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Size (in): 4.49"(w) x 4.72"(h)
Size (mm): 114 x 120
Stitches: 17300
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fruit applique
hindonayerhangat by hindonayerhangat 2h 52m ago

thank you very much

hindonayerhangat by hindonayerhangat 2h 52m ago

thank you very much

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Klingeling by Klingeling 2d ago


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Pragtig! Dankie.

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Lindo motivo. Um bom tema de Verão. Obrigado.

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thank you...

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markiza by markiza 2d ago

спасибо за клубнику-землянику

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Thank you very cute

leguen by leguen 2d ago

Thank you so much

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Grazie :)

Rossie by Rossie 2d ago

Muchas gracias, HERMOSO

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Thankyou it's beautifull.

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Thank you, much appreciated

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Thank you for this lovely strawberry design

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Thank YOU !!

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Toll, klasse!! Danke, ich liebe Erdbeeren!!!

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thanks a lot!

veni19mar by veni19mar 3d ago

thanks a lot!

danuta by danuta 3d ago

Dziękuje bardzo

manil by manil 3d ago

Lovely design, Thank you

nolletmichelle by nolletmichelle 3d ago

merci j'aime les fraises......

rabbits by rabbits 3d ago

thank you

doreenfeb by doreenfeb 3d ago

Very nice will make a mug rug

toyota by toyota 3d ago

thank you . from toyota

ChristineMacCallum by ChristineMacCallum 3d ago

Isn't this the best time off year? Thanks for the strawberry pattern.

safjpfiii by safjpfiii 3d ago

Thank you. This is a pretty applique. J

olga4 by olga4 3d ago


2627 by 2627 3d ago

lovely design for tea towels thank you

svetaR by svetaR 3d ago

Спасибо! Очень аппетитно!

TheresaLC by TheresaLC 3d ago

Thank you so much. I love it.

Morinda by Morinda 3d ago

Hmmmm. Tastefull strawberries. Thank you.

ladylill by ladylill 3d ago

thank you very cute!

momac by momac 3d ago

Thank you, what a lovely strawberry design.

Michellel by Michellel 3d ago

Thank you so much

anapatusca by anapatusca 3d ago

muy bonito,gracias

zoey1 by zoey1 3d ago

very nice.
Thank you.

Nezzo by Nezzo 3d ago

Thank you for these lovely strawberries. I'm already imagining some beautiful gifts I could possibly make with this. Thanks again.

netty123 by netty123 3d ago

Thanks very much

ceciliagriffin by ceciliagriffin 3d ago

Thank you so much

maggie25 by maggie25 3d ago

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yum, thank you*

daphne59 by daphne59 3d ago

thankyou seasonal

RennyPenny by RennyPenny 3d ago

thank you for your kindness

pban by pban 3d ago

Deliciously seasonal. Thank you.

marianb by marianb 3d ago

thank you

gerrie4141 by gerrie4141 3d ago

I just want to eat them, not sew

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Grazie disegni sempre più belli!

franlise by franlise 3d ago

merci beaucoup

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matildae32 by matildae32 3d ago

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely embroideries I have downloaded over the past few weeks.
I haven't had time to use any yet as I have a full time job and my play time is limited.

Thanks again!!
Anne Eade

killmousky3 by killmousky3 3d ago

Thank you

killmousky3 by killmousky3 3d ago

Thank you

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dankje tannie

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Thank you very much!

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merci beaucoup

olga59 by olga59 3d ago


essellbee by essellbee 3d ago

Lovely, thank you

Stephe by Stephe 3d ago

love strawberries / thank you so much

riac1 by riac1 3d ago

You are so stunning. Many thanks for the gift

zzshtik by zzshtik 3d ago

Thank you

worthy by worthy 3d ago

Thank you for the strawberries

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sanpay by sanpay 3d ago

Lovely thank you

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thank you very much

nadines by nadines 3d ago

merci très joli

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Thank you for the gift!

blecain by blecain 3d ago

Just what I need for summer. Thank yoiu.

Taniya by Taniya 3d ago

Tks a lot so beautiful...

HeikeH by HeikeH 3d ago

thank you I love it

manchita by manchita 3d ago

muchas gracias

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very nice, thank you

JanineCooke by JanineCooke 3d ago

Thank you for the lovely design

lesleyc by lesleyc 3d ago

Many thanks

cj2sew by cj2sew 4d ago

Very, very pretty. Thank you for such a nice gift.

chebreda by chebreda 4d ago

Cute design. Thank you very much!

