by jmweller 04 Jan 2015

This is a tote bag I made for my son's friend. It is a fat quarter bag and I added the pocket with her name on it. Yes, I know the pocket is off center, but it was stitched on with a decorative stitch that would have taken a lot of time to remove, so I decided to leave it. She loved the bag and that made it worth making.

The other is pencil bag I made for her son. He thought it was great that I made it instead of buying it.


by sandralochran 14 Jan 2015


by graceandham 05 Jan 2015

Oop! You've started a new trend. Now everyone wants an off-center pocket. Cute bag and it looks right to me with the quilt pattern.

by marianb 05 Jan 2015

It looks great off centre, if anyone asks it's a new fashion trend

by babash 04 Jan 2015

Looks good to me. Anyway a bag never sits straight when you plonk it down. Love the colours you used. Bet Travis is very happy with a pencil case with his name.

by 02kar Moderator 04 Jan 2015

Lovely work. I have learned to like things slightly off centered. Adds a lot more interest to life.

by grossfamilie 04 Jan 2015

Yes, these are beautiful craft works stitched out with great love!
Thank you for sharing - Maria

by elemausi 04 Jan 2015

Like both,

by markus 04 Jan 2015

I love the off center pocket