by bevnorris 15 Jan 2015

Do you remember "My Creative Stuff" a Craft Electronic Journal program, installed on the computer to list projects, supplies, ideas, etc.? The author, Scott Speights, sadly has since passed and there is no further support or refinement of the program. I have been able to install it on my new Win 8 64 bit computer and it is working very well but has limitations. I am wondering if you know of a more recent program that will do the same job with a few extra bells and whistles, please?

Kind regards, Bev


by jillian 12 Feb 2015

Hope somebody can help you

by lidiad 20 Jan 2015

I have never heard of this program but I'm curious to know more.
Hugs, Lidia

by haleymax 19 Jan 2015

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by babash 17 Jan 2015

No sorry but pushing it to the top for you.

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bevnorris by bevnorris 18 Jan 2015

Thank you!! Happy New Year!