by rescuer Moderator 14 Jul 2014

Cuties, I am trying to troubleshoot the problems users are having uploading pictures here on Cute using Internet Explorer.

I am able to use Internet Explorer 10 and upload pictures without issues. I am wondering if many of you that are having trouble are using AVG or Norton as your antivirus.
I know I am asking for a flood of PM's but I am trying to find a working solution -- so here goes:
Please send me a PM and tell me which of those (or neither if that is the case) you have ***ONLY IF*** you are having trouble using Internet Explorer version 10 to upload photos here. If you have a different antivirus program with internet anti-tracking added or other internet security software as an "Add on" please let me know that as well. If you do not know what antivirus software you have then please do not worry about this. I am only trying to find the reasons it works for some and not others.


by loosie 11 Nov 2014

I had troubles in the past, but after adding add cute to Compatibility View all is well.
I have windows 7
IE 11.0.9600.17280
Norton Antivirus

hope this helps :)

by toogie 09 Nov 2014

I've had to use Google Chrome to upload my photos, here and in emails.

by rescuer Moderator 09 Nov 2014

For those still having issues with picture uploads -- scroll down for a possible solution.

by printshirt 19 Jul 2014

I refused to put any Explorer on my laptop over 7, My husband got 8 and hates it. Sorry.

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rescuer by rescuer 19 Jul 2014

We are chatting about Internet Explorer not the Operating System. It gets so confusing at times because they are all named similar things with numbers.
Internet Explorer is the big blue "e" with which you might be using to access the internet right now

by shozo1271 19 Jul 2014

Rescuer - you are a genius!!!! I have not been able to upload with IE. I did the compatibility thing. I have IE 11. I just finished uploading the Melancholy Babies pics thru my IE !!! I had been using Google, but followed your directions and it worked!! If I can do it, anybody can do it! Thankyou!!!

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rescuer by rescuer 19 Jul 2014

Thank you. You are very kind!!

by buffy1 17 Jul 2014

I can upload photos now after months of not being able to; thanks so very much for your help the compatibility tab worked!

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rescuer by rescuer 18 Jul 2014

I am so glad it worked for you too!

by shirley124 17 Jul 2014

Thanks rescuer. Have just tried uploading a picture with the compatibility tab and it works. Now I will be able to use Internet Explorer again to upload pictures. Shirley

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Jul 2014

I am glad it is working for you now Shirley.

by kanny 16 Jul 2014

Thanks rescuer worked for me no more opening up in Chrome. Oh picture is of my GD Sophie

kanny by kanny 16 Jul 2014

Oh I'm using Norton :)

rescuer by rescuer 16 Jul 2014

Thank you -- I am glad it worked for you!

by lidiad 16 Jul 2014

Thank you, Rescuer, I have downloaded the image below in Windows 11, under Compatibility Mode! I don't have to use Firefox anymore.
Thank you again.
Hugs, Lidia

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rescuer by rescuer 16 Jul 2014

Thank you for letting me know -- glad it is working for you!

by shirley124 15 Jul 2014

I have been having problems trying to upload a picture with IE. I had Firefox installed on my laptop today and I have been able to upload my picture tonight. Shirley

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rescuer by rescuer 15 Jul 2014

I am glad you are able to upload pictures now

by dollygk 15 Jul 2014

YOU did it, fixed my problem anyway!!! Many thanks for attacking this problem... I just made the compatibility adjustment and my IE worked which is great because I hate Chrome he he

picture is my grandson's 5th birthday.

MANY thanks!!

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rescuer by rescuer 15 Jul 2014

I am happy it worked for you.
Your grandson is so cute!

by rescuer Moderator 14 Jul 2014

Fix most site photo upload problems with Compatibility View:

Open Internet Explorer and at the top right you will find tools (looks like a gear).

Tap or click the Tools button Tools, and then tap or click Compatibility View settings.
Under Add this website, enter the to the list, and then tap or click Add.

by rescuer Moderator 14 Jul 2014

So, jrob was kind enough to test Internet Explorer 10 with Compatibility settings turned on. It worked!
Now, I just need to know which users still have issues **AFTER** they try using the compatibility settings in **Internet Explorer**.

Firefox and Chrome are still running without issues.

by cfidl 14 Jul 2014

Hi, I just tried using IExplorer 11 with Windows Essentials to no avail. You are amazing to even try to figure this out! I thought they fixed it!

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rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2014

Microsoft has (it seems) intentionally changed some things so that many website have to keep re-programming their websites to fix the issues. They do not seem to care either...
Would you consider trying with "Compatibility settings" turned on?
BTW what antivirus are you using? There may be more than one issue plaguing us here...

by mumzyfarm 14 Jul 2014

I use firefox and I have no problems it seems like firefox is more user friendly than internet explorer I also have Norton antivirus and it catches anything that comes along I hope.

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rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2014

Thank you -- We know Chrome and Firefox work very well here. We are just trying to fix the Internet Explorer issues. There are some users that do not want to change browsers.

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 14 Jul 2014

Hi. I am not having problems with IE and uploading. I have Norton as the antivirus and goodness knows which version of IE I use. My laptop has windows 7 on it. Right the brain has now given up with information. But I always upload my picture before I write anything not that that is part of the problem for others but it saves having to re write if anything fails

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rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2014

To find the version of Internet Explorer -- click on tools (looks like a gear in the top right corner) and then click on "About Internet Explorer"

by rescuer Moderator 14 Jul 2014

There must be more of you having issues with uploading pictures.
You are welcome to send a PM if you do not want to comment here. I am just trying to narrow down the possible issues.
If you do not know how to send a PM there is a short tutorial in

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 14 Jul 2014

I finished rescuers sentence. No wonder she is tired with all she is doing. :)

by gerryvb 14 Jul 2014

Good moring, I have problems with explorer , so now I use google chrome to upload the pictutes. Hugs G.

rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2014

Gerry, what internet security do you use?

gerryvb by gerryvb 14 Jul 2014

I use AVG edition 2014

rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2014

Thanks Gerry -- that helps

by dollygk 14 Jul 2014

YES my IE is a problem... Hi rescuer, I'm using Windows 7 with IE V11.010 and it won't upload to Cute but I don't have problems just texting. Many thanks for looking into this for us!!!

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dollygk by dollygk 14 Jul 2014

I'm using Windows Security essentials only as my anti virus.