by lique 26 Jun 2013

Mainly foundation piecing with some embroidery on the ark.

The blocks were very fiddly but it looks great!


by mysew1325 27 Jun 2013

very nice job... love it... lots of work here

by bumblebee 27 Jun 2013

reat job

by cfidl 27 Jun 2013

you win the most impressive to me! great job, lots of little seams!

by means 27 Jun 2013

Great job. Wonderful work. Congratulation

by smburt 27 Jun 2013

Your quilt is awesome, and I love how you laid out the squares.

by kezza2sew 27 Jun 2013

simply lovely work, always been my favourite Bible Story.....

by highlandermom 26 Jun 2013

So beautifully done.

by capoodle 26 Jun 2013

The shape of the blocks and the fabrics you choose makes this quilt adorable.

by marianb 26 Jun 2013

A brilliant job with the peicing and fabric choices, my youngest GS Noah would love this on his wall he's really into animals which is great as they live in the country... Can i ask where you got the pattern from? thanks for sharing Marian

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lique by lique 27 Jun 2013

A Quilter's Ark by Margaret Rolfe
Fantastic book with good descriptions how to make this quilt!
I have embroidered the rainbow and the windows and door on the ark though!

by teun 26 Jun 2013

Sehn alle ganz toll aus

by noah 26 Jun 2013

Great job i have a Noah in my family hes 13 and loves guns(his Dad is a police man)hugs

by oaro 26 Jun 2013

looks great

by karenjay 26 Jun 2013

Wow! - that looks like it took a long time to do

by mops Moderator 26 Jun 2013

Lovely work Lique!

by pldc 26 Jun 2013

this is a terrific noah's arc Angelique, hugs Loralye

by pennyhal 26 Jun 2013

That's so cute! Your fabric choices are terrific.

by jmweller 26 Jun 2013

I just got the book for the ark. It looks great, and now I want to do some of the blocks myself.

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lique by lique 26 Jun 2013

Yes it is a great book! Love all the animals in it!

by laffma1 26 Jun 2013

Very cute quilt!! Yuo did a wonderful job with all of the blocks and putting it all together. Congratulations!