by baydreamer 27 Sep 2014

My DH asked for some towels for a friend he will be staying with. Their name is Legacy and he requested Hotel Legacy. Just finished one, and posted a picture of the other on my New Machine :).Hope they like them!


by loosie 28 Sep 2014

A great idea!

by NancyBT10 28 Sep 2014

What a wonderful "checking in" gift! The font is beautiful, will you share where you got it and its name? Also, love your new machine. Happy play days ahead!

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baydreamer by baydreamer 28 Sep 2014

I was lucky to receive this font for free , but like most freebies there is a limit to the download
This font is now for sale, it stitched out beautiful , had all the under stitching required to due towels. Now I will say I had to change the H.. I took the capital J and the lower case L and the dash is from some font within this group I had to cut out.

by DJH 28 Sep 2014

How classy! You did a beautiful job.

Nice machine!

by harleysville 28 Sep 2014

The towel is beautiful. Congratulations on getting a wonderful new machine.

by babolucia 28 Sep 2014

Very elegant!

by lhart 28 Sep 2014

You did a terrific job, your friends are going to LOVE the towels. The font is perfect, very elegant.

by stella1 28 Sep 2014

Gongratulations on you new Brother 10 needle machine .I am very happy for you . Your towel looks ver nice and great . The color of the font looks very nice.hugs stella

by marianb 28 Sep 2014

The towels are gorgeous nice colour and font choice.. I'm jealous, I want a machine like yours... Marian

by lidiad 28 Sep 2014

Love that towel and especially that font! Well done.
Congratulations on your new machine.
Hugs, Lidia

by airyfairy 28 Sep 2014

Great new machine and wonderful stitch out.

by deegee 28 Sep 2014

Beautiful result. Wow, love your new machine.

by highlandermom 27 Sep 2014

Love both towel and machine.

by clintonmiss22 27 Sep 2014

Love your towel and the font!

by lbrow 27 Sep 2014

congratulations on your machine and what a great job on the towels. Why nwould they not like them I ask. they are wonderful/Lillian

by SoniaBobbitt03 27 Sep 2014


by pennifold 27 Sep 2014

Well done and congratulations on getting the 10 needle Brother embroidery machine. They are amazing machines. Looking forward to seeing lots of nice goodies made on this. Love Chris

by toogie 27 Sep 2014

Elegant ! Both of them!!

by arlene 27 Sep 2014

Love the towel. How lucky you are to have such a machine.

by sdrise 27 Sep 2014

Beautiful Job!!

by gitteh 27 Sep 2014

Just... beautiful! Well done!!

by sonjapotgieter 27 Sep 2014

Lovely work..Great

by jrob Moderator 27 Sep 2014

Gorgeous towels and your new machine is droolworthy!

by noah 27 Sep 2014

Awesome work and machine hugs

by katydid 27 Sep 2014

Wow and Wow! Both the towel and the machine. Lucky girl. I have seen these at the Atlanta quilt and Sew Show. Wonder why someone traded it with only 44 hours. Kay

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baydreamer by baydreamer 27 Sep 2014

Unfortunately the women who own the machine , was the owner of a quilting store and pasted away, the family was selling 2200 blots of fabric, complete long arm system and this machine.

by darenluan 27 Sep 2014

Love the towel and the machine!!!!

by elemausi 27 Sep 2014

Great work on the towel and good luck with your new machine

by decojo 27 Sep 2014

Congrats on your new machine. I absolutely love the towels. Fantastic job!

by Leaha 27 Sep 2014

Oh be still my heart!!!!! At ease disease! I'm having a serious case of I wants here, excuse me just a moment! I LOVE MY MACHINE! :-)))) There that's better. :-) What a lovely machine and work area, do they all come like this? I've never even had the courage to look at this type of machine other than to walk by them.
Seriously the towel is lovely and such a coincidence on the name, that makes it even more clever. Great job!

baydreamer by baydreamer 27 Sep 2014

You make me laugh, I hated working on a embroidery/sewing machine. I wanted a flat bed machine ( or that is what I call it) . The table the towel in on, folds down , only to use it for heavy items. I purchased the machine used (44 hours only) at an amazing price. I am one very happy girl :)

Leaha by Leaha 27 Sep 2014

These things seriously scare me to death! There are days when I can't even operate my little brother and this big boy would probably wrapped around my neck or sewn on my backside and the embroidery be my tattoos. LOL So very happy you were able to purchase this. One of these days when I grow up I'll get a grown up machine too. :-)

by dailylaundry 27 Sep 2014

Love love love the font!! Well done! Enjoy that new machine!! Hugs, Laura*

baydreamer by baydreamer 27 Sep 2014

This was a free font :)

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 27 Sep 2014

Thanks - I have sent a PM to you!

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Sep 2014

What a brilliant idea with hotel and then the surname. Lovely machine and hope you have many happy years sewing together

by laffma1 27 Sep 2014

Absolutely beautiful - very professional looking. Love your new machine. Which one is it? You'll have great fun playing with this big girl!

asterixsew by asterixsew 27 Sep 2014

If you enlarge the picture of the machine it shows its the Brother 10 needle machine. Bet its great fun to work with

baydreamer by baydreamer 27 Sep 2014

Just got it so I think I may take lessons? I have to say it has some very nice features, the camera being one of them.

by teun 27 Sep 2014

Sieht ganz toll aus