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bear animals
janetschwartz by janetschwartz 13h ago

Thank you so much. He's darling!

bazilette by bazilette 15h ago

Merci pour cette belle lettre

annets518 by annets518 18h ago

so cute thank you

lauff by lauff 22h ago

merci très joli

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newkirk48 by newkirk48 1d ago

Thank you

jrboehm by jrboehm 1d ago

i need to know how to get my free design on to a flash drive from my computer I am using windows8.1
Thank you very much I have a babylock ellisimo gold embroidery and sewing machine

bret123 by bret123 1d ago


Roannenaidoo by Roannenaidoo 1d ago

Thank you very cute

Ernasmith by Ernasmith 1d ago


pinklady14 by pinklady14 2d ago

very cute

camandwmm by camandwmm 2d ago

just adorable,thank you

sset by sset 2d ago

lovely thank you

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feby by feby 3d ago

Sure is cute. Thanks.

CathyHENRY by CathyHENRY 3d ago


Beautyd by Beautyd 3d ago

Thank you.

NELLI02 by NELLI02 3d ago

Большое спасибо за такой симпатичный дизайн



OxanaDrzemalla by OxanaDrzemalla 3d ago

Vielen Dank!

Leaha by Leaha 3d ago

Thank you.

alex1956 by alex1956 3d ago

thank you

ninab by ninab 3d ago

thank you

bret123 by bret123 3d ago

Thank you

MimiLuvsPops by MimiLuvsPops 3d ago

Adorable, Thank you!!!

jules by jules 3d ago

why is so hard to download the free designs these days I never had any trouble before? are you giving away any free designs like you did before or are you still doing maintenance ?I really love the designs that came through this sight I would not sell them or say they were my own ,I would make things for the poor sick children in hospital which were sick with cancer or some other terrible sickness so it was something to lighten their days

a1lotte by a1lotte 3d ago


eileensmall by eileensmall 4d ago

cann't wait to put it on cute..thanks

nine by nine 4d ago

Merci pour la belle broderie.

zjudi by zjudi 4d ago


janaceline by janaceline 4d ago

Thank you.

Lois2 by Lois2 4d ago

A very cute design. Thank you! Lois

butterfly1 by butterfly1 4d ago

Thank you for this cute design. I sawed this design and it is really a nice pattern. I wish you could make about 11 more with this little bear holding different toys and doing different things. I would like to make a child's quilt using this design. So cute,Thanks Again.

miquette by miquette 4d ago

Merci beaucoup

Turbeville by Turbeville 4d ago

thank you

margaritap by margaritap 4d ago

muchas gracias

baran59 by baran59 4d ago

Спасибо, милейший медвежонок.

JanineCooke by JanineCooke 4d ago

Thank you

zoey1 by zoey1 4d ago

very nice, thank you. Marion

MaryQ by MaryQ 4d ago

very cute, thank you


Very cute Valentin bear : Thank you very much.

BlissOnAMission by BlissOnAMission 4d ago

Thank you!

Erika59 by Erika59 5d ago

thank you!!!

saritestaas by saritestaas 5d ago

thank you

highlandermom by highlandermom 5d ago

Adorable, thank you

sewdenise by sewdenise 5d ago

Thank you so much!

missmomdou by missmomdou 5d ago

merci beaucoup pour les belles broderie

vcoppenger by vcoppenger 5d ago

Thank you!!

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KF6CWW by KF6CWW 5d ago

Un oso tan lindo, muchas gracias.
Abrazos - Barb

elyn by elyn 5d ago


spindora by spindora 5d ago

Thank you very much, I like animals

Silvia1964 by Silvia1964 5d ago

Thanks a lot. Cute.

rielmar by rielmar 5d ago


alazgal6 by alazgal6 5d ago

Thank you,so very much,have a new great-great grand girl on the way,in March.Will work perfect,for the little sweet baby.Thank you again.Dee.

rogersjpn by rogersjpn 5d ago

Valentine Bear is adorable-Thank you

nivesgustin by nivesgustin 5d ago

hvala za vse !!!!!!

brinni by brinni 5d ago

Thanks a lot!

rabbits by rabbits 5d ago

thank you

sagodusty by sagodusty 5d ago

thank you so much.

danyjojo49 by danyjojo49 5d ago

Trop mignon ! Merci beaucoup.

josiane22 by josiane22 5d ago

merci très joli

Radmila67 by Radmila67 5d ago

Moc děkuji.

HelenaFourie by HelenaFourie 5d ago

Thank you

marysou by marysou 5d ago

Trop mignon - merci beaucoup et à bientôt

danuta by danuta 5d ago

Dziękuje bardzo

oemmes03 by oemmes03 5d ago

vielen Dank..ein ganz liebes Motiv..

