by decojo 13 May 2014

These were fun in-the-hoop projects. The Mini Composition Book is from Five Star Fonts and the quilted cosmetic bag/quilted tissue holder were from The Purple Hat.


by oaro 14 May 2014

great job

by toogie 14 May 2014

They all look so nice!

by decojo 14 May 2014

This is a photo of a Featherweight reproduction cherry wood table. Inside the table it is the same as the original, but the thread spool holders are made of wooden dowels. It has one drawer, inside the table, on the left side. There is a cherry wood oval-shaped table top that fits on top when the machine is put away, but I stored it.

sewilso by sewilso 14 May 2014

The cabinet is so pretty and such nice shape as is your machine. It's hard to beat the vintage machines, compared to some of what is on the market today. Thanks for sharing your photo! It is truly a prized one.

decojo by decojo 16 May 2014

Thank you!

by basketkase 14 May 2014

Love the fabrics...........great work on these, make nice gift sets!

by sewilso 14 May 2014

nice!!! I'm also admiring your machine and cabinet! Does it have drawers? I've not seen one with curved sides on the top like that. I would love to see a picture if you don't mind and have time. Please and thank you! Your projects are darling!

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decojo by decojo 14 May 2014

I just attached a photo for you. Thank you!

by lidiad 14 May 2014

They are very pretty, well done.
Hugs, Lidia

by teun 14 May 2014

Sieht alles ganz toll aus

by vickiannette 14 May 2014

really nice work. Do you use your Singer[in your photo] or is it for display only?

decojo by decojo 14 May 2014

This Singer Featherweight gets used. I really like the Featherweight and have started collecting them, so I have some Featherweights on display. I visited a lady recently who had many Featherweights in every room of her house, so my collection looks small.

theduchess by theduchess 14 May 2014

I only have 3.

decojo by decojo 15 May 2014

3 Featherweights is a nice collection. Do you use them?

by ajmmjs 13 May 2014

wonderfull!!!! i feel like such a sloth after viewing all these beautiful projects.

by buffy1 13 May 2014

great work

by cfidl 13 May 2014

Fantastic! I just love both sets!

by noah 13 May 2014

Very nice job on alllllll you sewed hugs

by chefin 13 May 2014

very nice
like your fabrics
hugs micheline

by highlandermom 13 May 2014

Gorgeous work, glad you shared.

by sonpot 13 May 2014

Stunning!!!!Well done

by anssmile 13 May 2014

Very pretty!

by elemausi 13 May 2014

Looks pretty

by pldc 13 May 2014

very nicely done! ~hugs~

by asterixsew Moderator 13 May 2014

Lovely projects made from super fabric. I have a love of hello kitty

decojo by decojo 13 May 2014

Thank you. Right now I am doing the dance of joy because I just figured out how to upload a photo. I purchased the Hello Kitty fabric from Jo-ann's.

asterixsew by asterixsew edited 13 May 2014

Thanks for saying where you got the fabric as I am in the UK I wont be buying any AND congratulations on uploading pictures