by kylasm 31 Mar 2014

A woman posted in another embroidery group that she never hoops her stabilizer, she only hoops her item and then floats stabilizer on top and bottom. Are there very many people out there that prefer this method? Just curious :-)


by lucypiwow 07 Apr 2014


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asterixsew by asterixsew 07 Apr 2014

Oh Lucy thanks for the laugh

by chrises 04 Apr 2014

This might control your thread but you would still have hoopburn.
I like hoopless stabilizer *(Glad PressNSeal).

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parkermom by parkermom 07 Apr 2014

How do you use the PressNSeal? I LOVE that stuff, but never thought to use it with embroidery.

by crosses 03 Apr 2014

That's the way I do it too. It saves alot on stabilizer. I will use spray adhesive when doing tshirts or stretch fabrics.

by roberta 01 Apr 2014

Gee, I have used this method for years with no problem. Even the WSS on top. I have never used sticky spray. I do hoop t shirts due to them being stretchy. Floating stabilizer on the bottom is much easier than trying to hoop it. But we ladies need to do what is comfortable for us. Love hearing the different ideas. Roberta

by tuross 01 Apr 2014

I have been machine embroidering for nearly 20 years and for at least 15 of them I have been only hooping my stabiliser then using the basting stitch on my machine to secure the fabric to the stabiliser. this system works perfectly and makes it extremely easy when multi hooping. I have also been teaching them method for 10 years. Hope this information is helpful.
Lynne in OZ

by mrskiki 01 Apr 2014

Why would you use stabilizer at all in these cases? I hoop felt, some denim and anything without stretch, but don't use any stabilizer. ???? Hugs. Nan

by aussiequilter 01 Apr 2014

I only hoop my stabilizer and baste my design ,I have used this method since I have had my embroidery machine , my janome 11000 has built in baste

by grandmamek 01 Apr 2014

I use this method for many things. However I would not try it on any fabric that is stretchy such as t-shirts etc. For me it works well.

by almag 31 Mar 2014

I'm not sure I'd want to try this method on fabric that stretched, e.g t-shirting, soft towelling, polar fleece, velours.
I have often floated extra stabilizer, top and/or bottom, to improve a stitchout.

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Mar 2014

I most certainly would like to try that. I am always for saving. So far I have done the opposite. Hoop stabilizer and pin or temp spray item on top.

by tiggy000 31 Mar 2014

I have used adhesive or pins when I only stabilize so the fabric does not get stretched but I am going to try this new method when I am wasting too much stabilizer.

by dragonflyer 31 Mar 2014

Funny you should say digitizing instructor made mention on our last webinar that he rarely hoops the stabilizer, but floats it under the hoop...I will have to have him expand on that process in an upcoming lesson...

by jrob Moderator 31 Mar 2014

No, I know what works for me and that isn't it. ☺
Maybe I need a lesson. ;)

by ajmmjs 31 Mar 2014

i have been only doing this for a year. so i have done it many ways. though my favorite is to use the hoop on the stabilizer then stick whatever i am emb to the stabilizer. but i am still learning and i might try this method. sincerely, lynne

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bowlds by bowlds 31 Mar 2014

Me too!

by pcteddyb 31 Mar 2014

I am the opposite.... I hoop ONLY my stabilizer then stick my object on top of it (sticky stabilizer or spray adhesive). I don't ever hoop the object itself. If it needs additional stabilizer I float it underneath the hoop.

mommajo by mommajo 31 Mar 2014

This is how I do it.

bowlds by bowlds 31 Mar 2014

I also like this way best.

katydid by katydid 31 Mar 2014

My method also. Kay

sandy38001 by sandy38001 31 Mar 2014

Me too, but I might try floating the stabilizer.

dididwiar by dididwiar 01 Apr 2014

This is what I do to. I also sometimes use a basting design.

bielie by bielie 01 Apr 2014

I do the same and it works for me. Pin or spray item to be embroidered. If fabric is thin, then I hoop stabilizer with it.

lwatts by lwatts 06 Apr 2014

This is how I do it also! and I have been doing embroidery sense 1998..

by icana 31 Mar 2014

I just made many applique animals for baby quilts. I was using one 8x8 sheet for each. I decided to try cutting the stabilizer squared into 4 4x4 squares and place one square in the center of the hoop on the back. I used a shot of adhesive to hold in in place. They all turned out perfect. I also use this method for monogramming shirt pockets. Sure saves a lot of stabilizer. This may not work for a high density designs.

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by shirley124 edited 31 Mar 2014

I have used this method a lot over the years, but with only the stabilizer on the bottom. Works well for most things. Shirley

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sewist1 by sewist1 31 Mar 2014

I'm with you Shirley. Sometimes I use a basting stitch depending on the item and the embroidery.

by mad14kt 31 Mar 2014

YES!!! I have used this method before ;D

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Mar 2014

No I don't use this method