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Size (in): 5.24"(w) x 5.87"(h)
Size (mm): 133 x 149
Stitches: 20800
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svetagan by svetagan 10h ago

Очень красивый сказочный морской конек! Большое спасибо за хороший дизайн и хорошее настроение!

stevenfadi by stevenfadi 20h ago

merci tres baux motif

veni19mar by veni19mar 21h ago

it's so beautiful , thank you very much!

aswtnylady by aswtnylady 1d ago

Thanks so much!

corrieriemvisvanschie by corrieriemvisvanschie 1d ago

dank jullie wel heel mooi zeepaartje!!!!

markiza by markiza 1d ago

прекрасная вышивка. спасибо.

Colleen21 by Colleen21 1d ago

Beautiful - thanks

Erika59 by Erika59 1d ago

thank you!!!

frances123 by frances123 1d ago

thank you

lucy1234 by lucy1234 1d ago

Thanks, very nice

mollymay by mollymay 1d ago

love it, thank you.

rainbow by rainbow 1d ago

I missed the A in the Pretty Flowers. Please, please. please vote for A for me. Thank you

beebees by beebees 1d ago

really great but I missed A and B in jurassic alpha if you can vote for me thjanks

jwill57618 by jwill57618 1d ago

thank you

eqstrn by eqstrn 1d ago

Thank you. Wonderful seahorse.

danuta by danuta 1d ago

Super , dziękuję bardzo

anapatusca by anapatusca 1d ago

demasiados colores para una máquina de cambio manual...gracias

tiny74 by tiny74 1d ago

Thank you! The colors are amazing.

ellehexe by ellehexe 1d ago

Wunderfull!!! Thanks!

silvanabettati by silvanabettati 1d ago

tanti colori

brbtyler by brbtyler 1d ago

Thank you. I loved the seahorse design. Can't wait to use it.

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 1d ago

This is really lovely. Thank you very much!

sewdeb by sewdeb 1d ago

Thanks so very much for this lovely design!

Seabean by Seabean 2d ago

Beautiful! Thank you

sticksachse by sticksachse 2d ago


jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 2d ago

qu'il est beau

tissyno1 by tissyno1 2d ago

this design is so beautiful. Thank you so much

JanineCooke by JanineCooke 2d ago

thank you

cecilia47 by cecilia47 2d ago

so gorgeous colours very pretty

lukas2002 by lukas2002 2d ago


marydcrain by marydcrain 2d ago

Love the colors!

mamie78 by mamie78 2d ago


cj2sew by cj2sew 2d ago

This is just so beautiful. You really have out done yourself. Thank you for such a fantastic gift.

shuede by shuede 2d ago

Thanks for the cute seahorse! I collect them, and this one is really cute!!

jeano63 by jeano63 2d ago

Wow! This is so colorful and detailed. Just lovely! Thank you.

vclr1941 by vclr1941 2d ago

thanks for being there for all of us

pennydubose by pennydubose 2d ago

Just beautiful, as always...thank you so much. Hugs and blessings.

sewbee by sewbee 2d ago


claudfe by claudfe 2d ago


rielmar by rielmar 2d ago


tereasa by tereasa 2d ago

This Beautiful! Thank You so much!

dlynn48 by dlynn48 2d ago

thank You

jrob by jrob 2d ago

This is wonderful! I love the colorful seahorse.

KathyNeal by KathyNeal 2d ago

I'm going to try it right now!


grazie molto bello

sassy2443 by sassy2443 2d ago

What a beautiful design, can't wait to try it.

Natalya49 by Natalya49 2d ago


Redlady by Redlady 2d ago

Very Beautiful thank you !!!!

koosje by koosje 2d ago

Thank you!

Turbeville by Turbeville 2d ago

thank you, this is so pretty!

Marge2 by Marge2 2d ago

So cute! Thank you very uch

Eli53 by Eli53 2d ago


janaceline by janaceline 2d ago

thank you

TexasGal61 by TexasGal61 2d ago

I'm doing a water creature theme in our bathroom, and this will work great. Nice digitizing.

mhn4evr by mhn4evr 2d ago

Very pretty! Thank you!

cuttingras by cuttingras 2d ago

beautiful!!! I Love this!! I'm putting this on my white bath towels!!~!

vimac by vimac 2d ago

Thank you! Love all the colors!