Kaye52 by Kaye52 4d ago

Thank you so much for lovely design

bettymorgan by bettymorgan 4d ago

What a cute design...Mine is going straight to a "Mug
Rug".. Thank you so much for putting a big smile on
my face today.. Bless You. Betty M.

possums5 by possums5 4d ago

Thank you.

highlandermom by highlandermom 4d ago

Thank you

irmgard by irmgard 4d ago

Thank you, I will try this beautiful design.

Meggy88 by Meggy88 4d ago

A nice design, thanks

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suzy747 by suzy747 4d ago

Thanks a bunch

MargaretMcDonald by MargaretMcDonald 4d ago

Very nice thank you. Margaret

rebug by rebug 4d ago

Cute designs. It will look great on some kitchen towels. Thanks!

BonnieH by BonnieH 4d ago

Cute design! Thank you!

cutepaws by cutepaws 4d ago

Thank you I just love this design and look forward to trying it out.

1penny by 1penny 4d ago

Thank you

my3sons by my3sons 4d ago

Thank you!

George12 by George12 4d ago

What a awesome design for the summer. Can not wait to try. Thanks

linwood by linwood 4d ago

thank you

sewbusy60 by sewbusy60 4d ago

Thank U...T

cbennett by cbennett 4d ago

Thank you!

MsTee by MsTee 4d ago

Very nice thank you.

deerj1 by deerj1 4d ago

thank you so prefect for this time of year love it

bertabel by bertabel 4d ago

Will be very useful, thank you.

mariagiannina by mariagiannina 4d ago

Thank you!!

pinklady14 by pinklady14 4d ago

thank you very nice

lucydog1 by lucydog1 4d ago

Thankyou for my gift.

peafarm by peafarm 4d ago

Thank you! So refreshing.

carolmurray by carolmurray 4d ago

Thank you for this design, it will be very handy for many projects.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 4d ago

Strawberries YUM! My favourite fruit to eat. (and embroider) Thank You

clarejojo by clarejojo 4d ago

So kind. Thanks.

perraut by perraut 4d ago


funlovin by funlovin 4d ago

Thank you, gorgeous

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Thank you so much!

EBD108 by EBD108 4d ago

Lovely--thank you!

sewingchic by sewingchic 4d ago

looks lovely

margaritap by margaritap 4d ago

Muchas gracias

phathaw by phathaw 4d ago

wonderful! thanks so much!

margaret1958 by margaret1958 4d ago

I love these strawberries.

margaret1958 by margaret1958 4d ago

I love these strawberries.

colleenpmurphy by colleenpmurphy 4d ago

Thank you it is lovely.

leah64 by leah64 4d ago

thank you

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Muy bellos diseños, gracias,

Marion55 by Marion55 4d ago

thank you

michaelvan by michaelvan 4d ago

Thank you!

anaid by anaid 4d ago

what a lovely embroidery. thank you for making this available.

LindaPlourde by LindaPlourde 4d ago

merci beaucoup ;-)

12juatho by 12juatho 4d ago

Thank you

gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 4d ago

Thank you!!

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Merci, très beau modèle

craftypat by craftypat 4d ago

Thanks for such a cute design.

patty59 by patty59 4d ago

Thank you!

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Michele1 by Michele1 4d ago

Merci pour ce joli motif. Michèle

moooommmmy by moooommmmy 4d ago

beautiful! Thank you!

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 4d ago

Very pretty Thank you!

AvK by AvK 4d ago

dankjewel voor dit mooie trosje aardbeiën

sewydog1 by sewydog1 4d ago

Thank you very much :)

tatayette by tatayette 4d ago

génial ! on est en pleine saison ; merci

amentex by amentex 4d ago

A beautiful design....thank you for sharing.

Beautyd by Beautyd 4d ago

Thank you!

gramsbear by gramsbear 4d ago

Thanx!!! Love Strawberries!!!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 4d ago

Thank you very much.

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thank you very much!

Gifts2give by Gifts2give 4d ago

Thank you!

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A perfect design for summer kitchen things. Thank-You.


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EldoraBorger by EldoraBorger 4d ago

much appreciated!!!!!

busydeb by busydeb 4d ago

Very nice! Thank you!

danyjojo49 by danyjojo49 4d ago

Quelles belles fraises ! Merci beaucoup

Sergick by Sergick 4d ago

Спасибо !!!

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very cute

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Thank you very much, nice Design.
Greatings from Germany

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Thank you very much

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dank je wel

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Thank you. :)

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Thank You

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Thank you. I love it!

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Lovely thank you Ann

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molto bello, grazie!

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Thank you so much for the gift it is beautiful

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What a terrific design! Perfect for tea towels Thanks so very much!

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