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Size (in): 4.41"(w) x 7.76"(h)
Size (mm): 112 x 197
Stitches: 32000
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craftysewer by craftysewer 3m ago

Just adorable and I love this one. Thanks so much. Leila

viceri by viceri 15m ago

Thank you so much. These are sweet!

lenhik by lenhik 15m ago


marietherese by marietherese 39m ago

Simply adorable, Thank you

Closingstitch by Closingstitch 1h 8m ago

Thank you. They are so charming!

quady by quady 1h 11m ago

Thank you

p0t3mk1n by p0t3mk1n 1h 37m ago

Adorable! Thank you!

nanalovesher2 by nanalovesher2 2h 1m ago


kazzkraft by kazzkraft 2h 34m ago

oh this is beautiful, thank you so much

ChrisBig by ChrisBig 2h 43m ago

Thank you so much for these sweet birds!

rhndsul58 by rhndsul58 2h 45m ago

what a cheerful design -thankyou

nschef by nschef 2h 57m ago

Beautiful and much appreciated. Thanks so much.

aniR1935 by aniR1935 3h 1m ago

Love it. Thanks

aniR1935 by aniR1935 3h 2m ago

Love it. Thanks

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 3h 3m ago


UteMcK by UteMcK 3h 6m ago

Thank you :-)

carmencita by carmencita 3h 9m ago

Hermoso diseño, muchas gracias,

yxg3 by yxg3 3h 12m ago

Love it!!

wp22248epe by wp22248epe 3h 14m ago

Thak you for thisbeautiful design

veronicabloch by veronicabloch 3h 17m ago

gracias por este hermoso diseño

swhitt by swhitt 3h 33m ago

This is so adorable. Thanks!

fbusby1 by fbusby1 3h 41m ago


cj2sew by cj2sew 3h 52m ago

This is just so very sweet, thank you for such a beautiful gift. You're awesome

charlotte1 by charlotte1 3h 59m ago

Adorable. I love blue birds ! !

pinklady14 by pinklady14 3h 59m ago

thank you lovely

rebug by rebug 4h 3m ago

Love these! Thanks.

benhadjeba by benhadjeba 4h 11m ago

Vraiment adorable Merci

benhadjeba by benhadjeba 4h 11m ago

Vraiment adorable Merci

kristykaye by kristykaye 4h 14m ago

Thank you!

Embro1der by Embro1der 4h 36m ago

Super cute!!
Thanks so much :-)

jgwatchorn by jgwatchorn 4h 38m ago

Tweet x 4....Thankyou

Nonnyscom by Nonnyscom 4h 39m ago


joe1639 by joe1639 4h 58m ago

so sweet , thank YOU SO MUCH

irmgard by irmgard 5h 0m ago

so cute. Thank you,.

sharwri by sharwri 5h 17m ago

I Love it, Thank You so Much.

peafarm by peafarm 5h 24m ago

Thank you--love them-great for this time of yr.

peafarm by peafarm 5h 24m ago

Thank you--love them-great for this time of yr.

worthy by worthy 5h 25m ago

Thank you for the sweet birds

1penny by 1penny 5h 29m ago

So cute, makes you feel happy and care free, thank you

dchaney by dchaney 5h 34m ago

Thank you so much - these are too cute

betgor by betgor 5h 37m ago

They cheer me up. Thank you. Elizabeth

LuciS by LuciS 5h 37m ago

What an adorable design. Thank you

subsex1 by subsex1 5h 38m ago

Absolutely adorable, cutest I seen lately. THANK YOU!

Karenatpalmer by Karenatpalmer 5h 38m ago

Thank you

cozzy by cozzy 6h 0m ago

Great Design
Thank you

craft6767 by craft6767 6h 9m ago

thank you, very cute

Kathy68 by Kathy68 6h 14m ago

Love this design.

sewdenise by sewdenise 6h 17m ago


joy59 by joy59 6h 26m ago

gorgeous thank you

roxxangela by roxxangela 6h 40m ago


light by light 7h 11m ago

Thank you very much!

jamiller by jamiller 7h 14m ago

Nice, thanks

bodro by bodro 7h 19m ago

Sweet thank you

Blueeyes14 by Blueeyes14 7h 31m ago

Very Pretty. Thanks so much.

