by evilsoft 16 Jun 2014

Jeans - Jean Jacket

One way to use up several pairs of old jeans. This is Silhouette Patterns # 900.
The original plan called for a zip in place of buttons up the front placket. I cut the excess zipper and used it for the yoke red stripe across the shoulders. Now I am not sure I want to bother putting the zip in. The waist button does a decent job. The waist is the jeans waistband -upside down.
Thanks for pushing me to post this, just another way to recycle those jeans.


by pinon 17 Jun 2014

Ingenious idea! The whole concept is great and the jacket is lovely. I like the touch of red provided by your clever use of the zipper.

by sjbrower 17 Jun 2014

What a clever idea for re-using jeans! You've done a wonderful stitchery job as well. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

by lenamae 17 Jun 2014

like it you did wonderful with them

by lidiad 17 Jun 2014

Love it, you have done a great job.
Hugs, Lidia

by oaro 17 Jun 2014

great job

by blueeyedblonde 17 Jun 2014

Great job! I'm a big fan of recycling jeans - there is always a fair bit of good fabric on a pair that is worn out.

by airyfairy 17 Jun 2014

Now , this is what I call talent. You have done the most remarkable job. The jacket looks fantastic. Well done. Sarah

by robinbird 17 Jun 2014

This jeans jacket you've made is so attractive& with the addition of the detailing I might call it upcycling. Thanks for sharing your work& the pattern info too. :~D

by Leaha 16 Jun 2014

How clever this idea is and it turned out excellent, in my humble opinion. Really like the upcycling and the zipper idea for the yoke. You could definitely give some of the haute couture a run for the money. :)

by sewilso 16 Jun 2014

It looks great, love the contrast of the cuff and lapels. It certainly looks designer to me.

by highlandermom 16 Jun 2014

Great job recycle. I love your jacket you look great in it. I don't like zippers either.

by cj2sew 16 Jun 2014

Very flattering pattern. Great job.

by evilsoft 16 Jun 2014

Flowers to all of you for pushing me to work and to post.
I had planned to embroider the Meerkats from Smart Needle - with out the pocket. But the panels are too narrow. I could not get this link to publish originally.

by waterhedgie 16 Jun 2014

Great job and good idea. Thanks for sharing.

by jrob Moderator 16 Jun 2014

I like it!

by arlene 16 Jun 2014

What a great idea. Nice job.

by worthy 16 Jun 2014

Love love your jacket.. only one thing wrong not sure it will fit me ;-) .. I am so glad you shared the pictures.. and what pattern you used.. Thanks for the encouragement. O' it looks great without a zipper in front. so would say that is strictly up to you..guess that would go under what Peggy calls 'style choice'

by sonjapotgieter 16 Jun 2014

Wow...Really Stunning..Well done

by noah 16 Jun 2014

WOWWWWWWW love it and nice to see your pretty face hugs

by decojo 16 Jun 2014

What a cute jacket! Very nicely done!

by pldc 16 Jun 2014

WHAT A WONDERFUL JACKET! Also a terrific recycle job too. ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 16 Jun 2014

Nicely done!

by anssmile 16 Jun 2014

Very well done!

by grossfamilie 16 Jun 2014

Hey, what a good looking woman in such a lovely jacket. And a good
idea to add some flower fabric for the female touch.
Do you have in mind to add some embroidered flowers in the same
colour on the jeans fabric? But it also looks good the way it is.
Congrats and thanks for sharing - Ma ria

by anitapatch 16 Jun 2014

Like what you have done

by gwillmann 16 Jun 2014

Very nice.