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Size (in): 4.69"(w) x 4.02"(h)
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santa christmas applique
drec59 by drec59 9m ago

Thank you so much :) Merry Christmas

juliejoseph by juliejoseph 17m ago

Thank you

sewdenise by sewdenise 21m ago

Thank you so much!

Patricia109 by Patricia109 26m ago

Thank you & Merry Christmas

ghdolls by ghdolls 33m ago

cute downloads thanks have a merry Christmas grace

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Thank you.

elyn by elyn 52m ago

thank you !!

heatherantaw by heatherantaw 53m ago

Thank you for your many free downloads. I used a lot of them to make a quilt for my granddaughter. Turned out very well. Have a merry Christmas and see you next year.

ruthlunde by ruthlunde 1h 0m ago

Cute Santa Thanks

agatha by agatha 1h 1m ago

Lovely! Thank you so much.

lesleyc by lesleyc 1h 12m ago

thank you

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greytgirl by greytgirl 1h 39m ago

Thank you for the Santa design!

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Leaha by Leaha 2h 9m ago

Thank you for sharing.

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LindaPlourde by LindaPlourde 2h 38m ago

Merci beaucoup ;-)
Un joyeux Noël à tous et un bon temps des fêtes avec santé et bonheur

Lomtik by Lomtik 2h 39m ago


PIGNADA by PIGNADA 2h 49m ago

merci beaucoup pour cette série de Noël. Amitiés à toutes et à tous de France.

Natalya49 by Natalya49 2h 49m ago

Спасибо, очень милый.

funlovin by funlovin 3h 7m ago

Thank you

tanniekamerling by tanniekamerling 3h 15m ago

dankje wel tannie

derhart by derhart 3h 18m ago

Thank you!

susela2001 by susela2001 3h 30m ago

Beautyful Designs
Thank you

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pcochran525 by pcochran525 3h 44m ago

Thanks lots!!!

Yetti by Yetti 3h 51m ago

Merci pour ce gentil partage

gigi30 by gigi30 3h 53m ago

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HelenaFourie by HelenaFourie 3h 55m ago

Thank you for another gift

02juin195 by 02juin195 4h 0m ago

Merci beaucoup pour ces beaux dessins de Noël

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Turbeville by Turbeville 4h 15m ago

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deedon by deedon 4h 39m ago

Thank you Deedon

jennyvovk by jennyvovk 4h 44m ago

thanks and Happy Holidays to all :-)

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sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 5h 7m ago

Awesome Santa...Thank you so very Much for allowing us to have him!!!!Free!!!!

sithara by sithara 5h 25m ago

thank you .

katydid by katydid 5h 27m ago

Lovely Santa. Thank you.

jamiller by jamiller 5h 27m ago

thanks so much

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Stephe by Stephe 5h 29m ago

thank you love your designs

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Thank You for the beautiful designs!!!!!!!!!!!

boogie1818 by boogie1818 5h 49m ago

Thank you for your great designs and your incredible generosity. You are truly in the holiday spirit.

markus by markus 5h 58m ago

Lovely thank you

chips by chips 5h 59m ago

Waiting for Santa, thank you

feby by feby 6h 5m ago

Thank you for the cute Santa.

Mapucca by Mapucca 6h 6m ago

Merci il est trop choux !

sheilapam by sheilapam 6h 9m ago

Very Cute Santa, thanks so much

chebreda by chebreda 6h 12m ago

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Maru2261 by Maru2261 6h 19m ago

Vielen Dank, ein sehr schönes Motiv.

bettyandnina by bettyandnina 6h 25m ago

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janetschwartz by janetschwartz 6h 30m ago

Thank you! Great Santa!

sewmom by sewmom 6h 36m ago

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rosmrye by rosmrye 6h 39m ago

What a cute Santa...thank you so much!!!

gramsbear by gramsbear 6h 42m ago

Thanx!!! Nice Santa!!!

mgrable by mgrable 6h 48m ago

Thank you so much for all the cute designs. I love your designs! Merry Christmas!!

jenne by jenne 6h 57m ago

thank you!

lenie22 by lenie22 7h 2m ago

dank je wel

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