by christracey 13 Feb 2014

Well it's only me again....I ended up back at the Emergency Dept. at the hospital last night as one of my wounds was bleeding a bit. Luckily it's only seepage? (not deep from within) & should be fine. The Dr cleaned it up & put on a new dressing, I just have to keep an eye on it. It's been doing it again today....I said to my hubby it must be my fat pushing it out.... I only have to worry if it bleeds from deeper within, apparently it has more stitches on the inside to keep me together.


by crazystitcher 15 Feb 2014

Sorry to hear the healing process has had a hiccough or two for you.
Suggest you just take things quietly and not try to do any heavy lifting while you are on your own - just pamper yourself while you can. Nothing is more urgent than your health.
Don't forget to mention the blisters from the steri strips to your GP when you see him tomorrow, just in case you have developed a mild latex allergy.
Hope you are feeling much better very soon.

by christracey 15 Feb 2014

Thank you to everyone for your kind thought & prayers, flowers to all.
I went back to the hospital again on Friday night.... I now have blisters from the steri strips that cover my wounds & still a bit of seepage. Hopefully I'll get to see my own GP tomorrow. Unfortunately my hubby is tied up with sorting out his mother's affairs after her passing so I only have my little furbaby here to look after me during the day.

by marjialexa Moderator 14 Feb 2014

Take it easy, rest up, no working! Enjoy being a "princess", and get well soon, hugs, Marji

by cfidl 13 Feb 2014

Stitches on the inside are not like our stitches. I am sure you are following all the doctor's orders, and are back on your way to complete health. Best wishes, thanks for letting us know, and who is your Buddy? If you do not have one ask someone.

by gerryvb 13 Feb 2014

take it easy and give yourself time to recover. Take care and hugs.

by graceandham 13 Feb 2014

Be healed! Be done with thisand back to stitching fun! That's an order. Hope tomorrow will be better.

by debswebster 13 Feb 2014

I pray for your speedy recovery and healing. Take care. Hugs, Debbie

by nonna57 13 Feb 2014

Tracey. Rest up. At least we have some cooler weather with the promise of rain. Snuggle down with a good book. Take care Pauline. St Marys

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by pldc edited 13 Feb 2014

you have to take it easy I MEAN YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT EASY! did you hear me I say this with kindness because I care. Time will pass & the healing will be finished but only if you rest up & take it easy LOL Hugs Loralye

by airyfairy 13 Feb 2014

Don't do too much - look after yourself.

by lidiad 13 Feb 2014

Take care of yourself........
Hugs, Lidia

by jrob Moderator 13 Feb 2014

Please do take care of yourself! NO lifting. ☺

by rescuer Moderator 13 Feb 2014

Please be careful and take it don't want to tear the inside open.

by 02kar Moderator 13 Feb 2014

I think it means you need to lay there like a princess and be waited on. Please be careful. No infections allowed.

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debswebster by debswebster 13 Feb 2014

Good advice!!