Marlenefivaz by Marlenefivaz 5d ago

Thank you

rescuer by rescuer 5d ago

***katforever18 *** please post in the community section for help. You need software to open the files for viewing. Adobe does not view these file types. You do not need software to use the files. You do need an embroidery machine to use them. They can sent directly from your computer to your embroidery machine without viewing them.

FrauEule by FrauEule 5d ago

thank you so much!!! :-)

kathleen01 by kathleen01 5d ago

So cute, thank you

barbiea4874 by barbiea4874 5d ago

love !!!! thank you

normafontana by normafontana 5d ago


katforever18 by katforever18 5d ago

Every time I try to open your designs I encounter this message: "Adobe Reader could not open, "whatever the file is I'm trying to open", because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment & wasn't correctly decoded)." Yours isn't the only site that I can't open the files from but I can't find anyone to help me figure out why I get this message on files that aren't zip files. I haven't ordered any designs from you because I tried to see if I could open your designs first & if I can't then there's no reason to order any. I hope you understand & can help me with my problem. Thank you for your help in advance, Kathy

joeki by joeki 5d ago


Dulcineia by Dulcineia 5d ago


ladyrose by ladyrose 5d ago

Adorable and thank you

Sergick by Sergick 5d ago

Спасибо !!!

elize by elize 5d ago

Thank you

Stephe by Stephe 5d ago

thank you I so look forward to the Thursday gifts...

Aball by Aball 5d ago

Thank you

Bolling by Bolling 5d ago

What a cutie !! thanks

krapivam by krapivam 5d ago

Thank you!

04AnnaBelle27 by 04AnnaBelle27 5d ago

Thank YOu

kullerauge by kullerauge 5d ago

Total süß...Dankeschön

tndcody3371 by tndcody3371 5d ago

Thank you this bear is so cute

lindav by lindav 5d ago

So very cute, thank you.
Linda V

sanpay by sanpay 5d ago

gain my thanks for thisdesign

Mapucca by Mapucca 5d ago

Merci beaucoup il est trop choux !

Clarence1 by Clarence1 5d ago

I love Teddies Thank you so much!

broid by broid 5d ago

Thank You ! This is so cute.

flannels by flannels 5d ago

Thank you

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essellbee by essellbee 5d ago

So cute, thank you

INI69 by INI69 5d ago

vielen Dank, für das tolle freebie.

lauff by lauff 5d ago

merci beaucoup, très joli

Oumie by Oumie 5d ago

So lovely Thanx

justonlyme by justonlyme 5d ago

What a super adorable design! Thank you very much!

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marianb by marianb 5d ago

thank you

baron123 by baron123 5d ago

Thank you great design.

leguen by leguen 5d ago

Very cute thank you

baron123 by baron123 5d ago

Thank you great design.

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 5d ago

thank-you - looks like a really sweet little bear

mv65 by mv65 5d ago

Thank you

galaxybleu by galaxybleu 5d ago

adorable merci

Klingeling by Klingeling 5d ago


alenatrawina by alenatrawina 6d ago

Спасибо огромное!!!!!! Мишка - прелесть!

jennyvovk by jennyvovk 6d ago


cocole7 by cocole7 6d ago

very very mimimi thank for you bisous nicole

he2506 by he2506 6d ago

Très mignon ! Merci beaucoup

momac by momac 6d ago

Thank you for this cute valentine teddy.

annets518 by annets518 6d ago

thank you so much

rajrae by rajrae 6d ago

Thank you! It's so cute.

babsie by babsie 6d ago

Lovely design, thanks for sharing.

embrockabees by embrockabees 6d ago

Thank you sew much

tinfriend by tinfriend 6d ago

Thank you for the gift!

embrockabees by embrockabees 6d ago

Thank you sew much

gramtam by gramtam 6d ago

thank you

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Paula2825 by Paula2825 6d ago

Darling - thank you

cookiecrum9 by cookiecrum9 6d ago

thank you so much for the cute bear...hugs Cookie

Grannygil by Grannygil 6d ago

Thank you

Gifts2give by Gifts2give 6d ago

thank you!

rescuer by rescuer 6d ago

Darling little bear -- thank you!

mpeart by mpeart 6d ago

Thank you

lesleyc by lesleyc 6d ago

Very cute, thank you

manil by manil 6d ago

Thank You. This is some thing i really needed.

manil by manil 6d ago

Thank You. This is some thing i really needed.

