by noah 22 Apr 2024

I moved my embroidery machine(well one of them)up stairs incase John needed somthing .So i been sewing and knitting .Also almost got my Quilt done all but the label.Here are some upclose .Thanks for LQQKING:):)


by dragonflyer 16 May 2024

Great job on these placemats, Carolyn... love the purple rope too!

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noah by noah 26d ago

yes my most loved color lol xx

by anitapatch 10 May 2024

Great work. You are always so busy

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noah by noah 14 May 2024

yes that is me :):)

by sonjapotgieter 05 May 2024

Great work completed!!!Beautfful

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noah by noah 06 May 2024


by hoplessnz 24 Apr 2024

Hi Carolyn thanks for showing me the back of your mats . They almost look as good as the fronts . I wondered if the needle could actually sew right through the rope as it looks quite thick . You have inspired me to try some out now ,,will need to shop 1st for rope . Unfortunately we cannot get it in the pretty colors that you have but the designs on them make up for it,
Kind regards

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noah by noah 25 Apr 2024

Your very welcome xxx

by noah 24 Apr 2024

Here is the back of three of my placemats .Someone wanted to see it

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sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 05 May 2024


by sebsews 24 Apr 2024

Very nice work! I am always impressed with your embroidery. Get well wishes to John.

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noah by noah 24 Apr 2024

Thank-you I just got home from buying him a walker:):)

by dailylaundry 24 Apr 2024

You are so awesome at making these - they look great!! Hugs!

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noah by noah 24 Apr 2024

Getting better little by little

by Nicky602 24 Apr 2024

Hi Carolyn,

Stunning as always.

Pleased John is on the mend.

Lotsa love

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noah by noah 24 Apr 2024

Me to .I still half to watch him .He told the doctor he was going to do wood.He said NOOOOOO thank-heaven lol

by Tu2ml 24 Apr 2024

These look terrific. Love the purple rope/yarn. It looks softer than the white cotton rope I can find locally. May I ask what brand it is? Thanks.

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noah by noah 24 Apr 2024

No name i bought it at a store in the city calledLen's mill.

by hoplessnz 23 Apr 2024

Hi Carolyn your rope mats look great . I am interested in what the back of them looks like after embroidering , is it neat and tidy .? Cant seem to get my head around how it looks finished with the thickness of the rope does the stitching go right through . All I have seen on internet so far only show the fronts .So far I have only made rope bowls they turned out lovely . You are a busy lady keep up the good work and careful on those stairs ,,, we have stairs and they are not people friendly when you get older ( I am 80 this year)
from New Zealand

noah by noah 24 Apr 2024

wow 80 your doing well .I gave these away for a gift but next one i do i will show you .Oh wait i might have one BRB

noah by noah 24 Apr 2024

i put them up for you to see the backs ok

by peafarm 23 Apr 2024

Not sure why I can not see everyone's larger pictures of projects. I can only see the small ones. This has been going on for some time again now. I know they look great though, they always do. Smart to move things to keep an eye or listen for John. I know it is hard going from one place to another in case you forgot something you need. Doing stairs becomes a lot of workout. Keep up your strength.

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noah by noah 23 Apr 2024

You got it .I think I am losing weight lol

by worthy 22 Apr 2024

Awesome. Love all the designs you used also esp the kitten and butterfly.

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noah by noah 23 Apr 2024

Thanks 4 LOOKING