by nutshell 26 Oct 2015

Copyright question... I created a letter based on a Xmas applique font on Cute Alphabets (CA). Do I have copyright of the letter because I digitized completely by myself? Or is it considered a derivative work because I designed it to resemble a CA font and thus CA has the copyright?


by jrob Moderator 26 Oct 2015

Tough question. Go to the Q&A section and see how to send a PM (private message through the Inbox) showing the original and also your version. I would have to see it to give you an opinion. Address the private message to:

nutshell by nutshell 26 Oct 2015

Thanks, jrob! PM sent.

pennifold by pennifold 26 Oct 2015

Don't we have a moderator in Australia as well. I thought 'greysewist' was one too. Love Chris

rescuer by rescuer 27 Oct 2015

She found that she needed to spend more time on her work commitments and was spending too much time here.

lidiad by lidiad 09 Nov 2015

Thanks for letting us know, Rescuer.
Hugs, Lidia