Prestigiousglass by Prestigiousglass 6d ago


feby by feby 6d ago

Thank you for the sweet bear.

connielbrown by connielbrown 6d ago

so cute thank you

apple59 by apple59 6d ago

Thank you for the cute bear.

apple59 by apple59 6d ago

Thank you for the cute bear.

reine by reine 6d ago

Cute, thanks

samedure65 by samedure65 6d ago

Tooo Cute!!!! Thank You

nine by nine 6d ago

Merci pour les belles broderies.

helpitt by helpitt 6d ago

Many thanks. Very cute.

Rondamargaret by Rondamargaret 6d ago

Thank you very much, very cute!!

mfapani by mfapani 6d ago

Gorgeous bear thank you

sewbusy60 by sewbusy60 6d ago

Thank you...T

gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 6d ago

Thank you!!

Lynnea by Lynnea 6d ago

Very sweet, Thank You!

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natlysofia by natlysofia 6d ago

thank you very nice

cj2sew by cj2sew 6d ago

So very cute. What a nice present. Thank you very much

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euno by euno 6d ago

Thank you

corie by corie 6d ago

oh so cute can't wait

wickywitch1 by wickywitch1 6d ago

Thanks, this is cute!

papegaiki by papegaiki 6d ago

Tx u soooo

Patricia109 by Patricia109 6d ago

How sweet. Thank you.

dander163 by dander163 6d ago

So cute, thank you

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 6d ago

Thank you!

agatha by agatha 6d ago

Many Thanks!

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gitteh by gitteh 6d ago

Thank you!

cathyestes by cathyestes 6d ago

so very cute thank you!!

RockyB by RockyB 6d ago

So cute, thank you!

LindaPlourde by LindaPlourde 6d ago

merci beaucoup ;-)

brotheranita by brotheranita 6d ago

erg mooi hartelijk bedankt

dresna by dresna 6d ago

thank you-perfect for tiny tots

Turbeville by Turbeville 6d ago

thank you

1penny by 1penny 6d ago

thank you

Dulcineia by Dulcineia 6d ago

Muito obrigada.

possums5 by possums5 6d ago

Thank you.

elyn by elyn 6d ago

thank you it is very pretty !!

silvanabettati by silvanabettati 6d ago


akeesee by akeesee 6d ago

Thanks Bunches. Excited about doing this for my grandson.

Karenatpalmer by Karenatpalmer 6d ago

Thank you!

ChristineMacCallum by ChristineMacCallum 6d ago

such a cute valentine's bear


Mkay by Mkay 6d ago

Thank you for the cute balloon teddy bear


JJO by JJO 6d ago

Teddy is just adorable. Can't wait to stitch him out. Thank you so very much

rsifford by rsifford 6d ago

So cute! Thank you.

helehmo by helehmo 6d ago

Thank you so much.. this will be lovely to stitch out for a valentines gift :)

granny2 by granny2 6d ago

thank you...thank you...

kittys by kittys 6d ago


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ghislaine60 by ghislaine60 6d ago

merci beaucoup !

KathyKamp1970 by KathyKamp1970 6d ago

Thank you

Midnight1 by Midnight1 6d ago

Neat Bear Thank you

sewmama9 by sewmama9 6d ago

Thank you Beary much!

katyrose by katyrose 6d ago

Thank you very much!!

Robyne05 by Robyne05 6d ago

Thankyou love it

juliejoseph by juliejoseph 6d ago

Thank you

susanban by susanban 6d ago

Thank you for all the wonderful designs

AvK by AvK 6d ago

Dank je wel voor deze valentijnsbeer

deedon by deedon 6d ago

Thank you Deedon

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MyRosie by MyRosie 6d ago

thank you! Cute :)

bettyline by bettyline 6d ago

Thank you very much

grandmamek by grandmamek 6d ago

thank you

moniquep by moniquep 6d ago

THANK YOU, it's darling.

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bergemth by bergemth 6d ago

Thank you so much, this is too cute

nellytovar by nellytovar 6d ago

hermoso, gracias!!

monaels by monaels 6d ago

Love it!

lidiad by lidiad 6d ago

So cute! Thank you.

perraut by perraut 6d ago

merci bien

tatayette by tatayette 6d ago

jolie petite broderie qui annonce la saint Valentin ,merci

funlovin by funlovin 6d ago

Very cute thank you

manchita by manchita 6d ago

muchas gracias por el osito, muy bonito

vickysheldon by vickysheldon 6d ago

Thank you !!

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Thank you

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Merci beaucoup !!!!

kereme by kereme 6d ago

Miś jest słodki, dziękuję :)

Pilani by Pilani 6d ago

Cute! Thank you!

blecain by blecain 6d ago

Just in time. So cute.

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Thank you..

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Thank you

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susogpe by susogpe 6d ago

Thank you - he is so cute.......

