by suziequee 10 Apr 2015

My plan is coming together, slowly, but for sure. Now if I don't have any other big expense, I should have enough by the end of summer. Maybe sooner.

I've been checking in at times and just read about Karen's husband. My friend you two have been sorely tested. Looks like the finish line might be in sight. I hope so. I'll add you to my prayer list.


by lbrow 11 Apr 2015

You will get there because you have determination/Lillian

by marianb 11 Apr 2015

It's so exciting to be getting closer to your dream.. well done keep it up and the end will be insight sooner than you think. Marian

by lidiad 11 Apr 2015

Great news, Suzie, and best wishes for getting the machine of your dreams.
Hugs, Lidia

by airyfairy 11 Apr 2015

You will have deserved this. Just keep us posted

by Leaha 10 Apr 2015

Wonderful, so happy for you! Keep up the GREAT work. Won't be long now.

by graceandham 10 Apr 2015

Proud of you! You get the Stick-to-It award for this spring.

by 02kar Moderator 10 Apr 2015

I will be celebrating with you when you finally bring your new machine home. You are working hard to reach this goal and kudos to you. My husband is dong much better, I am happy to say. Thank you for adding him to your prayer list. this will probably be an issue for the rest of his life.