by bonnetgirl 27 Jun 2014

I am here asking for prayers for our newest and littlest GGD. She a premie and less then 2 lbs. Last night I found out she is going to lose one of her hand. Please pray and ask anyone who believes to pray that she keeps fighting for her life. Her name is Riley Rae and she is beautiful. Here is a picture of our little one.


by bonnetgirl 15 Jul 2014

Stopped by to let you know our little bundle of Joy is still fighting. They still have not amputated her arm but it should be done soon. She lost a little weight but is back up to 2 lb 1 oz. I so wish I could go see her but with grandpa to sick to travel we will just get pictures. She is getting a personality now and her grandma said looks like a redhead like her she is a real fighter.she is now 1 month 2 days old as of today the 15 th day June. Keep up the prayers. Thank you Riley's Great Nana

crafter2243 by crafter2243 15 Jul 2014

Thank you for the update. She will stay in my prayers

jrob by jrob 15 Jul 2014

Still praying for this precious child.

airyfairy by airyfairy 15 Jul 2014

Thank you for the update. She is such a dear little thing. My thoughts are with you all.

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 15 Jul 2014

thank you for updating I will keep thinking of her and pray

lbrow by lbrow 15 Jul 2014

Still praying for this precious of love/Lillian

Leaha by Leaha 15 Jul 2014

Always Saying a Prayer....ASAP.

mumzyfarm by mumzyfarm 16 Jul 2014

My prayers go out to you this lovely child deserves a chance to live God is good and his will may be done I pray that he will give her this chance in this world Love Virdean I am praying for her life as I type.

cfidl by cfidl 16 Jul 2014

Thank you for letting us know. She is a fighter. God bless!

by camylow 29 Jun 2014

Let me add me and my Husbands prayers for this Little Angel...Both of my nephews weighed in under 2 lbs..preemies also...they just turned 16 and 13,,,They go out swimming in the ocean with their father...strong healthy and very intelligent...GOD has plans for each and every baby born....For parents to love and hug, cherish and train in the ways HE wants them to grow....Our Father already has plans for Riley Rae...She is in His Hands always....

holly12 by holly12 edited 15 Jul 2014

I agree and will pray for her. Arlene

lbrow by lbrow 15 Jul 2014

So very true Deanna, Where would we be without Him/Lillian

by jen15957 29 Jun 2014

Riley Rae and your family are in my prayers

by ruthc 29 Jun 2014

Just saw this and wanted to add prayers too for little Riley Rae.
May the Lord lift this tiny bundle into his arms and breathe healing strength into her small body. May she grow stronger each and every minute, may she thrive and prosper under his watchful care. Give strength and patience to her parents and may they find relief of their worry as they watch her heal. In his name we pray. Amen. My prayers are with your family and with Riley. God Bless

by sandralochran 29 Jun 2014

In My prayers

by draco 29 Jun 2014

Praying for this precious little girl. Hugs.

by barba 28 Jun 2014

Prayers for your precious GGD, you, your family and the staff taking care of your awesome little one. Hugs, Barba

by graceandham 28 Jun 2014

We're all watching this little precious picture and praying for improvements and good news. God bless you all during this stress. God is with you in the struggle.

by memasanders 28 Jun 2014

Many , mighty prayers coming ya'lls way. God bless all of you and keep you strong.

by toogie 28 Jun 2014

Try-comment added below on pacmp comment

by pldc 28 Jun 2014

I am saying prayers for her right this minute & will keep her in my prayers! ~hugs~

by christracey 28 Jun 2014

Sending up prayers for little Riley Rae & the whole family. Lets hope she puts up a good fight.

by marianb 28 Jun 2014

We will keep little Riley Rae and her parents in your thoughts and hearts, hope she will keep battling on.. keep us updated when you can and try to stay strong yourself.. Marian

by juanitadenney 28 Jun 2014

Praying that this little girl will make it.

by airyfairy 28 Jun 2014

Thank you for your update. Babies are incredibly strong. Ben, my grand twin was less than that but he is now five so there is hope. My thoughts and love are with you all. Hugs Sarah.

by bonnetgirl 28 Jun 2014

Just letting you know that she is still fighting .I am waiting for some answers but being probably 900 miles from them I only get a little bit of information at a time. I understand because I have told them not to leave her side for one minute...her parents are staying at Ronald McDonalds house so they are close by her side. Thank you all for the prayers. I believe in prayer and I know God will hear us. Hugs for all of you.

by Leaha 27 Jun 2014

Dear Lord send Your blessed angels to hold this little one close to Your Healing and Heart. Breathe Your living life force into this tiny little miracle and gift her the gifts she needs to prosper. Only You know why You have given her these challenges to face so early in her life...into YOUR Hands, we place health In Your Holy Name, Amen.
Prayers now for her and the family until we are told otherwise.

