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christmas snowman
Taniya by Taniya 6h 59m ago

Thank you so.. much

kathiw by kathiw 1d ago

So cute..thanks a bunch!

Suekanitz by Suekanitz 2d ago

Thank You so much for the cute snowman, appreciate the gift.

bret123 by bret123 2d ago

Thank you

blondell1 by blondell1 4d ago

Thanks for a very cute snowman!!

fitzy1928 by fitzy1928 5d ago

thank you its very colourful

Rinalda by Rinalda 5d ago


tatayette by tatayette 5d ago

Oh ça sent déjà noel !!!! merci beaucoup

vivswim by vivswim 5d ago

very cute thank you

bret123 by bret123 6d ago

Lovely Thank you

Dee58 by Dee58 6d ago

Thank you very much what a lovely snowman

Maggies by Maggies 7d ago

Thank you so much for this beautiful, cute snowman.

bret123 by bret123 7d ago

Cute Thank you

bret123 by bret123 7d ago

Cute Thank you

chebreda by chebreda 7d ago

Thank you very much

SusieSews by SusieSews 8d ago

Beautiful embroidery. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Isida by Isida 8d ago

Thanks very much!!!

Leaha by Leaha 8d ago

Thanks. :-)

1988BJC by 1988BJC 8d ago


elyn by elyn 8d ago


NELLI02 by NELLI02 8d ago

Большое спасибо! Надо готовиться к новому году...

nine by nine 8d ago

Thanks for the designs!

anise by anise 8d ago

thank you

ullis by ullis 8d ago


cgoodness by cgoodness 8d ago

yes please

ljerome by ljerome 8d ago

love your designs

kuttage by kuttage 8d ago


Wendyy by Wendyy 8d ago

thank you

Rossie by Rossie 8d ago


jinnie by jinnie 8d ago

Such a cute snowman..Thanks

ruthiegirl by ruthiegirl 8d ago

Cute. Thanks

Erika59 by Erika59 9d ago

thank you!

catmom2 by catmom2 9d ago

Adorable and Thank you for this beautiful Christmas design.

robertahilde by robertahilde 9d ago

Tank you very very much

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 9d ago

such a cheerful snowman - thank-you

leguen by leguen 9d ago

Thank you very much

Teena58 by Teena58 9d ago

Thank you, he is so cute.

isewum by isewum 9d ago

He is adorable. Even tho I hate snow he is a cutie for sure.

Gabriellacarera by Gabriellacarera 9d ago

Grazie! Veramente bello.

ony by ony 9d ago


manou by manou 9d ago


buns by buns 9d ago

Love it!

tinadel by tinadel 9d ago

wundervoll dankeschön

lukauggo by lukauggo 9d ago

merci beaucoup^

Sergick by Sergick 9d ago

Спасибо !!!

Lomtik by Lomtik 9d ago


joeki by joeki 9d ago


wesihom by wesihom 9d ago


sewmom by sewmom 9d ago

Thank you.

CarlaTabor by CarlaTabor 9d ago

I can't wait to start him.

elyn by elyn 9d ago


rrivero by rrivero 9d ago

Hermoso diseño y excelente combinación de colores. Muchas gracias

busydeb by busydeb 9d ago

Thank you, he will look very cute when done!

alias1991 by alias1991 9d ago

grazie mille un abbraccio da alias bellissimo

alias1991 by alias1991 9d ago

grazie mille un abbraccio da alias bellissimo

lodflint by lodflint 9d ago

Very cute! Love snowmen! thank you

mops by mops 9d ago

Thank you.

angi71 by angi71 10d ago

der ist total Goldig vielen Dank

GramaCarol by GramaCarol 10d ago

Thank You so much, can't wait to put this on something,

reggirl by reggirl 10d ago

Snow cute!!

riac1 by riac1 10d ago

You are such a star thanking you so much.

suziequee by suziequee 10d ago


jjknack by jjknack 10d ago

Thank you

lidiad by lidiad 10d ago

That's so cute! Thank you.

mariagiannina by mariagiannina 10d ago

Thank you!

bogica129 by bogica129 10d ago


hjreid by hjreid 10d ago

Thank you

Taniya by Taniya 10d ago

thanks a lot very beautiful

Roannenaidoo by Roannenaidoo 10d ago

Beautiful thanks

Klingeling by Klingeling 10d ago


nokidding15 by nokidding15 10d ago

Thankyou, can't believe it is nearly christmas

mv65 by mv65 10d ago

Thank you

lolly3 by lolly3 10d ago

Snow Cute Thankyou

tan27a by tan27a 10d ago

Thank you love it :)

danyjojo49 by danyjojo49 10d ago

Joli bonhomme ! Merci

Clarence1 by Clarence1 10d ago

This is an awesome design thank you so much!

magbrode by magbrode 10d ago

merci beaucoup

geep by geep 10d ago

So cute! Thank you!