Lawmkpink by Lawmkpink 7h 41m ago

Thank you so much. These little blue birds are perfect for a pillow for my bed. Love, love, love!

rex by rex 7h 42m ago

ich liebe vögel
danke,danke !!!

RennyPenny by RennyPenny 7h 58m ago

thank you very much

carolynanns by carolynanns 8h 0m ago


mamie78 by mamie78 8h 2m ago


Pug by Pug 8h 3m ago

Thank you

rielmar by rielmar 8h 4m ago

Adorabili!! grazieee

carolynanns by carolynanns 8h 5m ago


sheilag60 by sheilag60 8h 7m ago

So cute! Thank you!

marietta by marietta 8h 9m ago

Too cute. Thank you so much

kathycopeland by kathycopeland 8h 11m ago

These are so cute. Thank you

angelsbooda by angelsbooda 8h 13m ago

thank you! - so cute!!!

margriet0247 by margriet0247 8h 18m ago

0247 amazing, thanks!!!!

Gabriellacarera by Gabriellacarera 8h 20m ago

Simpaticissimo! Grazie

lorimilr by lorimilr 8h 34m ago

These are so cute! Thank you

02juin195 by 02juin195 8h 35m ago

trop beaux merci

vivien52 by vivien52 8h 37m ago

stunning thank you so much. can't wait to put it on a cushion or table runner.

Nann by Nann 8h 39m ago

Thank You

Mariedw01 by Mariedw01 8h 41m ago

beautiful thanks

larysa by larysa 8h 42m ago

какая прелесть. спасибо.

carhar by carhar 8h 48m ago

thank you.

mamybricole by mamybricole 8h 51m ago


Pauline18 by Pauline18 8h 52m ago

So cute, cant wait to tey this out, thank you so much x

Laurann by Laurann 8h 55m ago

These birds are absolutely gorgeous. Laurann

LettieSmit by LettieSmit 8h 59m ago

Thank you for all the designs, they are so beautiful. xxx

bregeon by bregeon 9h 1m ago

super super mignon bravo

Lizzie120 by Lizzie120 9h 5m ago

These are so adorable! Thank you!

shepley by shepley 9h 5m ago

thank you for all your free designs

ruffus by ruffus 9h 10m ago

Underbart söta
Tack så mycket

LaScrapinette by LaScrapinette 9h 11m ago

Merci trop mignon !!

Midnight1 by Midnight1 9h 15m ago

thank you so much.

purrie by purrie 9h 20m ago

so cute, thankyou so much!

Offbeatchic by Offbeatchic 9h 24m ago

thank you, adorable

Offbeatchic by Offbeatchic 9h 24m ago

thank you, adorable

Offbeatchic by Offbeatchic 9h 24m ago

thank you, adorable

gigi30 by gigi30 9h 31m ago

thank you it is beautiful

monaels by monaels 9h 34m ago

Ever soo cute.

monaels by monaels 9h 35m ago

Ever soo cute.

Roxelana by Roxelana 9h 39m ago

Dziękuję bardzo

Marsais by Marsais 9h 43m ago

Très mignons. Merci

perraut by perraut 9h 43m ago

mignon, merci

engyyy by engyyy 9h 45m ago

thank you i love that

janomita by janomita 9h 51m ago

thank´s beautifull

blueheavenfla by blueheavenfla 9h 53m ago

Darling! Thank you...

jmcsew48 by jmcsew48 9h 54m ago

Darling birds. Thanks

blueheavenfla by blueheavenfla 9h 54m ago

Darling! Thank you...

markus by markus 9h 57m ago

Sooooooo sweet thank you

grandniney by grandniney 10h ago

Thank You!

bartlett by bartlett 10h ago


clarathibodeau by clarathibodeau 10h ago

thank you i love that

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 10h ago

the wee bluebirds are adorable,thank you very much

myrjam by myrjam 10h ago

Bedankt !

veora by veora 10h ago

love it

nadin415 by nadin415 10h ago

Thanks! Thanks! It is very, very nice!

newkirk48 by newkirk48 10h ago

Thank you

Erika59 by Erika59 10h ago

thank you!

karineb by karineb 10h ago

Thank you so much for this beautiful design

Joanneme by Joanneme 10h ago

Thank you. These are adorable!

lapenlint by lapenlint 10h ago

Love it, thank you

Helili by Helili 10h ago

Děkuji, jsou kouzelní....

reneeka by reneeka 11h ago

Tausend Dank!

