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Size (in): 4.33"(w) x 7.68"(h)
Size (mm): 110 x 195
Stitches: 19800
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flowers rose
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thank you very much its lovely

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So pretty thank you

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Thank you! A lovely and useful design. I am partial to ROSES!

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Thank you for this perfect spring picture!

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muchas gracias

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beautiful flowers

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Thank you for this lovely rose design.

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Lovely roses. Thanks

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Superschöne Stickdatei. Vielen Dank. :-)))

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just what I needed for a Tablerunner Thank you very much

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Beautiful-thank you

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Thank you so much for these wonderful design. Best regards!

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What a lovely rose design.Thanks for sharing it. :~D

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Merci pour ces belles fleurs !!!

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Beautiful! Never tire of roses. Thank you.

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So beautiful and thank you

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Thank you very much for this cute flowers embroidery design.

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beautiful !

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Sew Beautiful!!! Thanx for giving me flowers!!! Especially Roses!!! Hugs, Judy...

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