Jubara by Jubara 10d ago


goodart by goodart 10d ago

Thanks, very beautiful design

Timas by Timas 10d ago

Thanks a lot! Very nice design

sheridene by sheridene 10d ago


anki by anki 10d ago


lazarina by lazarina 10d ago

Thank you!

2627 by 2627 10d ago

Thank you what a happy little snowman

caruschel by caruschel 10d ago

Very nice. Thanks.

justonlyme by justonlyme 10d ago

How adorable! Thank you for sharing!!!

Sandrajvr by Sandrajvr 10d ago

Thanks a lot, love it

Sandrajvr by Sandrajvr 10d ago

Thanks a lot, love it

anabanana by anabanana 10d ago

What a wonderful design for Xmas!!! Many thanks!:)

tinfriend by tinfriend 10d ago

Thank you for the gift!

essellbee by essellbee 10d ago

So cute, thank you

Annrina by Annrina 10d ago

thank you

cookiecrum9 by cookiecrum9 10d ago

very cute ....thank you so much...hugs cookie

Leaha by Leaha 10d ago

Thanks. :-)

embrockabees by embrockabees 10d ago

Sew Cute Thanks

diadopepy by diadopepy 10d ago

Thank you !

draco by draco 10d ago

Thank you !

draco by draco 10d ago

Thank you !

geebarn by geebarn 10d ago

Love FREEBIES...especially snowmen! Thank you!

debreb by debreb 10d ago

thank you. hes very cute.

bergemth by bergemth 10d ago

Thank you very much for the snowman design. I like many thank

tinasitz by tinasitz 10d ago

I love snowmen. Thanks for the design

feliks by feliks 10d ago

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL snowman!!!

tippi by tippi 10d ago

Thank you

debbie462 by debbie462 10d ago

thanks for the pretty design!

braebrook by braebrook 10d ago

thank you for the lovely design

jaydee2 by jaydee2 10d ago

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL snowman. Janet

Marycarpenter by Marycarpenter 10d ago


qltrjudy by qltrjudy 10d ago

He is absolutely CUTE! Thank you sew much!

kcwyoung by kcwyoung 10d ago

Love snowmen, thanks so much

euno by euno 10d ago

Thank you

virginiadgrant by virginiadgrant 10d ago

Thanks This is precious Know I will enjoy sewing this out

cjhugs20 by cjhugs20 10d ago

Thank you. Will make a perfect fit to a Christmas Sweat shirt I am designing

sewdenise by sewdenise 10d ago

Thank you so much!

mij by mij 10d ago

Thank You!

04AnnaBelle27 by 04AnnaBelle27 10d ago


jannan by jannan 10d ago

adorable.jane thankyou

decojo by decojo 10d ago

Thank you!

decojo by decojo 10d ago

Thank you!

janelle by janelle 10d ago


sylviam by sylviam 10d ago

So cute, thank you

quady by quady 10d ago

Thank you.


LindaPlourde by LindaPlourde 10d ago

merci beaucoup ;-)
vraiment adorable

janiceguidroz by janiceguidroz 10d ago

Thank You !!!

Mkay by Mkay 10d ago

absolutely gorgeous! Thank you


pacmp by pacmp 10d ago

Thank You!
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jorgelopes by jorgelopes 10d ago


chips by chips 10d ago

So Cute, Thank you

lady1 by lady1 10d ago

thank you appreciate the free gift

Kgriffin by Kgriffin 10d ago

Thank you so much. He is perfect!

ritaboesveld by ritaboesveld 10d ago

super leuk dank je wel

Bethinha by Bethinha 10d ago

Adorei. Obrigada.