OLGAolga by OLGAolga 3d ago

Очень красивый морской конек, обязательно вышью себе на футболке

genin by genin 3d ago

Thank you very much
It's very beautifull

cathiejones by cathiejones 3d ago

Thank you, I love it !

vdt6459 by vdt6459 3d ago

So cute! Thank you!!!

Tanushka by Tanushka 3d ago

Спасибо, очень красивый дизайн!

Weezydevlin by Weezydevlin 3d ago

The seahorse pattern, but my iPhone will not download it. There anyway that I can download it on Sunday after I get home and get near a different computer? Thank you.

essellbee by essellbee 3d ago

So lovely, thank you

gdsteliga by gdsteliga 3d ago

Thank you

arlenep by arlenep 3d ago

It's beautiful. Thank you.

NaomiCampbell by NaomiCampbell 3d ago

thank you

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 3d ago

Thank you so much

romano by romano 3d ago

grazie, veramente grazioso

maggie25 by maggie25 3d ago

thank you x

MartDen by MartDen 3d ago

Спасибо за такой интересный дизайн.

deedon by deedon 3d ago

Thank you Deedon

melim by melim 3d ago

thank you!

kcreation974 by kcreation974 3d ago

merci beaucoup

dididwiar by dididwiar 3d ago

I Love it, Thank you so much!

marianb by marianb 3d ago

thank you

gabri1 by gabri1 3d ago

Grazie molto estivo!!!

deidrefay by deidrefay 3d ago

Thank you for this delightful design.

olga4 by olga4 3d ago


nuotarino by nuotarino 3d ago

Meraviglioso , stupendo, bellissimissimo. Grazie

sheridene by sheridene 3d ago

thank you

Klingeling by Klingeling 3d ago


Klingeling by Klingeling 3d ago


Julyea by Julyea 3d ago

Love it thank you

lauff by lauff 3d ago


lidiad by lidiad 3d ago

Love this seahorse, thank you!

vjohnston by vjohnston 3d ago

I love it, thanks

oemmes03 by oemmes03 3d ago

vielen Dank sehr schöne Arbeit..

alias1991 by alias1991 3d ago

favoloso grazie mille

lolly3 by lolly3 3d ago

Thankyou. Beautiful Seahorse.

killmousky3 by killmousky3 3d ago

Thank you love the seahorse

killmousky3 by killmousky3 3d ago

Thank you love the seahorse

bettyline by bettyline 3d ago

Thank you

kiewiet1 by kiewiet1 3d ago


newrecruit by newrecruit 3d ago

I like

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 3d ago

wow this is so beautiful, many thanks

cutepaws by cutepaws 3d ago

What a splendid super sweet seahorse, THANK YOU so much for this stunning design.

marie77 by marie77 3d ago

magnifique. merci beaucoup

sniffels by sniffels 3d ago

Thank you!!

Jurika by Jurika 3d ago


Sunflower3810 by Sunflower3810 3d ago

Thankyou so much for this beautiful seahorse.
Can't wait to place it on a project.

Annrina by Annrina 3d ago


nadines by nadines 3d ago


marianamin2003 by marianamin2003 3d ago

Thank you!

grisou by grisou 3d ago

thanks you very much .... désolée mon anglais n'est pas très bon, je vous remercie pour ces si jolis motifs
bonne journée

2627 by 2627 3d ago

this seahorse is so colourful thank you!

craftysewer by craftysewer 3d ago

adorable, thanks so much Leila

aalabu009 by aalabu009 3d ago

Thak you!

hjreid by hjreid 3d ago

It's just exquisite, thank you.

litegott by litegott 3d ago

Thank you! :-)

CathyHENRY by CathyHENRY 3d ago


Leeh by Leeh 3d ago


mschatty by mschatty 3d ago

Beautiful digitizing on this-Thanks for sharing !

thesheltonhomebellsouthne by thesheltonhomebellsouthne 3d ago


ladypatty by ladypatty 3d ago

thank you

lesleyc by lesleyc 3d ago

lovely. thank you

Cley by Cley 3d ago

Love it!

decojo by decojo 3d ago

Thank you!

