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Noahs Ark

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Size (in): 5.47"(w) x 5.20"(h)
Size (mm): 139 x 132
Stitches: 29800
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noahsark christmas rooster
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Thank you

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Lovely designs. Thank you

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Thank you!

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Muchas Gracias!

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merci beaucoup

sanpay by sanpay 1d ago

Thank you fo haring your beautiful design

r0wena by r0wena 1d ago

Thank you, a very beautiful design, perfect to put on kitchen towels for my daughter. She loves rooster designs.

Meggy88 by Meggy88 1d ago

A great design, thanks

rflo77489 by rflo77489 1d ago

I love it!..thank you!

stitchnnut by stitchnnut 1d ago

Wow!!! Love this design, and want to thank you for sharing it with all of us.

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thank you

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Many thanks

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Thank you so very much, this is a very beautiful design.

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very nice.

seamripper40 by seamripper40 1d ago

very nice.

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Love it thanks

Akio by Akio 2d ago

hartelijk bedankt.

sns41985 by sns41985 2d ago

How wonderful! Can't wait to stitch it out. Thank you!


The rooster depicts a Portuguese legend, widely used in embroideries, so i thank you so v ery much.

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cdcrady by cdcrady 2d ago

Thank you so much!

EBD108 by EBD108 2d ago

Thank you--very nice!!

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Muito obrigado. Thank you so much. I really loved. Nina

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Dank je !!

jacrot by jacrot 2d ago

merci beaucoup pour cette jolie broderie

cowgirl by cowgirl 2d ago

These are wonderful I have just the kitchen towel to put them on. Thanks you so much for sharing your talent. VJ

creativesewing by creativesewing 3d ago

Thank you! The detail is awesome!

nanna87 by nanna87 3d ago

Thank you

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Thank you :-)

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Thank you - love the detail. Sherry

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Grazie 1000

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thank you its beautiful

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Really love this design. Thank you for the lovely designs you put up.

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Très joli, merci

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thank you

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Thank you for the wonderful design. Absolutely love it.

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Thank you for the beautiful designs you give us! God bless!

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Thank you for you wonderful designs that you so kindly give to us

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Beautiful design Thank You

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Thank you very much!!!!

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Thank you

Espinoza by Espinoza 3d ago

Thank you, it is very nice to receive this design,

springer0124 by springer0124 3d ago

Thank you very much for this great design. I plan on embroidering it on a kitchen towel. I also have plans on putting it on a table cloth which I think will look stunning.

susieq605 by susieq605 3d ago

Beautiful design. Thank you.

petlover by petlover 3d ago

Love the design. Thank you very much.

aleene by aleene 3d ago

Thank YOU!

outback43 by outback43 3d ago

really cute, thank you*

Cindy2003 by Cindy2003 3d ago

Thank You! Love those roosters and chickens!

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Love the hen and rooster! Thank you.

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I love this design. Just beautiful, thank you very much

pelainep by pelainep 3d ago

Thank you

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Thank you sew much.

grandma9diane by grandma9diane 3d ago

thank you so much i love chickens and rosters

DKCarroll by DKCarroll 3d ago

Thank you!

sewingsmart by sewingsmart 3d ago

Thank you very much. This will look terrific in my kitchen.

blecain by blecain 3d ago

Thanks sew cute.

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sewdenise by sewdenise 3d ago

Thank you so much!

graceandham by graceandham 3d ago

Thank you for this beautiful barnyard pair. I have lots of ideas for using.

joe1639 by joe1639 3d ago

thank you so sweet

Nancy5 by Nancy5 3d ago

Thank you

beatie58 by beatie58 3d ago

Thank you

helentapp by helentapp 3d ago

Don't know what I'm doing wrong, just can't get the free design

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you.

Magai by Magai 3d ago

merci :)

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wow!!! thanks for this great design! It is beautifully done.

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Just my style! Thank you very much!

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This is gorgeous! THANKS

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Thank you very much

joy59 by joy59 3d ago

gorgeous thankss

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Lovely design, thank you so much

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Thank you so much. Really a great design

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Thank you for this terrific design!

jamiller by jamiller 3d ago

great, love it, thanks

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So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

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I love it! Thank you

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dank je wel voor dit cadeautje

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thank you

corie by corie 3d ago

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It`s lovely! Thank you very much!

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muy bonito, gracias (very pretty. thank you)

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Thank you very pretty

pochita by pochita 3d ago

muy bonito, gracias (very pretty. thank you)

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Thank You, great design. Genie

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muy bonito, gracias (very pretty. thank you)

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thank you

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thank you this is just a sweet design

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Lovely thank you

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thank you your designs are lovely

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Bedankt erg leuk.

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sympa merci

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baie dankie.