FayeWinkle by FayeWinkle 11h ago

I think you might have outdone yourself this time. Can't imagine what you could do to top it but I'm certainly looking forward to it. Thank You!

mindy322 by mindy322 11h ago

My favorite one so far! Thanks!

oaro by oaro 11h ago

thank you

lildoll2 by lildoll2 11h ago

cute birds thank you , doris

savage00 by savage00 11h ago

Thank you That is so beautiful

harbef by harbef 11h ago

What a cute design. Thank you very much.

genin by genin 11h ago

Thank you very much for those beautiful birds

brendalea by brendalea 11h ago

The Birdies are so cute Thank you so much.
Happy Stitching

123ELLA by 123ELLA 11h ago

These are adorable Thank you so much

Lea by Lea 11h ago

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts.

julieg by julieg 11h ago

I love the Thursday gifts! And these little birds are adorable! Thank you so much!

oldneller by oldneller 11h ago

These are so adorable...Thank-You

cocachnell by cocachnell 11h ago

Merci très mignon

vly3 by vly3 11h ago


mireliote60 by mireliote60 12h ago


GAIL1951 by GAIL1951 12h ago

Thank you!

pldc by pldc 12h ago


Dids by Dids 12h ago

Sooo cute!!! Thank You

Dids by Dids 12h ago

Sooo cute!!! Thank You

Pug by Pug 12h ago

Thank you for my Birthday present. I love birds. What a great surprise.

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 12h ago

Very nice, thank you

kittydes by kittydes 12h ago

Thank you for the darling little blue birds.

deedon by deedon 12h ago

Thank you Deedon

hanna56 by hanna56 12h ago


Clarabell2 by Clarabell2 12h ago

Love the Birds, Thank you!

mlbeggs by mlbeggs 12h ago

So so cute, love them

Marlenefivaz by Marlenefivaz 12h ago

So cute! Thank you!

jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 13h ago

tous mignons ces oisillons

HOKIS by HOKIS 13h ago


Pearl123 by Pearl123 13h ago

These birds are so cute, thank you!

Pearl123 by Pearl123 13h ago

These birds are so cute, thank you!

Sergick by Sergick 13h ago

Спасибо !!!

Alabama by Alabama 13h ago

Thank you

Morinda by Morinda 13h ago

Sweet and lovely, thank you very much.

naehfischli by naehfischli 13h ago


ChuffyBunny by ChuffyBunny 13h ago

Thank you - they are just too cute.

gbhbn by gbhbn 13h ago

Sweet!! Tack

Francabrotto by Francabrotto 13h ago


Hobbystickerin by Hobbystickerin 13h ago

Thank you very much for this cute Design!

JudyI by JudyI 13h ago

Darling birds

elmak by elmak 13h ago

Thank you--very cute!!

sewmom by sewmom 13h ago

Thank you.

mv65 by mv65 13h ago

Thank you

rosmrye by rosmrye 13h ago

So sweet...thanks for sharing...

funlovin by funlovin 13h ago

Thank you

FiestyBear by FiestyBear 13h ago

They are adorable - thank you. :-)

olga241 by olga241 13h ago

so süß Danke

decojo by decojo 13h ago

Thank you!

craftygirl1969 by craftygirl1969 13h ago

Thank you !! :)

linwood by linwood 13h ago

thank you for the bluebird design

Jyockey by Jyockey 13h ago

So cute can't wait to stitch them! Thank you

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 13h ago

They are really cuties, thank you

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 13h ago

They are really cuties, thank you

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 14h ago

They are really cuties, thank you

francine1659 by francine1659 14h ago

Vraiment super beau , merci

mistoche by mistoche 14h ago


Floreana by Floreana 14h ago

Lovely - many thanks.

DianeSmith1012 by DianeSmith1012 14h ago

I wish that this came in a smaller scale. I love it! But my machine doesn't do over 5" embroideries. Thank you for the other free ones that do fit my machine.