Kaye52 by Kaye52 3d ago

Thank you for the lovely Seahorse

hlmotzo by hlmotzo 3d ago

Thank you. Very cute

tljones71 by tljones71 3d ago

Thank You

Suhefley1 by Suhefley1 3d ago


njpg by njpg 3d ago

it is too big for my hoop and hopefully can do a is beautiful

sharonr by sharonr 3d ago

Beautiful. I wish more designs had the SEW format. Thanks.

abl789 by abl789 3d ago

Thank You. beautiful seahorse

sewbabe2000 by sewbabe2000 3d ago

thank you

manchita by manchita 3d ago

muchas gracias

sketty by sketty 3d ago

thank you

ksmith4514 by ksmith4514 3d ago

Beautiful design of sealife.

chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 3d ago

Thank you.

craftinan by craftinan 3d ago

Thank you

EBD108 by EBD108 3d ago

Very colorful--love it! Thank you!

sewdenise by sewdenise 3d ago

Beautiful! Thank you so much!

pacmp by pacmp 3d ago

Really LOVE this design and hope you add a whole set of similar designs! WOW! Just Gorgeous!

jordan6896 by jordan6896 3d ago

Thank you! Beautiful design!

sewbusy60 by sewbusy60 3d ago

Thank you...T

Neenax5 by Neenax5 3d ago

Thank you

Nezzo by Nezzo 3d ago

Thank you for this beautiful seahorse. I've always been fascinated with seahorses. It was a little too large for my hoop, but I just learned today to rotate the design 45 degrees and so I'm passing it on. I tried it and it worked. Then you can size it in the hoop.

oneageswings by oneageswings 3d ago

Thank You, this is beautiful!

possums5 by possums5 3d ago

Thank you he is beautiful.

pinklady14 by pinklady14 3d ago

very nice thank you

josye by josye 3d ago

very cute!

NAY by NAY 3d ago


tillylongshanks by tillylongshanks 3d ago

Thank you so much. The colour scheme is great

Patricia109 by Patricia109 3d ago

Thanks, downloaded him before I looked at the size - he is too big for my machine. I love Seahorses. They are so gorgeous. Will keep the design for when I get a bigger hooped machine.

with1heart by with1heart 3d ago

I'm working on a Nautical quilt this Sea Horse will be a treasure for one of the squares - Thank you so very much.

rosy1906 by rosy1906 3d ago

beautiful, thanks so much

dekmeche by dekmeche 3d ago

thank so much for the cute seahorse

rabbits by rabbits 3d ago

thank you

blecain by blecain 3d ago

I love, LOVE sea horses. Thank you.

gogal by gogal 3d ago

Thank you very much!

lekin by lekin 3d ago

Seahorses are beautiful Many Thanks

irmgard by irmgard 3d ago

Thank you. I will try it. Love it.

Wendyy by Wendyy 3d ago

I absolutely love this one. Whom ever designed this needs to be commended for this. I can not wait to use it. This design, I must say, is so beautiful. All I can say is WOW. You really outdid your self on this one. Thank God for the membership.

FayeWinkle by FayeWinkle 3d ago

How Fun!! Thank you

Meggy88 by Meggy88 3d ago

love it, thanks

Mom29 by Mom29 3d ago

thank you!!

cherylgough by cherylgough 3d ago

Thank you. Absolutely precious!

nfif by nfif 3d ago

thank you very much

olga64 by olga64 3d ago

Thanks for this cute, but I can not use my machine that Brother SE400, only supports the maximum size of 4x4 inches embroidery.
Please consider this size files so that they can use in our projects home.
Gracias por este lindo diseño, pero no puedo utilizarlo por que mi maquina Brother se400, solo admite el tamaño maximo de bordado de 4x4 pulgadas.
Por favor considerar en sus archivos este tamaño para poderlos emplear en nuestros proyectos de hogar.

clscanlon by clscanlon 3d ago

Too Cute!! I can't wait to stitch this out out. Thank you!

sanpay by sanpay 3d ago

Very cute thank you so much xx

1cindy by 1cindy 3d ago

thank you very much

bettyandnina by bettyandnina 3d ago

Thank you love the designs.

merry7110 by merry7110 3d ago

Thank you! This is so cute. Can hardly wait to try it out.

joe1639 by joe1639 3d ago

so sweet thank you

ibutoby by ibutoby 3d ago

thank you, he's lovely

risomom by risomom 3d ago

I love these colors also! Thank-you!

nicoled by nicoled 3d ago

merci beaucoup!

barba by barba 3d ago

Absolutely gorgeous. Love it!
Thank you, Barba

perraut by perraut 3d ago

magnifique !!

