ago

Thank you

femGadget by femGadget 2d ago

thanks its gorgus

Marion55 by Marion55 2d ago

Thank you

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lenie22 by lenie22 2d ago

dank je wel

tww1957 by tww1957 2d ago

thank you

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Christine53 by Christine53 2d ago

jolie ce sapin, merci

gisaa by gisaa 2d ago

vielen Dank

krzysztofto by krzysztofto 2d ago


ypothal by ypothal 2d ago


Michellel by Michellel 2d ago

Thank you beautiful looking Christmas tree

dany56 by dany56 2d ago


sabineblin by sabineblin 2d ago

merci beaucoup

Jyockey by Jyockey 2d ago

Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

riac1 by riac1 2d ago

So nice many thanks!


Merci beaucoup

dilettante by dilettante 2d ago

Merci ! :)

milva by milva 2d ago

grazie bellissimo

lucerba by lucerba 2d ago

merci beaucoup !

jaydee2 by jaydee2 2d ago

Absolutely LOVE it!!!! Thank you!

bekkieokie by bekkieokie 2d ago

This is beautiful, and will nice on anything.

VHelga by VHelga 2d ago


VHelga by VHelga 2d ago


JadeDouce by JadeDouce 2d ago

Really cute

Embgrammie by Embgrammie 2d ago

Thank you for such a beautiful design.

westozi by westozi 2d ago

Really special

73alex by 73alex 2d ago


WildThang2 by WildThang2 2d ago

thank you 1

emilia1 by emilia1 2d ago


bergemth by bergemth 2d ago

thank you very much

clscanlon by clscanlon 2d ago

Beautiful, Thank you!

cj2sew by cj2sew 2d ago

This is so beautiful. Thank you very much

dquilts by dquilts 2d ago

I love the tree - thanks!

marina1074 by marina1074 2d ago

Thank you


muchas gracias

sewdenise by sewdenise 2d ago

Thank you so much!

rescuer by rescuer 2d ago

Click on the word "Print" (in blue letters) to view the color chart.

sewmadau by sewmadau 2d ago

Thank you

Gifts2give by Gifts2give 2d ago

Beautiful tree, thank you!

TaylorJane by TaylorJane 2d ago

Love It! Thanks!

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 2d ago


maryomm by maryomm 2d ago

what are the color names?

hjreid by hjreid 2d ago

It's just exquisite, thank you.

fiveneight by fiveneight 2d ago

thank you so much your designs are lovely

joce by joce 2d ago

It’s beautiful! Thank-you!

newkirk48 by newkirk48 2d ago

Thank you

MAL73 by MAL73 2d ago

love the tree

Valoriel by Valoriel 2d ago

THank you

pinklady14 by pinklady14 2d ago

thank you

mfpyoda644 by mfpyoda644 2d ago

Thank you so much, for the beautiful Christmas Tree.

sharwri by sharwri 2d ago

Thank You. a Beautiful Design

linwood by linwood 2d ago

thank you very much

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 2d ago

Beautiful tree thank you

LizelleMartin by LizelleMartin 2d ago

Thank u. It’s stunning!!

maggie2707 by maggie2707 2d ago

Awesome Thanks!

mhn4evr by mhn4evr 2d ago

Very pretty. Thank you!

mindy1 by mindy1 2d ago

thank you for this beautiful design

kathywillette49 by kathywillette49 2d ago

Really cute design. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

craft6767 by craft6767 2d ago

thank you

gramsbear by gramsbear 2d ago

Beautiful!!! Thanx bunches!!!

oldneller by oldneller 2d ago

It's so unique. Can't wait to see how it stitches out. Thanks

gbsiverts by gbsiverts 2d ago

This is beautiful. Thank you.

mcg41295 by mcg41295 2d ago

I love it thank you

KWtrio by KWtrio 2d ago


nokidding15 by nokidding15 2d ago

thank you this pattern is lovely and a bit different done in these colors

Debramcg by Debramcg 2d ago

Beautiful tree Thank you.

coolgranny by coolgranny 2d ago

thanks for the designs simple is always so pretty

Biff by Biff 2d ago

Thank you it's beautiful, just love the design
thank you for the gift

Noma by Noma 2d ago

Thanks-you so much. Love your choice of colors!

joycemarie by joycemarie 2d ago

Thank you!!!