EvaZemanova by EvaZemanova 6d ago

krásný , roztomilý , určitě použiji na polštář velice děkuji

susogpe by susogpe 6d ago

Thank you - he is so cute.......

wesihom by wesihom 6d ago

So schön, danke!

busydeb by busydeb 6d ago

Thank you for the cute bear!

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Thank you!

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crazie4scotties by crazie4scotties 6d ago

Adorable! Thankx.

Nann by Nann 6d ago

Thank You

Vega by Vega 6d ago



merci trop mignon


merci trop mignon

gerryvb by gerryvb 6d ago

cute thank you :)

my3sons by my3sons 6d ago

Thank You!!

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glober by glober 6d ago

Hermoso Gracias

DiannaHale by DiannaHale 6d ago

I totally needed this design to make Valentines cards for my grandchildren. Thank you so much.

begotxu by begotxu 6d ago

Muchas gracias, es muy bonito para la ropa de niños

markus by markus 6d ago

Sweet thank you

rodneyzgal by rodneyzgal 6d ago

Beautiful! Thanks!

craftysewer by craftysewer 6d ago

Adorable. appreciate it. Leila

jellyjar by jellyjar 6d ago

adorable, thank you!

quiltgirl by quiltgirl 6d ago

What a sweety

Juria by Juria 6d ago

Thank you. Just right for Valentines day!

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maca6o by maca6o 6d ago

dank u zeer mooi

outbacklady by outbacklady 6d ago

thank you

Silvia1964 by Silvia1964 6d ago

Thanks . Lovely

Iren by Iren 6d ago

Thank you so much!

bearmaker by bearmaker 6d ago

Thank you so much !! This is too cute :)

shelleyk by shelleyk 6d ago

thank u

chrispi by chrispi 6d ago

Thank you.

antonscharly by antonscharly 6d ago

Wunderschöne Motive, vielen Dank

sonne1 by sonne1 6d ago

Danke für dieses schöne Motive!

nivesgustin by nivesgustin 6d ago

Hval,hvala 1000xza lepo risbico

marysew11000 by marysew11000 6d ago

Thank You

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 6d ago

Gorgeous!!!Many thanks

chebreda by chebreda 6d ago

Thank you. Lovely!

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Kiitos! Super nalle!

franlise by franlise 6d ago

Très mignon, merci beaucoup

Rinalda by Rinalda 6d ago

grazie grazie tanto ha un dolcissimo musetto Rinalda dall'Italia

Jubara by Jubara 6d ago

Danke Schön

Jubara by Jubara 6d ago

Danke Schön

hexe11 by hexe11 6d ago

Danke schön

kmac by kmac 6d ago

He's CUTE! thank you k

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imgammi by imgammi 6d ago

too cute - thanks

patty59 by patty59 6d ago

Lovely! Thank you

sewdeb by sewdeb 6d ago

Thanks so much for this adorable design!

marina1074 by marina1074 6d ago

thank you

baboum2011 by baboum2011 6d ago

merci beaucoup

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adorable !!!

marina1074 by marina1074 6d ago

thank you

marina1074 by marina1074 6d ago

thank you

Penoyer by Penoyer 6d ago

too too cute! ty

Natalykristal by Natalykristal 6d ago

Lovely, thank you

meid by meid 6d ago

mooie beer

Lilli by Lilli 6d ago

Cuuuute :-) Thank you!
Lilli from Italy

filodrendo by filodrendo 6d ago

thank you very much!!

naomifannin by naomifannin 6d ago

Very cute. Thank you

ilse466 by ilse466 6d ago

Adorable, thanks!

danuta by danuta 6d ago

Dziękuję bardzo

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Very Cute-Thank you !

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sheilapam by sheilapam 6d ago

Love it! Too cute for words. Thanks

HelenaFourie by HelenaFourie 6d ago

Thank you for the loveable bear

lenie22 by lenie22 6d ago

dank je wel

Ebo by Ebo 6d ago

Thank you

elisabethjean by elisabethjean 6d ago

sew ADORABLE ! Thank you

marthaann by marthaann 6d ago

oh, how adorable. Thank you.

Michellel by Michellel 6d ago

Thank you

linwood by linwood 6d ago

thank you for the bear and have a good day

gramsbear by gramsbear 6d ago

How Precious!!! Real Sweet!!! Thanx!

mariazelia by mariazelia 6d ago

Grata, um amor de ursinho!!!

Liesbethcrea by Liesbethcrea 6d ago

Thank you, I like this bear a lot.

holly12 by holly12 6d ago

Thank you. Love it. Arlene

rosmrye by rosmrye 6d ago

Love it!! So adorable!!! Thank you...



susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 6d ago

So cute! Thank you very much.