Riri by Riri 10d ago

Thanking you

MAMMUZ by MAMMUZ 10d ago


oeitei by oeitei 10d ago

tusen takk

Wendyy by Wendyy 10d ago

Thank you

chantal2 by chantal2 10d ago

Merci vraiment joli

carmencita by carmencita 10d ago

muchas gracias,

carolpountney by carolpountney 10d ago

thank you this is lovely

Bolling by Bolling 10d ago

So cute!! thanks

juliejoseph by juliejoseph 10d ago

thank you

vala by vala 10d ago

Thank you

beatie58 by beatie58 10d ago


Yadine1 by Yadine1 10d ago


gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 10d ago

Thank you!!

calim by calim 10d ago


brotheranita by brotheranita 10d ago


sharwri2 by sharwri2 10d ago

Thank You!

normafontana by normafontana 10d ago

Thanks you so much

clawton by clawton 10d ago


ildiko by ildiko 10d ago


outbacklady by outbacklady 10d ago

thank you.

frambouille03 by frambouille03 10d ago

Merci. J'aime beaucoup

claudfe by claudfe 10d ago


EBD108 by EBD108 10d ago

Really sweet design--thank you!

Roenell by Roenell 10d ago

Thank you Very cute and beautiful

CreatewithClaudia by CreatewithClaudia 10d ago

Do I need to become a member and pay for a 6 month subscription to download this cute snowman? I thought I would try it before purchasing a subscription.

11tanja22 by 11tanja22 10d ago

voll süss, danke

bettyanne1 by bettyanne1 10d ago

Thank you for the snowman, he's cute!

Juria by Juria 10d ago

Thank you. It is beautiful.

Juria by Juria 10d ago

Thank you. It is beautiful.

elyn by elyn 10d ago

thanks very pretty !!

cj2sew by cj2sew 10d ago

What a cute snowman. Nice surprise. Thank you

tanniekamerling by tanniekamerling 10d ago

bedankt voor het patroon groeten tannie

panicoletta by panicoletta 10d ago

grazie, come sempre i vostri lavori sono bellissimi

panicoletta by panicoletta 10d ago

grazie, come sempre i vostri lavori sono bellissimi

fiamma by fiamma 10d ago

bello grazie

sewdeb by sewdeb 10d ago

He's adorable! Thanks so much!

uneek by uneek 10d ago

Cute! Thank you

romanpoint by romanpoint 10d ago

Thank you so much. The snowman is so cute.

spindora by spindora 10d ago

Thank You very much but I hope the snow will wait for at least 2 month. Bye.

zzshtik by zzshtik 10d ago

Thank you

Pam71 by Pam71 10d ago

Cute Thank you.

marynell by marynell 10d ago

Thank you very much for the snowman , I love your designs

anhorn by anhorn 10d ago

danke schön

Charris1599 by Charris1599 10d ago

Thank You!

posey by posey 10d ago

thank you

silvy by silvy 10d ago


Anna75 by Anna75 10d ago

Thank you!

simba by simba 10d ago

thank you so much!

guernseygirl47 by guernseygirl47 10d ago

He is lovely. Ruth

mariabelvisi by mariabelvisi 10d ago

molto bello

maria73 by maria73 10d ago


1957MarvelJune by 1957MarvelJune 10d ago

He's so cute & happy - can't wait to stitch him out! Thank you!

gabri1 by gabri1 10d ago

grazie bellissimo

linwood by linwood 10d ago

thank you for the snowman

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 10d ago

Many thanks

leaheremans by leaheremans 10d ago


emma1 by emma1 10d ago

Thank you so much.Love it. Didn't know it was applique

lenag by lenag 10d ago

Thank you!

Gifts2give by Gifts2give 10d ago

Thank you!

sukra by sukra 10d ago


LaVone by LaVone 10d ago

Really Adorable Little Snowman. Thank You So Very Much.

jellyjar by jellyjar 10d ago

thank you, he is adorable!

gramsbear by gramsbear 10d ago

He is sooooo CUTE!!! Wish I could get him filled also!!! Hugs & Thanx, Judy!!!

gramsbear by gramsbear 10d ago

He is sooooo CUTE!!! Wish I could get him filled also!!! Hugs & Thanx, Judy!!!