Jirina by Jirina 14h ago

thank you very much

greytgirl by greytgirl 14h ago

Thank you for the adorable Bluebirds design!

melainej by melainej 14h ago

These are adorable! Thank you!

baboum2011 by baboum2011 14h ago


kitty15 by kitty15 14h ago

Thank you for the cheery spring birds. Love them

Blan by Blan 14h ago


mlfinwv by mlfinwv 14h ago

That is SO CUTE!

skeets by skeets 14h ago

These are adorable, thank you

aliekitn99 by aliekitn99 14h ago

Thank you! <3

EvaZemanova by EvaZemanova 14h ago

Sladké :-) moc děkuji

Deco600SAW by Deco600SAW 14h ago

So cute. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to stitching it out.

Deco600SAW by Deco600SAW 14h ago

So cute. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to stitching it out.

JoAnnMcCraw by JoAnnMcCraw 14h ago

These are so cute! There's nothing like babies or baby animals to make me smile.. Thanks! Jo Ann

tjkeeler by tjkeeler 14h ago

Lovely! Thank you.

debi430 by debi430 14h ago

so so cute! thank you

busydeb by busydeb 14h ago

Very cute! Thanks!

lenie22 by lenie22 14h ago

Thank you!!!!

wickywitch1 by wickywitch1 14h ago

This is precious, thank you.

sewbusy60 by sewbusy60 14h ago

Those are cute birdies. Thank you...

cutepaws by cutepaws 14h ago

Thank you for the blue bird family they are so sweet.

vmbray by vmbray 14h ago

thank you so much..

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 15h ago

Thank you it is so sweet

Georgianna by Georgianna 15h ago

Thank you, this is so cute!

LyndyLou by LyndyLou 15h ago

very cute! Thanks!

sandylight by sandylight 15h ago

Thanks for a very cute design

ngoodman0114 by ngoodman0114 15h ago

So cute! Thank you!

thimblequeen by thimblequeen 15h ago

This design is soooo cute!

Bieken by Bieken 15h ago

Dank u wel.

Marthyne by Marthyne 15h ago

Merci pour cette adorable broderie !

dltrcka by dltrcka 15h ago

They are adorable! Thank you!

debreb by debreb 15h ago

so sweet and adorable thank you

margrie1930 by margrie1930 15h ago

Love the birds. Thank You.

mindy1 by mindy1 15h ago

thank you for sharing this cute design

franks by franks 15h ago

They are so cute Thank you!

jeanpuckett by jeanpuckett 15h ago

so springy and sweet. thank yoiu

sewingchic by sewingchic 15h ago

Can hardly wait to try this so cute. Thank you.

bussi by bussi 15h ago

Danke für das schöne Muster.

olgapanetta by olgapanetta 15h ago

Thank you! Grazie! Merci! These little bluebirds are adorable!!!

coccinelle by coccinelle 15h ago


coccinelle by coccinelle 15h ago


gdsteliga by gdsteliga 15h ago

Thank you

belleziel by belleziel 15h ago

Thanks a lot. Beautiful.

mums by mums 15h ago

Merci !

cjhuston by cjhuston 15h ago

So cute! Thank you!

babsiemoore by babsiemoore 15h ago

so precious, thank you

mariongibeau by mariongibeau 16h ago

love the design but again it is too big for the 5x7 hoop

Chanto by Chanto 16h ago

Merci pour ces beaux oiseaux. Ils sont magnifiques!

coessens by coessens 16h ago

waouuu joli merci

chips by chips 16h ago

Adorable, thank you

shaneen by shaneen 16h ago

Thank you

Dulcineia by Dulcineia 16h ago

Maravilhos, obrigada

AnnetteSpinks19 by AnnetteSpinks19 16h ago

So cute. Thanks.

camelion by camelion 16h ago

Dankie dit is dierbaar mooi

Robyn6 by Robyn6 16h ago

Thank you , they look so cute. Can't wait to try them.

pochita by pochita 16h ago

hermosos,encantadores, muchas gracias

momac by momac 16h ago

Thank you, really cute.

dilettante by dilettante 16h ago

Adorable ce motif, merci !:)

anika19 by anika19 16h ago


8675309 by 8675309 16h ago

Thank you for the cute design. It's a perfect size!

cecilia47 by cecilia47 16h ago

these birdies are so cute thanks

nadines by nadines 16h ago


lizzygirl1221 by lizzygirl1221 16h ago

Darling birds design! Thank you very much!! Can't wait to stitch it out.

chantalt by chantalt 16h ago


jeannie33 by jeannie33 16h ago

thank you so much......

natlysofia by natlysofia 16h ago


PauliMore by PauliMore 16h ago

Thank you for this free adorable gift. I love it!