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 28 Jun 2014

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

by jerrib 27 Jun 2014

Prayer for this little one and the rest of the family...

by sewilso 27 Jun 2014

Prayers for poor Riley Rae! Bless her heart, that's sad.

by justonlyme 27 Jun 2014

Congratulations on the birth of this precious little bundle. She will definitely have my prayers. Babies are tough; they can withstand the most amazing things (think about the process of being born all by itself!). My mother was a preemie when preemie babies didn't usually survive. She was born early, about 2 pounds, at home, and was bedded in a shoe box. I was born very small and early, as were both of my children. We all made it. I hope for her, the very best!

by shirley124 27 Jun 2014

My prayers are with you and your family. Hugs Shirley

by sdrise 27 Jun 2014

How precious! Prayers are with you and your family!

by nonna57sdaughter1 27 Jun 2014

Every child is a blessing, every life is worth living. Sending loads of 'digital' hugs to you and your family. She has a beautiful name and looks peaceful in the photo, with all this love around she is sure to be a survivor! 💌

by gerryb 27 Jun 2014


by icana 27 Jun 2014

I have you all in my thoughts and prayers.

by coulson 27 Jun 2014

My heart goes out to you and your family. There isn't anything to say except I am so sorry for what you all are going through. My heart just aches at the thought. Be as strong as possible and hold on to each other! God bless you and we will continue to pray for all of you!

by cfidl 27 Jun 2014

done, may all of you be blessed even more than your are with the birth of this beautiful child!

by stork 27 Jun 2014

Prayers and healing for Riley Rae....she is adorable.

by decojo 27 Jun 2014

Riley Rae and your family are in our prayers! Hugs, Joyce

by graceandham 27 Jun 2014

Praying for her right now.

by arsenio 27 Jun 2014

God bless you and your parents.

by jrob Moderator 27 Jun 2014

Heavenly Father, please send your angels to hold little Riley Rae so she can feel your presence and love. Whisper the love of her family and how they need her, to raise and take care of. Give her family strength to accept your will in her life today and every day, as they struggle to understand. Amen

by heleninca 27 Jun 2014

My prayers are for her, you and the whole family.

by shozo1271 27 Jun 2014

You got it. Beautiful little girl to go with a beautiful name. There is a huge circle of love and prayers surrounding her from all over the world.

by justsew 27 Jun 2014

O how i pray for your little one, and for you and your family.that she is blessed.
Hugs Pam.

by lori2 27 Jun 2014

Sending prayers for Riley Rae and family.

by melnic 27 Jun 2014

Please God be with her and the family. I believe that she will be fine! Thinking of you ........ hugs and keep us posted!

by gramsbear 27 Jun 2014

Will be Praying with tears in my eyes!!! "God, please take care of this little Gift you send this family, They need Your healing powers to help this child live" Hugs, Judy

by jacewilson 27 Jun 2014

She is beautiful! My prayers go out to you, knowing God protects the innocent and loves Riley. I'm praying for you and your family to have the strength and patience needed for Riley's full recovery.

by lbrow 27 Jun 2014

JoAnn, my,oldest daughter weighed in @ 2 lbs. She is now approaching 61yrs. old the oldest of my 4 girls. . In the incubator for over 2 months, but she made it. With God all things are possible/Lillian

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justsew by justsew 27 Jun 2014

arr this is so lovely .

by devon 27 Jun 2014

Sending out prayers!!!

by lbrow 27 Jun 2014

Dear precious little Riley Rae, I'm praying for God's will for your tiny little self, also praying for your family who definitely need God's support right now/Lillian

by sjbrower 27 Jun 2014

Sweet Riley Rae... My prayers to you and your family.

by jenne 27 Jun 2014

Me too.

by hightechgrammy 27 Jun 2014

Oh, Riley Rae, I am praying for you and your family. May God bless you and those who love you.

by sissibrode 27 Jun 2014

I will pray for Riley Rae +++ hope she will be better soon ♥

by oldtimer992005 27 Jun 2014

sending prayers,hope, faith and god's blessing to the little one and her parents. grandparents too. may god work his wonders.

by noah 27 Jun 2014

oh my yes i will pray hugs all

by toogie 27 Jun 2014

I agree she is beautiful and she looks like a little fighter. Is little Riley Rae the daughter of your grandson or grand-daughter? I am so sorry about her hand,but she will probally adjust fine. By never having grown up with one, she won't miss it as much, even tho we think we couldn't cope without ours. I know all the tubes look scary, but all the ones this size, need the help of the vent and feeding. It's hard too, not to be able to hold them, physically draw them near to your heart. She has a rough road ahead,as do the parents/family, so yes, you all have our prayers.I wish I would have had my Cute family of prayer warriors, a long time ago. Sending love, prayers, and God's blessings to all-Toogie