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Très joli dessin, merci et bonne journée !!!

craftysewer by craftysewer 3d ago

Just love this one. Great for my Halloween Chicken Costume. Thanks so much. Leila

ChuffyBunny by ChuffyBunny 3d ago

Thank you very much :-)

Laurann by Laurann 3d ago

This Design is so cute. I can't to sew it out. Laurann

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bellissimooooooooooooooo!! Grazie

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Love this!

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Merci pour ce magnifique coq...

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Lovely. Thanks.

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Thank you

gerryvb by gerryvb 3d ago

thank you :)

rudoni2 by rudoni2 3d ago

I love, love, love this rooster and hen. We have chickens, so this is perfect.

mb70789 by mb70789 3d ago

This is beautiful. I collect roosters and this is just begging to go on some dishtowels.

silvanabettati by silvanabettati 3d ago

Grazie! simpaticissimo!

marydebord by marydebord 3d ago

Really cute roosters, love them, Thanks

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Absolutely lovely. Thank you

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Superbe merci

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janetschwartz by janetschwartz 3d ago

Love chickens Thank you

anitas1403 by anitas1403 4d ago

I love it. My husband was an egg dealer for 50 yrs. b/4 this death. He did home deliveries, stores, school and restaurants So I have a few(???) chickens things.....

Morinda by Morinda 4d ago

Lovely, I wish them in my garden.
Thank you.

doriane by doriane 4d ago

merci beaucoup

camelion by camelion 4d ago

Dankie Thank you love it..

Ferousse by Ferousse 4d ago

Very nice ! thank you very much !

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Thank you very much





Rosemaryj by Rosemaryj 4d ago

Thank you so much for the lovely design. Love the colours. Going to do it on a dish towel for the kitchen.

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Love this Rooster design--beautiful--thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you!!

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Thank you for the lovely design! I have a chicken named Millie, so I am always looking for cute chicken designs.

hopi by hopi 4d ago

tres joli Merci

katydid by katydid 4d ago

Thank you.

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thank you.

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I love roosters! This is very nice and I thank you for sharing!

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Beautiful design, thank you!

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thank you

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Beautiful. Love the detail.

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This is absolutely adorable!! Thank you, thank you!!!

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thank you so much..

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Very nice, thank you! <3

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Love this thank you very much

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A colourful and interesting design; thank you.

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cool chicken design thanks

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Thank you so much :-)

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Love Love love the chickens

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Thank you! Beautiful Rooster and Hen!

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Thank you. These are so cute!

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This is so so so pretty. Thank you.

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thank you love it

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Thank you love this set

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thank you!

Izzaboutchu by Izzaboutchu 4d ago

Love, love, love this. I have a rooster/hen/chick theme in my kitchen and some towels have been waiting for this. Thank you!

BonnieH by BonnieH 4d ago

Thank you.

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merci super beau

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Gorgeous rooster! Thank you so much for sharing.

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merci beaucoup

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I love this, thank you!

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Thank you. Very nice design.

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Beautiful! Thank you very much 😍

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nadin415 by nadin415 4d ago


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J'adore les coqs

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so cute, tks

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thank you very pretty

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Love the design. Thank you.

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Magnifico diseño, muchas gracias.

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AWESOME design! Thank you

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Fabulous Thursday freebie. Thanks soo much.

monaels by monaels 4d ago

Fabulous Thursday freebie. Thanks soo much.

monaels by monaels 4d ago

Fabulous Thursday freebie. Thanks soo much.

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Vielen Dank :-)

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Большое Спасибо! Дизайн очень красивый!

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Beautiful design, thank you

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Thank You

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like it very much, thanks,Jannie Nederland

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Many thanks, lovely. Christine

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herzlichen Dank für diese hübsche Datei
LG Stickrentner

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Muchas gracias! Muy lindo

Pintomend8 by Pintomend8 4d ago

Muchas gracias! Muy lindo

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Lovely design - thank you so much.

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Thank you, this is beautiful.

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very nice....thank you

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Stunning..Thanking you in kindness

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Fab design thank very much !!!

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what a lovely design

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What beautiful design. Thank you.

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res lepa - najlepša hvala

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lovely pair thank you

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So colourful, thank you

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Thank you very much it's very beautiful!

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Magnifique !
Merci beaucoup.

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Beautiful Thank You

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What a beautiful pair, hen and rooster with morning sun...lovely.

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Thank you I love the roosters.

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Fantastic, thanks a lot

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rescuer by rescuer 15 Mar 2014

This is a lovely design. Be sure to click on the word Print (in blue) above for the color chart.

jrob by jrob 11 Dec 2013

Puttercat, I will send you a PM. If you look at the top of the page you will see inbox and a red oval shape with a one in it. Click on it to see my reply to you.
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