by sandralochran 11 Sep 2014

Hi To all , Well I had a very very sad day yesterday .

My hard drive which I keep all my embroidery designs and quilting patterns on would not open ! I just could not get it to work so I have taken it to be looked at, It is there but he still could not get it to open ! Thus hopefully he will work to see what he can find etc. So sad to loose all .At lease some site keep your orders so I will be able to find them. Take care


by sandralochran 14 Sep 2014

Hi thank you for all your surport. I got my external hard drive back .He was able to open it and did his best.Have some back As he does not have embird program they have come up in another format ???? if I can get them back I am now going to the site that have saved my orders .Also the hard drive is working now but not to relieve on it .IHe think I just unlucky and got a fillty one

by sjbrower 12 Sep 2014

I had a hard drive fail once, and it turned out to be only the power supply for the drive. I replaced the cord and all was well. That was a wakeup call for me, and I backup backup backup!

by rescuer Moderator 12 Sep 2014

If the drive is "dead" then sometimes it can be fiddled with to open one more time. It is possible to remove the cover on the drive and jumper it to another similar drive (like you would a car with a dead battery) or replace the parts that are not working -- but in those cases the drive is still considered "dead."
Some drives die suddenly. Most drives will show some signs before they slow retrieval or "lost" files that return or unusual noises from the drive or the drive not responding. Some of those signs are also signs of malware or viruses.
A good technician should be able to recover most of your files depending on the condition of the drive.

There is a rule out there that says, If you do not have your data in 3 separate places , you do not have your data.
You should backup anything you want to keep and you should have a least one "offsite" backup like (verified working) CD's or DVD's stored at a friends or use the "Cloud" and backup online. Even zipping your files and emailing them to yourself might work for some.

by anangel 12 Sep 2014

My computer modem quit working a couple of years ago, and I took it to Office Depot, where they give free diagnostic computer checkup. Many family pictures and some of my more recent embroidery designs were on this modem. I hated to lose them. The man who checked said the motherboard on the computer was gone, and it would be advisable to just purchase another computer, considering cost. He told me he could download all that was on the harddrive to a $40 external drive for me. That saved the day for me!!
Hope you can get your designs and patterns retrieved!!
Hugs, Angel

rescuer by rescuer 12 Sep 2014

A computer modem is the way it contacts the internet -- like dial-up. I think you mean your computer tower or box.
Also, most of the time any part of a computer can be replaced -- including the motherboard -- less than $150 most of the time. The data is only stored on the hard drive. So even if the motherboard is fried, the data is still on the hard drive you just need another computer or a new motherboard installed to get to it. If your computer will not turn on at all -- it is usually the power supply. You can get a cheap one for $35-50 USD or a wonderfully quiet one for just over $100 for most computers. Also, most stores or techs will install it for free or really cheap.

anangel by anangel 12 Sep 2014

Correct! The computer TOWER wouldn't function. Not being computer savvy, I have always called the tower/box a "modem", and the viewing screen a "monitor"! I had already purchased a new computer, but wanted to get my data from the old one, and did not know how to do that, other than taking to a tech to retrieve for me!

rescuer by rescuer 12 Sep 2014

The screen is a monitor so you are a little more computer savvy that many people.
I am glad you got your data. Some techs will not help with the data if they think they can sell you something. Most people need to take their computers to a tech for help.

by harleysville 12 Sep 2014

I am so sorry for you. I too lost all of my designs a year ago. Thought I would have a heart attack. I will never be able to recover all lost.

by suziequee 12 Sep 2014

Mine are on the HD also on the external HD and a thumb drive. I have lost too many times. I keep my daily downloads in a folder on the HD and back that up weekly and move the designs to the master file. I back up this master file once a month on the thumb drive, then delete the month before. This way I think I have it covered. Yep, it takes a long time to do these things, but I'd rather take the time than loose the deigns I've either paid for or gotten free.

by monique14 12 Sep 2014

That's awful, I know the frustrated feeling, because this happened to me also, I copied al the designs from de laptop to the external drive and now I cannot find them

by glynnis 12 Sep 2014

It is very sad when one looses so much. Have you thought of backing up onto the cloud? There are many free providers and at least then you don't run the risk of losing anything and it is a secure backup. There is Googledrive, Dropbox, etc. Pray you get everything back. God bless Glynnis

by killiecrankie 12 Sep 2014

The Rescuer might have some suggestions on how to retrieve your designs.She has been extremely helpful in solving my computer problems.
It has happened to me a few times ,luckily some of the designs were saved on DVDs or USB drives but now I don't take any chances.It takes a long time to find all your designs again if they are not saved elsewhere.I have an external hard drive & every month I back up all my designs in a folder eg August 2014 or whatever the month is. I have bought another external hard drive because the I have has had some problems ,not taking any chances any more.

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rescuer by rescuer 12 Sep 2014

I am glad I was able to help you.
I do hope Cuties will backup their designs and any other data they want to keep.

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Sep 2014

Hope there is a happy outcome for this sad story

by dragonflyer 11 Sep 2014

So very sorry...hoping that he will be able to recover them...

by graceandham 11 Sep 2014

Hope it turns out well. Sometimes you just want to kick the computer (but don't).

At least you have a good resource for refinding lots of them. Personally, I'd start with Miss Veronica, Kreative Kiwi, Designs by SICK, 10 Embroidery, CinDes, Tavernmaker, Designs by JuJu and Julia's Needle Designs. Lots of volume there!

by 02kar Moderator 11 Sep 2014

I'm so sorry you lost so many designs. I keep 3 back ups including a hard drive, thumb drives and a paid back up. I hope you can get most and better yet, all of your designs back.