by redhotrn65 25 Oct 2014

Can anyone tell me what I can use besides spray adhesive on some small felt letters that I'm going to embroidery on a sweat jacket. The spray is getting everywhere and too messy. Thanks!!


by joansatx 06 Nov 2014

Since you brought it up, I've been planning to buy Lapel Stick. I'll attach the information. If it truly doesn't gum up the needle I'll let you know for future reference.

by Patricia109 30 Oct 2014

I was told to keep all my pieces of solvy. Then to dilute in water. Keeps in an old jam jar. Google Solvy to see the great instructions on YouTube.
You can use a finger or a paintbrush to apply the glue.And being made from scrap wash-a-way it washes away. : -)

by redhotrn65 26 Oct 2014

Thanks cuties!! Some great advice! Can always count on cuties!

by bevintex 26 Oct 2014

I love this wonder tape, double sided, washes away and doesn't gum up your needle. It's great for zippers too

by spendlove Moderator 26 Oct 2014

I'd use "Bondaweb" (a Vilene product.) I'm surprised no-one has mentioned it so far.

by elemausi 26 Oct 2014

I use an Aqua Fixierstift (Fixierpen) from Prym,

by pcteddyb 26 Oct 2014

I saw a demo of Tombow Mono Liquid Glue Aqua - I bought it but not yet done a project with it. It is a washaway glue in a bottle. You put a little on and spread it around with your finger so it is not thick then put it where you are going to sew it. Great for applique stuff. It washes out when you wash the item. The lady liken it to liquid wash-away stabilizer.

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by jofrog2000 edited 26 Oct 2014

I have a water based glue called Elmer's school glue. I use it when I'm doing bias tape binding, among other things. You run a very thin line of it on the bottom of the binding(your letters), place them where you want them, and give them a bit of pressing to dry the glue and make it adhere.Then you can embroider with the letter edges nice and secure.

When you wash the item, it washes away. You never see it, and I sure finish more things now that I don't have pins in the way.

If this is not available, I don't know if the old flour/water glue we used to make as kids would do.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 26 Oct 2014

The flour might attract bugs.

jerseygirl by jerseygirl 26 Oct 2014

If It's a sweatshirt that's going to be washed, that will disappear, and you would not use that much, I'd think.

by marianb 26 Oct 2014

Sounds like you need a Spray Box, it is a box that's deep enough for you to reach the bottom to place or remove the pieces but won't let the glue residue go everywhere.. I place newspaper or paper towel on the bottom and lay pieces to be sprayed on them, Remember it's supposed to be a temporary so you don't need to use much, if that doesn't work for you a childs glue stick is another great tool, remember to keep covered when not in use they will dry out quickly otherwise.. Marian

by airyfairy 26 Oct 2014

I also often use 'school' glue like a lipstick. It works a treat

by dollygk 26 Oct 2014

Try using hem iron on strips, don't know how to explain it. A roll of iron on tape that can be cut any size and place under the letters and ironed in the spot you want. Ohhh, just found some, it's called Stitch Witchery, fusible bonding web. Just don't let any get on the iron lol

by stock 25 Oct 2014

the "stick" is good for temp. items comes up like a lipstick easy to put just where you need it....wendy

by dragonflyer 25 Oct 2014

How about just glue is also good...use the school glue stick if it is a simple tack...if you need it "stronger" then iron to set the glue...

by hart 25 Oct 2014

Try school glue and iron in place. When I use the spray I use a shallow box to spray pieces then place them. I have used the glue to hold zippers in place and even bias binding.