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Size (in): 3.66"(w) x 3.86"(h)
Size (mm): 93 x 98
Stitches: 5200
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santa christmas
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Thank you

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Thank you so much. You are very generous. Merry Christmas.

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je vous remercie bien

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Thank you adorable, Merry Christmas

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Thank you, perfect.

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Thank you so much. Just in time for Christmas!

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Thanking you kindly for Awesome design!!!

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Huge thank you!

Mamataigha by Mamataigha 13d ago

Huge thank you!

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bonjour messagerie piratée attention a vous et en plus impossible de changer de mot de passe

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This is so beautiful! Just in time for Christmas. Thank you.

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Большое СПАСИБО!!!

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Thank you very much for this beautiful embroidery design

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erg mooi

dawnese1969 by dawnese1969 24 Nov 2010

i am having trouble with my metallic thread; i have never worked with it before but it keeps knotting up. any suggestions?

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Very nice ,thanks

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Thank you very much

ruthie by ruthie 11 Feb 2009

Wow, he's a good looking santa, haha! Thanks.

freida by freida 27 Dec 2008

One of the best Santas I have seen. Thank you

brendaleas by brendaleas 10 Dec 2008

love this santa design, thank you so much for the close up too.
Brenda Lea

ejtads by ejtads 10 Dec 2008

He will look good on the edges of a tablecloth I want to do. Thank you.

jrob by jrob 10 Dec 2008

He has such a wonderful expression on his face....I love him.;)

clawton by clawton 09 Dec 2008

He is very nice. Thanks!

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Very nice ,thanks