ChristineMacCallum by ChristineMacCallum 2d ago


Gran5 by Gran5 2d ago

This just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

cherylannsearls by cherylannsearls 2d ago

very beautiful

marilynnegrace by marilynnegrace 2d ago

thankyou beautiful tree

alliefay15 by alliefay15 2d ago

So PRETTY!!! Thank You.

SherriO by SherriO 2d ago

This is lovely. Thank you very much.

babyboomer46 by babyboomer46 2d ago

Thank you.

cathyestes by cathyestes 2d ago

Beautiful !! and Thank You!!

SallyASanchez by SallyASanchez 2d ago

Absolutely Beautiful!!

cinderbike by cinderbike 2d ago

Thank you

nadin415 by nadin415 2d ago


marvmabrown by marvmabrown 2d ago

this is just SO spectacular!!! Thank you!

KlondikeKate by KlondikeKate 2d ago

This is wonderful. Thank you for your gift. :-)

funlovin by funlovin 2d ago

Very pretty thank you

KlondikeKate by KlondikeKate 2d ago

This is wonderful. Thank you for your gift. :-)

KlondikeKate by KlondikeKate 2d ago

This is wonderful. Thank you for your gift. :-)

Mamataigha by Mamataigha 2d ago

Lovely! Thank you so much!

Ldevaney by Ldevaney 2d ago

Thank you! Excited to stitch this on a hand towel.

decojo by decojo 2d ago

Thank you!

juddstars by juddstars 2d ago

Wow! That's really pretty. I especially like the gold thread. Thanks heaps!

GAIL1951 by GAIL1951 2d ago

It's beautiful! Thank you!

Anastasiushka by Anastasiushka 2d ago

Thank you!

sdent by sdent 2d ago

what a beauty! thank you

fayc by fayc 2d ago

very pretty thanks

lesleyc by lesleyc 2d ago

very pretty, thank you

Gerdeg by Gerdeg 2d ago

Thank you so much, its a lovely design

brotheranita by brotheranita 2d ago

bedankt erg mooi

cooperal by cooperal 2d ago

Thank you...this is lovely!

cooperal by cooperal 2d ago

Thank you...this is lovely!

nicoled by nicoled 2d ago

il est très beau merci!

patty59 by patty59 2d ago

Thank you!

joy59 by joy59 2d ago

gorgeous thank you

amredecker by amredecker 2d ago

Thank you!!

balagna5 by balagna5 2d ago


MDawes7 by MDawes7 2d ago

Thank you. It's beautiful x

Deco600SAW by Deco600SAW 2d ago

Thank you! It's a beautiful tree. Thanksgiving blessings to you.

Pug by Pug 2d ago

Beautiful, Thank you

dianeroche by dianeroche 2d ago

Thanks so much for the Christmas tree it is beautiful.

smudge7 by smudge7 2d ago

Thank you! Can't wait to embroider this design!

Insomnz by Insomnz 2d ago

Truly beautiful. Thank you

connieplunge by connieplunge 2d ago

Thannk you so much

sewingchic by sewingchic 2d ago

thank you

carolpountney by carolpountney 2d ago

Lovely design thank you

babyface by babyface 2d ago

thank you very much

zdykes by zdykes 2d ago

Thank you

Iren by Iren 2d ago

Thank you so much!

mazlarkin by mazlarkin 2d ago

This is such a sophiscated simple design, really love this one. Thank-you

maca6o by maca6o 2d ago

dank je wel zeer mooi

tricotine31 by tricotine31 2d ago

Que c'est beau !!! Mille fois merci !!!

maca6o by maca6o 2d ago

dank je wel super mooi

1penny by 1penny 2d ago

Beautiful, thank you very much

1964Marta by 1964Marta 2d ago


Kellyskreations by Kellyskreations 2d ago

Thank you. This is really cute.

jeannie33 by jeannie33 2d ago

thank you

avec10doigts by avec10doigts 2d ago

Merci beaucoup

maca6o by maca6o 2d ago

dank je wel super mooi