by toet 10 Aug 2014

For all the quilters have you tried paper piecing also called foundation piecing. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this. hugs Heather


by teun 10 Jan 2015

Habe ich schon öfter gemacht,i like that to do it is al so perfeckt

by eggyannie 10 Jan 2015

try makeing some easy xmas cards first. That way you get to see the end result faster and have some nice cards to send out next Christmas,Plus you are using up some scraps of fabric that you would normaly throw out. As they are just for cards i see no reason to remove the paper from behind as it will never be seen any way, that is just as long as no print is seen if useing printed paper for paper piecing.

eggyannie by eggyannie 10 Jan 2015
here are some free ones to try the snow man is easy as is the heart

eggyannie by eggyannie 10 Jan 2015
the last one is good as you could print of a photo onto fabric and place it in the center IE new baby for first xmas. I hope this will help you

by rosakent 10 Jan 2015

I love it, but prefer using calico as the backing as it is much firmer that interfacing, Jo

by noah 09 Jan 2015

the truth???I hate it .I like the old way hugs

by jofrog2000 04 Jan 2015

I had made this for my Mom, and now have it back, since she's no longer with us. It's the state bird for NJ. Love to see them on the sunflower heads in the fall. Quiltmaker was the magazine it was in.
Any lightweight paper, very small, close stitches, helps it perforate the paper for ease of removal. Carol Doak has many books out. There used to be a paper piecing magazine.

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viebschen by viebschen 04 Jan 2015

Hi, I made a bag called Quilters Pallet Tote Bag ( free on line). It was the 1st time I had ever tried it and it was a challenge for me as I am not a quilter. But I loved the bag and was making it as a gift. If I had known it would be so much work I would never had made it as a gift. Since I bought the fabric some time ago to make 1 for me, I have been procrastinating !!!!!!

by queenofhearts 14 Dec 2014

I prefer to do foundation piecing using a lightweight interfacing that I can cut to a 8.5x11 size and print on in my printer. That way I can also easily increase or decrease the size of the pattern if I want to and every block is the same with no tedious tracing.

by lori2 13 Dec 2014

I have done some paper piecing, and like how you can sew intricate designs. I sometimes use tear away stabilizer that I cut to 81/2 x 11" and print the design in my printer rather than trace and draw all the designs.

by pennyhal2 13 Dec 2014

What I like about paper piecing is that it is so very accurate, and you don't have to worry about bias edges. You can use scraps that you normally would not use because they are off grain and difficult to work with in other quilting patterns.

What I don't like is is tearing out the paper. If you use the wrong type of paper, it is difficult to remove the paper from tiny corners and you can end up with a snow storm of paper all over the place.

by cj2sew 10 Aug 2014

Wow we have a lot of cuties who love paper piecing. I'm one too.
Best advice I have is to start simple, keep at it and before long you can do just about anything you want. My first paper piece was an ice cream cone for a LINUS blanket - now I do stars for QOV. Wait until you try a New York Beauty or a Judy Niemeyer pattern
You can't get better consistent points any other way.
Lots of tutorials on You Tube and several have mentioned great teachers.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Thankyou, I have had a peek, think it would be additive, So many stars love them Heather

by jrob Moderator 10 Aug 2014

It's fun. Give it a try. You do get precise seams,points and angles.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Yes I shall it looks like they al come out perfect. Heather

by cottonboll 10 Aug 2014

I bought apaper piecing book by Carol Doak and it was for state stars. They just worked out beautiful and you cannot tell they weren't hand pieced. I bought the paper she recommended and printed copies of the patterns. I am really proud of what turned out. It gets addictive if you aren't careful!! try it, it is fun.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Sounds like a book to have by your side while learning this new way, Also I think I will look at kits with printed papers to learn the method. Heather

by bettyboop13 10 Aug 2014

It's my favorite way to Quilt. I have done many quilts with paper-pieced blocks. My problem the other way is I can't seem to sew a straight line, or so it seems. If you check out Quilters Cache you will find more patterns than you will ever use. The Alpha listing lets you know if they are Paper pieced, applique, Reg or all 3.
The Paper is Key I bought the foundation paper at a quilting show but I am going to try the phone books too. Copy paper is the hardest to pull off.

toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Oh there are so many thankyou, Heather

hart by hart 13 Dec 2014

I have used the phone book pages to make crazy blocks, the paper tears out fairly easy.

by gerryb 10 Aug 2014

I love it. I do use the Carol Doak paper as it tears away so nicely. Years & years ago the women used newspaper. A friend recently found some quilt sqs her aunt had made many years ago & they still had the old newspaper on the back! Was neat to sorta read the headlines of so many years ago. But you really should tear the paper away after a certain point!

jrob by jrob 10 Aug 2014

Gerry, an interesting factoid: Back when newspaper was so frequently used, it was left inside the quilt sandwich because it added extra warmth - which was pretty much the only purpose of quilts back then.

toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

I remember my mother telling us of the hardship when she was growing up in the war years , they had newspaper between the blankets to keep them warm. Heather

spendlove by spendlove 13 Dec 2014

So did we!

by pennyhal2 10 Aug 2014

I think for me the key to paper piecing is using the right paper. Some paper is pretty tough and difficult to remove. Also, stitch length is important too. A shorter stitch lenght makes the paper easier to remove. I love it for when I work on small projects.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

I shall try to remember the stich length and the correct paper is important, I am writing a list. Kind of like you do for Christmas. Heather

by tiggy000 10 Aug 2014

Paper piecing is done on paper and then you tear the paper away when you finish piecing. Foundation piecing is done on fabric and you will leave the foundation when you finish piecing which make the block a bit thicker. I love paper piecing because you can get perfect points and edges. Get one of Carol Doaks paper piecing books for a great reference.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Perfect points now that sounds very professional thankyou Heather.

by mops Moderator 10 Aug 2014

It gives nice and accurate results anytime. By the way, ITH patchwork is in fact paper piecing or rather stabiliser piecing.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Now that has added to my search on designs, I wonder If it uses more fabric? Heather

by spendlove Moderator 10 Aug 2014

Not a clue, Heather, but its nice to see you back!

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Thankyou so much, it feels good to be back. Heather

by lique 10 Aug 2014

I love it! It is precise and the results are great. There are loads of patterns available from very simple to more complex.
Here some links of work I have done using paper piecing.

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toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Oh what a grand job you have done on the quilts, I am excited to start. Heather

by ajmmjs 10 Aug 2014

it is great for precision quilt makin of points. i am working on a spider web quilt with recycled telephone book pages as my foundation,but this design is more for flip n fold technique than if i do the precision type i have to put numbers n lines on my side! have not been able to correctly do the numbers n lines on bottom side. ha ha.but it works for me.

hart by hart 10 Aug 2014

I have used the old phone book pages with my grandchildren sewing crazy blocks, then using the decorative stitches and alphabet to put their name and date. Great way to teach and learn. Try it for precision.

toet by toet 11 Aug 2014

Now that's a grand way to recycle paper. Heather