1 comment
bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 28 Jun 2014

She is the daughter of grandson and he also was only 2 lbs when he was born but is now such a big man would not believe me that his weight was only 2 lb when he was born. I am hearing that it may have been the fault of hospital but don't want to talk regarding that since I am not there and need more info on it.

by zoefzoef 27 Jun 2014

prayers send. Hope everything turns out right

by suziequee 27 Jun 2014

Prayers work wonders. He listens.

by anangel 27 Jun 2014

Praying that your new little one will gain strength, maintain stamina, to complete normalcy! She is precious and sweet! May the Lord bless her with all her needs, and alleviate all the family's worries! Hugs to you!

by pacmp 27 Jun 2014

Adding my prayers for this little miracle of a baby. Our grandson was a micro preemie under 2 lbs and was born at 1 lb 15 oz born in the 25th week instead of the 40th and lost down to 1 lb 9 oz before starting to gain weight. We watched him continue to develop outside the womb. There is so much medical knowledge that can help these little ones survive and thrive even after such difficult beginnings. Encourage everyone to talk to her and decorate her little isolette as if she were at home, This is her nursery until she is strong enough to come home so post pictures along the inside of the unit and make her all the little hats and blankets you wish. At that size Cooper's blankets started at just 22 inches square and once he out grew the little matching gowns shirts pants etc I was making, then our daughter donated them to the NICU so other families would have clothes to fit their little ones. It is a very difficult time, but our grandson just completed kindergarten and his vocabulary and reading in up in the 4-5th grade range which has floored the doctors at the NICU as often these little ones can have other challenges. So never give up, the Lord can help help her and she will have people around the world praying for her and your whole family. Hugs to all.

jrob by jrob 27 Jun 2014

What wonderful encouragement...thank you, Pam.

bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 28 Jun 2014

Thank you it means a lot to hear this. I am making her things also but to tell the truth they only put a diaper on her tiny body...but I am going to make her some little dress with some of the body suits for preemie .... I have some 0 to 3 months but way to big so going to go and get the preemie tomorrow.

toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2014

Bonnet girl-take the premie patterns to a copy machine and reduce them, until you have a sm enough size-I reduced some at the library off of newborn.Pm me with your address and I will mail you some I used.-my girlfriend made her one off a doll clothes pattern after she came home at 3 lbs 14 ozs-I hand smocked them off of a doll pattern,you just have to leave the back open or sm Velcro.Staff has to be able to get off in a hurry if need be. No buttons or snaps Toogie

by rescuer Moderator 27 Jun 2014

Prayers for the darling baby and the family. Prayers for the doctors and nurses too that they will do their best for Riley Rae. Special prayers for the parents too. NICU has such caring nurses but I know how heartbreaking it is every time you must leave your baby there instead of taking your precious baby home.

by avalon 27 Jun 2014

"The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles." Psalm 34:17
O Lord, let me not be afraid to ask for help.
Prayers sent for you.
God Bless you and the family.

by pennifold 27 Jun 2014

Dear Joann, I'm so sorry to read this news. I'll certainly keep Riley in my prayers and ask that God keeps her safe and under the shadow of His wings. Also prayers for her parents as they need to to keep strong themselves and for the doctors and nursing staff if she has to have the surgery involved. Love and blessings Chris

1 comment
bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 28 Jun 2014

This is what I don't understand....they told them her little hand will just fall off...I have never heard this before. I am no DR but how can that be.

by chalice 27 Jun 2014

Prayers go out to Riley, and to your whole family.

by arlene 27 Jun 2014

Will be praying. She is in God's healing hands.

by dailylaundry 27 Jun 2014

Of course beautiful Riley Rae has my prayers and so does you and your family - bless her heart!! Hugs, Laura*

by gdsteliga 27 Jun 2014

A prayer now, and will remember her and the family in our daily prayers.
In God's loving care.

God bless

by topcat5 27 Jun 2014

No one realizes how very tiny a preemie is until they see one. Many times they fit in the palm of your hand! They have to finish their growth as though they were still in the womb, and it's so difficult for parents to have to stand by and watch when all they want to do is hold her and make things better right away. Prayers for Riley Rae and her family.

1 comment
graceandham by graceandham 28 Jun 2014

My friend who had a preemie, her husband took off his wedding band and put it on baby for a bracelet. I've seen the picture! And yes, she fit in Dad's cupped hand. Walked a lot late (after 2 and a half), but was all caught up in time for kindergarten

by aleene 27 Jun 2014

Sent a prayer for Riley Ray to have a speedy healing. Dear heavenly FATHER put your hands on this child and do all that her body needs in the name of JESUS we ask. AMEN. Where 2 or 3 agree on any thing you will do it. THANK you Father

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Jun 2014

I will do that. Hugs