sandicu by sandicu 3d ago

Are there more in this design type? Love the pastels.

johnsmel by johnsmel 3d ago

Thank you so much. The color combinations are gorgeous!

johnsmel by johnsmel 3d ago

Thank you so much. The color combinations are gorgeous!

dores by dores 3d ago

obrigada Dores

Pilani by Pilani 3d ago

Pretty! TFS!

velia by velia 3d ago

Absolutely beautiful. That's so cute are the words from Miss 5


Very beautiful, thank you very much

mthora by mthora 3d ago


verdeen by verdeen 3d ago

Thank you. Very pretty!!

baptiste29 by baptiste29 3d ago

thank You for the sea horse. beautiful

1penny by 1penny 3d ago

Beautiful, thank you very much

Irma1 by Irma1 3d ago

Beautiful, merci

LindaPlourde by LindaPlourde 3d ago

merci beaucoup ;-)

cookiecrum9 by cookiecrum9 3d ago

thank you so much ,,I love seahorses....hugs Cookie

cookiecrum9 by cookiecrum9 3d ago

thank you so much ,,I love seahorses....hugs Cookie

bertabel by bertabel 3d ago

Very impressive. Thank you for all you provide for us.

sheilag60 by sheilag60 3d ago

Gorgeous! Thank you!

nicotra06 by nicotra06 3d ago

It is so pretty and colorful. Thank you

outback43 by outback43 3d ago

beautiful, thank you*

kelvinlyd by kelvinlyd 3d ago

Super seahorse....

bigabnerhotmailcom by bigabnerhotmailcom 3d ago

thank you

sewingchic by sewingchic 3d ago

looks great can't wait to sew it out.

cj2sew by cj2sew 3d ago

Wow. What a gift for my BD

Susan9 by Susan9 3d ago

Stunning thank you.

juliejoseph by juliejoseph 3d ago

Thank you so much

joyceclark by joyceclark 3d ago

Thank you, unusual design.

moentx by moentx 3d ago

That is so pretty, almost feel guilty not paying for it

farinelli2 by farinelli2 3d ago

Thank you for this lovely design!

franlise by franlise 3d ago

merci beaucoup

ladyrose by ladyrose 3d ago

So pretty and thanks

Karenatpalmer by Karenatpalmer 3d ago

Thank you!

ejtads by ejtads 3d ago

Thank you.

Alkestis by Alkestis 3d ago

oh wie schön - herzlichen Dank

ierieoggi by ierieoggi 3d ago


518184 by 518184 3d ago

Vielen Dank.

kittys by kittys 3d ago

ty so much!

ildiko by ildiko 3d ago


darnthosestitches by darnthosestitches 3d ago

Adorable! Thank you.

ctravis by ctravis 3d ago

beautiful thank you!

rycalkat by rycalkat 3d ago

love this one

chips by chips 3d ago

Thank you

ubrause by ubrause 3d ago

Herzlichen Dank für die schöne Datei

charlie2013 by charlie2013 3d ago


adamko by adamko 3d ago


Barby3 by Barby3 3d ago


jmcmat3 by jmcmat3 3d ago

I can't wait to stitch this out.

handbells by handbells 3d ago

WOW! So unique

HelenaFourie by HelenaFourie 3d ago

absolutely stunning! thank you so much. blessings to all

darenluan by darenluan 3d ago

Thank you, so beautiful!!!

toyota by toyota 3d ago

thank you for the design toyota

leguen by leguen 3d ago

Thank you very much,greetings

blueheavenfla by blueheavenfla 3d ago

How charming; thank you.

slovenka by slovenka 3d ago


mpeart by mpeart 3d ago

Absolutely beautiful !! Thank you

ronrosemary by ronrosemary 3d ago

thank you love sea horses

Ramona1 by Ramona1 3d ago

will try neon colors

pussycat by pussycat 3d ago

Thank you !!!!!

chambon by chambon 3d ago

merci bcp

Jet31062 by Jet31062 3d ago

Gorgeous !

Ramona1 by Ramona1 3d ago

thank you

Iren by Iren 3d ago

Thank you so much!

bonniebrennan by bonniebrennan 3d ago

Thanks can't wait to try it !