Kellyskreations by Kellyskreations 10d ago

Sweet!! Thanks.

domy444 by domy444 10d ago


Midnight1 by Midnight1 10d ago

He is so cute. Thank you

Elenameera by Elenameera 10d ago

thank you

bedalial by bedalial 10d ago

Thank you, cute design

lbrow by lbrow 10d ago

I so love this snowman. Ms V. thank you for your wonderful generosity/Lillian

wicket by wicket 10d ago

Thank you, he is so cute.

outback43 by outback43 10d ago

cutie pie, thank you

MsTee by MsTee 10d ago

this snow man is so cute thank you

pjhendrix by pjhendrix 10d ago

Thank You

ejtads by ejtads 10d ago

Thank you

cecilia50 by cecilia50 10d ago


patty59 by patty59 10d ago

Very nice, thank you!

luvit2much by luvit2much 10d ago

wow looks so nice. can't wait to use it. thx so much!

connhigg by connhigg 10d ago

thank you thank you thank you

elcomer by elcomer 10d ago


snow2man by snow2man 10d ago

Thank you for the cute design

juzyroo by juzyroo 10d ago

So cute! Thank you.

Audrey1958 by Audrey1958 10d ago

I think this is so cute

janetschwartz by janetschwartz 10d ago

This guy is such a cutie! Thank You!

Vega by Vega 10d ago


baboum2011 by baboum2011 10d ago


Beli by Beli 10d ago

Thank you! :-)

krapivam by krapivam 10d ago

Thank you!

markus by markus 10d ago

Sweet thank you

suziequee by suziequee 10d ago


zana by zana 10d ago


designgirl by designgirl 10d ago

Thank you. Very cute snowman

klosje1707 by klosje1707 10d ago

Dank u wel.

Gerdie by Gerdie 10d ago

Thank you.


On prévoit déjà pour Noël, cela passe si vite, merci pour ce joli bonhomme de neige

nivesgustin by nivesgustin 10d ago

10000000xhvala za lepo risbo

carlynholmes by carlynholmes 10d ago

Thank you, this little guy is charming!!!

rosmrye by rosmrye 10d ago

Absolutely adorable!! Thank you...

sticksachse by sticksachse 10d ago


carlynholmes by carlynholmes 10d ago

Thank you, this little guy is charming!!!

carlynholmes by carlynholmes 10d ago

Thank you, this little guy is charming!!!

hazeledith by hazeledith 10d ago

Really cute, thankyou

charlottebl by charlottebl 10d ago

he's so cute

rina270 by rina270 10d ago

Thank You! It's so beautiful!

rescuer by rescuer 10d ago

Cute snowman Thank you!

VHelga by VHelga 10d ago

Спасибо-люблю ваши дизайны.

vickysheldon by vickysheldon 10d ago

Thank you so very much! this is just too cute!

mitzysmom50 by mitzysmom50 10d ago

Thank you -- love your designs.

sagodusty by sagodusty 10d ago

thank you

Marlenefivaz by Marlenefivaz 10d ago

Thank you!

Klaziena by Klaziena 10d ago

Lovelij, Thank You!!

elize by elize 10d ago

Just in time for the Holiday season. Thank you

debplatt by debplatt 10d ago

So cute! thank you

remko25 by remko25 10d ago


mirley73 by mirley73 10d ago

Perfeito... muito obrigada!

grammama by grammama 10d ago

Thank you

Dulcineia by Dulcineia 10d ago

lindo demais

djbowers by djbowers 10d ago

Thank you. So cute.

sewdup by sewdup 10d ago

Very cute. Thank you!

danuta by danuta 10d ago

Dziękuję bardzo

nadin415 by nadin415 10d ago


meid by meid 10d ago


SewSusanS by SewSusanS 10d ago

cute cute cute, thank you.

MoragLewer by MoragLewer 10d ago

Very cute! Thank you SEW much!

kmclingenpeel by kmclingenpeel 10d ago

Thank you, he's cute!

jamiller by jamiller 10d ago

sweet snowman, love his smile

sewingthings by sewingthings 10d ago

I Love Snowmen! Thank You

manil by manil 10d ago

Thank you

Iren by Iren 10d ago

Thank you so much!

shirleygc by shirleygc 10d ago

Thank you - this is lovely!

Sandyne by Sandyne 10d ago

Thank you!

Kathy0414 by Kathy0414 10d ago

Thank you so much, love the colors!

olga64 by olga64 10d ago

muchas gracias, es un lindo diseño.

rsifford by rsifford 10d ago

"snow" cute, thank you!

derhart by derhart 10d ago

Thank you!

designs2sew by designs2sew 10d ago

thank you

elisabethjean by elisabethjean 10d ago

awwwwwww -- he's so cute! Thanks!