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How to send a PM (Private Message) here on Cute:

First locate the Inbox tab at the top of each page. Select it and the select Private Message. Then enter the name of the person (or persons separated by a comma and one space) you wish to send a Private message to – be sure to enter the user name exactly as it appears by the avatar. The user names are case sensitive. Next enter your message in the space provided. Remember to select Submit.
You can add links as well as photos by selecting the appropriate area.
When you receive a reply (or anytime you receive a PM) you will know that you have one as there will be a number in red next to the Inbox. Messages are accessed just as the posts here in community – click on the text to read the message. Any reply(s) concerning that topic -- should be done within the same message.
The messages are not public like the forum.
I will add pictures here to help.
I hope this all makes sense.


by jrob Moderator 07 Mar 2015

The moderators are: mops,rescuer,jrob
Please address your issues to all moderators for your protection as well as ours.

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zazmau by zazmau 21 May 2015

Ok Thank you!!!