Colors: 2 

Embossed halloween

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Size (in): 4.53"(w) x 4.53"(h)
Size (mm): 115 x 115
Stitches: 13700
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embossed halloween
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Thank you for the lovely cat. My favorite partner at home.

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OMG! I love cats!

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Love this design and the celtic border just adds greatness to it. Thank you.

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najlepša hvala za muco+vašo ljubeznivost

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I am sooo in love with this cat...Thank you so very much.

bettymorgan by bettymorgan 4d ago

I am sooo in love with this cat...Thank you so very much.

bettymorgan by bettymorgan 4d ago

I am sooo in love with this cat...Thank you so very much.
Betty M.

bettymorgan by bettymorgan 4d ago

I am sooo in love with this cat...Thank you so very much.
Betty M.

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This will make awesome towel sets for gifts -- THANK YOU!

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Thanks so much

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Very pretty and cute design. Love cats. thanks

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Cute designs and thank you.

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My first download with The Miss Loretta Scholarship. So exciting. Thank you so very much. I do appreciate this.

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thank you !!

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These are all great, and so in time for Halloween. Love them.

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This is a great Halloween design. Thank-you!

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