by basketkase 23 Apr 2015

I probably won't get alot done today, workwise, it is our 33rd anniversary today......where has time gone.....we are going to a movie in a little bit then out to eat......

I am so blessed to have a man that loves me and supports me in my endeavors and mostly he loves our furbabies and that is huge!!


by sdrise 26 Apr 2015

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! enjoy your day!! Suzanne

by sewtired 25 Apr 2015

Sorry I missed this on the big day, but belated Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

by decojo 25 Apr 2015

Happy Belated Anniversary!

by gramsbear 25 Apr 2015

Happy Belated 33rd!!! I am sure you both had a Wonderful Day!!! With LOVE, all works out well!!! Hugs, Judy...

by momac 25 Apr 2015

Sorry missed your anniversary, hope you both had a wonderful day. Hugs from Maureen in South Africa

by sebsews 24 Apr 2015

Yes you are blessed. Congratulations on 33 years of a wonderful marriage. Hugs to you and Jim, Suzanna

by hightechgrammy 24 Apr 2015

You have a keeper!

by clawton 24 Apr 2015


by gerryvb 24 Apr 2015

congratulations, happy anniversary!

by pldc 24 Apr 2015

Have a wonderful evening Vicki & so many more years of blessed bliss to you & hubs!~hugs~

by momofeight 24 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary

by toogie 24 Apr 2015

Happy 33rd Anniversary! Here's wishing you both many more!

by pacmp 24 Apr 2015

Yeah a second day to celebrate your Anniversary! Good way to continue to strengthen your marriage- celebrate your marriage every day! Have a wonderful dinner! Pam

by basketkase 24 Apr 2015

Thank you, dear friends, for all your wishes and blessings.......quess what, we pigged out on popcorn (love movie popcorn), so we were too full to go out to dinner, so we are going today........again, thank you all for your beautiful messages.....

by lidiad 24 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary, Vicki! Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Lidia

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connerj by connerj 24 Apr 2015

It is so sweet to know that people are still happy and supportive of each other. I hope you have many more years together. :)

by dragonflyer 24 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary to you and Jim...have a blessed day and enjoy!!

by my3chis 24 Apr 2015

Congrats Vicki, it is rare to find your sole mate these days. I found mine 39 years ago.

by pennifold 24 Apr 2015

Congratulations Vicki to you and your husband. I hope you had a wonderful time out for dinner. Many best wishes for continued happy years together. Love Chris

by aussiequilter 24 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary 33 years is a great milestone

by zoefzoef 24 Apr 2015

Happy anniversary ! Have a nice day !

by sadp 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary!

by jrob Moderator 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary! I hope you continue to be blessed for many, many more.

by Leaha 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary to you both, enjoy your special day. It's amazing where and how fast time flies. The fact that you are celebrating is testament to love. May you have many more. hugs

by pacmp 23 Apr 2015

Enjoy your time together and continue to learn and do things together. Too many focus on just rearing the children but once those children are then out of the home, they find that they do not really even know their spouse anymore which has caused many disasters. Glad that from your posts I know that you already do many things together which in turn, strengthens the marriage even more. You two are just a few months ahead of us, as our 33rd anniversary will be June 23rd. Hard to imagine where the years have gone but still hoping for many more years for both you and I with the men we love and if we are fortunate maybe we will eventually catch up to those who have had their 50 or even 75th anniversaries! Pam

by highlandermom 23 Apr 2015

Wishing you many more and may your love grow even more deeply.

by katydid 23 Apr 2015

You deserve a special night out. The fur babies will be waiting for you to get home. Kay

by sewmom 23 Apr 2015

Congratulations! Have a wonderful day!

by joyce500 23 Apr 2015

Congratulations to both of you on your 33rd anniversary.

by noah 23 Apr 2015

Happy happy Day .yes you are blessed to find a man that loves you hugs

by kezza2sew 23 Apr 2015

Congratulations to you both...Most certainly enjoy your day...hugs Kerry

by greysewist Moderator 23 Apr 2015

Well worth celebrating! Hope you both have a great day!

by vickiannette 23 Apr 2015

Enjoy your day and congratulations.

by mranderson 23 Apr 2015

Congratulation. Both of you have a great day and enjoy. Hugs Marg

by mops Moderator 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary, enjoy your day and I wish you many more years to come!

by aleene 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary.("-") and mannny mooore!

by blueeyedblonde 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary!
And yes it is extremely good to have your hubby support what you do.

by gdsteliga 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary. A very special day for you both.
God bless

by designgirl 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary to both of you. Wishing you many many more.

by grandma6 23 Apr 2015

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIV.!!! have a great day

by grandmamek 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary. May you enjoy many more happy years together.

by 02kar Moderator 23 Apr 2015

Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. I hope the furbabies give the two of you a lot of feline kisses and cuddles. Enjoy dinner and the movie.

by graceandham 23 Apr 2015

Congratulations. You're most of the way to the 50th.

by airyfairy 23 Apr 2015

Many, many congratulations to you and Jim on your special day. Love and hugs. Sarah

by gerryb 23 Apr 2015

Happy anniversary! You deserve a day off to enjoy being with your hubby! Congrats!

by cfidl 23 Apr 2015

Yeah and congratulations! Have a wonderful evening.

by muflotex 23 Apr 2015

Enjoy !!!!

by lbrow 23 Apr 2015

Congratulations to you both/Lillian

by bevintex 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary

by sewemb 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary

by shozo1271 23 Apr 2015

What a huge day this is for you two! 33 years! Wow! Happy Happy Anniversary Jim and Vicki! Many more happy years together! Hugs to both of you!!!

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Apr 2015

Happy 33rd Anniversary and hope you have a great day

by heleninca 23 Apr 2015

Happy Anniversary and many more.
I have one of the good guys like you do. We are into our 45th year.