Lomtik by Lomtik 3d ago

Большое спасибо!

uhlermaus by uhlermaus 3d ago

thank you - it is so cute

tachau by tachau 3d ago

c'est super joli merci

Vega by Vega 3d ago


dizzistamper by dizzistamper 3d ago

beautiful!!! thank you!

annj by annj 3d ago

Lovely design, thank you.

smutch by smutch 3d ago

Thank you, it is so cute and colorful!

Kosmo2306 by Kosmo2306 3d ago

Thanks so much

Marlenefivaz by Marlenefivaz 3d ago


danyjojo49 by danyjojo49 3d ago

Trop beau ! Merci

tatayette by tatayette 3d ago

c'est vraiment très beau! merci beaucoup

KleineFee1 by KleineFee1 3d ago

:) I love sea horses :)
Thank you so much!

sportoma by sportoma 3d ago


jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 3d ago

merci jolies couleurs

Ikwilt26 by Ikwilt26 3d ago

He is so cute, thank you

brandbjerg by brandbjerg 3d ago

thank you very much It is a very nice imbrodery

Chrsluj7 by Chrsluj7 3d ago

I really love this one thank u

svetaR by svetaR 3d ago

Большое спасибо!!!

aff52 by aff52 3d ago

A really fantastic design - thank you so much.

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 3d ago

Thank you very much for this beautiful design.

bettymorgan by bettymorgan 3d ago

What a beautiful design! My grandson will love this on
his tee shirt..(and so will I ! ) Thank you so very much.
Betty M.

Bolling by Bolling 3d ago

Thanks so much !!

lFleming by lFleming 3d ago

Thank you

Ingrid336 by Ingrid336 3d ago

Thank you verry mutch, it s beautiful.....

magenta by magenta 3d ago

grazie, molto carino!!!

1964Marta by 1964Marta 3d ago


Nichols by Nichols 3d ago

Thank you for the gift I am anxious to stitch this
you do beautiful work

Ossineu by Ossineu 3d ago

Vielen lieben Dank, tolles Motiv!

tinfriend by tinfriend 3d ago

Thank you for the gift!

gigi30 by gigi30 3d ago

thank you, very very nice

buddy by buddy 3d ago

Nothing more to say, except I am anxious to embroider one.

Thank you, Lucille

josiane22 by josiane22 3d ago

merci il est magnifique

peggycox by peggycox 3d ago

thank you , my daughter loves seahorses and her birthday is coming up !

eleonorafosini by eleonorafosini 3d ago


duck42 by duck42 3d ago

Thank you for you lovely free designs Duck

emanuille by emanuille 3d ago

merci beaucoup

tanniekamerling by tanniekamerling 3d ago

dank je wel

1958 by 1958 3d ago

thank you it is beautifull

Lanavich by Lanavich 3d ago


Lanavich by Lanavich 3d ago


Lanavich by Lanavich 3d ago


bergemth by bergemth 3d ago

thank you very much for seahorse, it's beautifull

CarlaTabor by CarlaTabor 3d ago

Oh this looks wonderful. Can't wait to try it out.

mad14kt by mad14kt 3d ago


JoH by JoH 3d ago


wesihom by wesihom 3d ago

Danke schön!

denene by denene 3d ago


Gerdie by Gerdie 3d ago

Wonderful .Thank you.

gerrie4141 by gerrie4141 3d ago

not sure where I'm going to sew this but it will be special. Beautiful design Thank you

judithlye by judithlye 3d ago

Looks beautiful. Cant wait to try it out

inge1944 by inge1944 3d ago

wonderful pictures

viebschen by viebschen 3d ago

Cute !!! Thank you

sodapop by sodapop 3d ago

Love the colors! Thank you.

dlthammer11xs by dlthammer11xs 3d ago

Sew very cute. I love this. Thanks.

sodapop by sodapop 3d ago

Love the colors! Thank you.

Lovelylinder by Lovelylinder 3d ago

Very nice for summer, thank you

outbacklady by outbacklady 3d ago

thank you.

cathleen by cathleen 3d ago

How pretty! Thank you

zzshtik by zzshtik 3d ago

Thank you

joeki by joeki 3d ago


manil by manil 3d ago


krysti by krysti 3d ago

Very colorful! Thank you!

sachi726 by sachi726 3d ago

Gorgeous. Must find a project for this design. Thank you.

irina12 by irina12 3d ago

Thank you.

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 3d ago

Thank you so much for this beautiful Seahorse.

renanr by renanr 3d ago


markus by markus 3d ago

Lovely thank you