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 16h ago

thank you x

grandmeaux1 by grandmeaux1 17h ago

Thank you so much.

Tuxx by Tuxx 17h ago

This is adorable. I have to figure something out to use this design. Thank you.

Joheliza by Joheliza 17h ago

dank u wel!

ariadna by ariadna 17h ago

Thank you very much,

jann91 by jann91 17h ago

Thank you, my granddaughter will love this design on a sweat shirt!

MartDen by MartDen 17h ago

Какая прелесть - спасибо.

MaureenDoyle by MaureenDoyle 17h ago

too beautiful, thank you so much

Barbwell by Barbwell 17h ago

Thank you. I will enjoy them.

kereme by kereme 17h ago


ressie by ressie 17h ago

So cute. Thank you


J'adore, merci

sewydog1 by sewydog1 17h ago

so lovely :) thank you

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 18h ago

grazie bellissimo

pezzuttorina by pezzuttorina 18h ago


sewinglady2 by sewinglady2 18h ago

These are adorable! Thank You!

rolikoff by rolikoff 18h ago

Thank you so much!

bergemth by bergemth 18h ago

Thank you very much, very cute; lovely design

Judithanne by Judithanne 18h ago

Thanks so much!

dlamothe by dlamothe 18h ago

Thank you so much this is adorable

javamama by javamama 18h ago

Thank you

banjer39 by banjer39 18h ago

Thank you so much

bemara by bemara 18h ago

Lieben Dank :-)

Carnbrae by Carnbrae 18h ago

This is very cute. Thank you

blueyeswv by blueyeswv 18h ago

I love these little birds, they are so cute. Thank you so much.

Mummoy by Mummoy 18h ago

That is gorgeous, thank you!

Mapucca by Mapucca 18h ago

Trop choux merci beaucoup !

Atisor by Atisor 18h ago

Merci beaucoup !!!!

volodymyr by volodymyr 18h ago

thank you

domie by domie 18h ago

merci pour ce nouveau motif aux couleurs bien printanières
cela fait du bien sous notre triste soleil gris de Normandie

Keziah by Keziah 18h ago

very cute thanks

elekurzanova by elekurzanova 18h ago

Спасибо! Славные птички!

elekurzanova by elekurzanova 18h ago

Спасибо! Славные птички!

MarVR by MarVR 18h ago

Děkuji, děkuji krásná výšivka.

BeverleyHills by BeverleyHills 18h ago

Love it

bekker by bekker 18h ago

baie mooi dankie

margheritaviolini by margheritaviolini 18h ago


tricotine31 by tricotine31 19h ago

Trop mignons, merci pour cette charmante couvée !!!

Marianne01 by Marianne01 19h ago

Zijn die lief
Dank u wel

Marie6 by Marie6 19h ago

Thank you

Knutselbeertje by Knutselbeertje 19h ago


Marion55 by Marion55 19h ago

Thank you

fbjulia by fbjulia 19h ago


soro by soro 19h ago

Adorable un grand MERCI

soro by soro 19h ago

Adorable un grand MERCI

soro by soro 19h ago

Adorable un grand MERCI

soro by soro 19h ago

Adorable un grand MERCI

christine47 by christine47 19h ago

Die sind aber süß- danke

elize49 by elize49 19h ago

Thank you. This is awesome design! xxxx

Michellel by Michellel 19h ago

You made my day what a fabulous design of birds. Thank you so much

bertabel by bertabel 19h ago

pure delight !
Thank you.

patou62 by patou62 19h ago


mcs by mcs 19h ago

Dank je, ontzettend mooi

pieternel by pieternel 19h ago

What a cute one. Thanks.

0508 by 0508 19h ago

Vielen Dank!

medanen by medanen 19h ago

They are so cute, thank you!

OlgaO by OlgaO 19h ago


Jupiter by Jupiter 19h ago

Köszönöm! :)

Meggs by Meggs 19h ago

Delightful thank you

zzmarisa by zzmarisa 19h ago

Bellissimo! Grazie!

Agastus by Agastus 19h ago

I my soul are they note the cutes little things cannot wait to embroider them, kissable sweet