by baydreamer 21 Aug 2013

Best summer of my life, I fostered a Crow found him at about 30 days old, since that is when they are out of the nest, it was decided where he/she was would not live through the night. So I brought him/she home. He/she is a fixture now in the yard, in fact if we don't see him or hear him we worry about out dear friend. Here he is looking for yummy spiders, and I have lots of them .


by graceandham 11 Sep 2013

Dear Bay, Do you want to adopt more? They are a nuisance here and my neighborhood is considered a "sanctuary" so we can't do anything about them. I have up to 60 at a time eating grass seed on my front lawn and pestering my kitties, who hide under the cars! (Sold as is, where is.)

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marjialexa by marjialexa 12 Sep 2013

Crows are really really smart, far smarter than chimps, dogs, and some people I know. I think Nature did a show on PBS re crows, maybe look on the website. They actually recognize individual people in a crowd. I have lots here, they had a nest in my trees. They don't bother much, but this is the really deep country, after all, not a city or suburb. Check out that program on the PBS website maybe? Might give you some hints to keep them from pestering you. Don't try to seed the lawn, and give the kitties boxing gloves? My Polly, a 15 pounder, will leap up after them. She always misses, but I'm not sure the crows don't actually enjoy the game. I have a hummingbird that baits and teases Polly as well, when she's sleeping on the chair on the porch. Wildlife interacts a lot more than we think it does, and enjoys play. I think the crows are teasing you, hee hee hee. Ever consider a scarecrow? Or contact the people who produced that program, offer them your yard as a study ground for a fee, then buy more grass seed? 60 is a lot of crows at one time! Good luck, caw caw, hugs, Marji

by lenamae 11 Sep 2013

thanks for sharing with us I rased a little bird about a year ago and he stayed for a long time and then he got a girl friend and left with her.

by tilde01 22 Aug 2013

What a lovely story. Thanks and for the picture of your new friend.

by anangel 22 Aug 2013

Looks like he enjoys being nearby, and knows he has found good friends (YOU)! I love this picture!
Hugs, Angel

by gandu 21 Aug 2013

Beautiful flowers and one great looking crow I do not see any crows in USA

by pldc 21 Aug 2013

Wow this is awesome & good for you. Hugs Loralye

by noah 21 Aug 2013

lovely pic.thanks for sharing hugs

by cfidl 21 Aug 2013

That is amazing. My cousin used to feed a couple of ducks and they of course made themselves at home on/under their dock, and this year a couple wanted to nest in their boat! Anyways she could hand feed them and they would come when she called them.

by oaro 21 Aug 2013

you got nice picture of bird

by ajmmjs 21 Aug 2013

this is a beautiful rescue story! thanks, lynne

by haleymax 21 Aug 2013

Love watching the birds. Thanks for the picture and helping him/her.

by lidiad 21 Aug 2013

Thank you for sharing this lovely photo and your story.
Hugs, Lidia

by 02kar Moderator 21 Aug 2013

What a great picture and story.

by pennifold 21 Aug 2013

Beautiful, I love natural bird life in the garden. He looks well fed. Love Chris