by leenova54 10 Aug 2013

I forget how to get on here 1/2 the time any more! Just dropping in to say that I am still alive here. My computer and and the the computer and don't place nice anymore, They don't want to play nice anymore and I won't even let me download free designs! Do start chemo bummer my body doesn't want it so I keep having blood and platelets 1/2 the time though. Gotta get it gone, the doc said I have to get more food, I am down to 100 pounds!


by keeponsewing 21 Aug 2013

Debra, so good to hear from you. I don't get on here very much anymore, just so busy with parents. But I do want you to know I think about your often. Great pic too. ;)

by oaro 19 Aug 2013

Praying for you so glad to hear for you Love Maria

by hightechgrammy 19 Aug 2013

Hi Debra, I am so glad to hear from you. Those darn computers just don't cooperate all the time, do they! Yes, you do need to eat more food :-) Think of all those times when you tried to lose weight, and now you need to gain weight! We love you, and hope you have beautiful days. May God bless you every day of your life. Hugs, love and prayers, Jan in Colorado

by drro 18 Aug 2013

Praying for you as always Debra! Hugs and God Bless you and heal you!

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by pennifold edited 12 Aug 2013

Lovely to see you on here once again Deb. I hope you can gain some weight - I know it must be hard when you don't feel like eating. There is some great advice given by the Cuties below. You are an inspiration to me and I pray for you every night before I retire. I'm sure you are aware of all the prayers that are being said for you around the world.

Day by day, Day by day, Oh Dear Lord, Three things I pray, To see thee more clearly, Love thee more dearly, Follow thee more nearly, Day by Day.

Love Chris

Luke 1:37 " For with God nothing is impossible". KJV

by airyfairy 12 Aug 2013

Great to see you here again on Cute. It is so difficult to eat when you do not have the interest in food. Big hugs Sarah.

by bowlds 11 Aug 2013

I am glad to see you online Debra! I could fatten you up....I seem to be good at that! When I went thru chemo, salty things were all that tasted good to me. Hugs, Cathy

by anangel 11 Aug 2013

Hi, Debra! So great for you to keep in touch, even though I know you feel poorly! Wish you were at my house, I would try to fatten you! I don't seem to eat much, but still getting fatter; guess I need to "exercise"!! I suppose lifting my fork to my mouth, doesn't count! LOL
You're still my inspiration, and my prayers for you are ongoing! A few of the Cuties have given you some good tips. My nephew said the sherbert ice cream tasted good to him, when nothing else did; try it!
Hugs, Angel

by cfidl 11 Aug 2013

You gotta do what the doc says. Please eat as much as you can. I am so glad you came by today. Time to kick this thing out once and for all. You are amazing Deb.

by noah 11 Aug 2013

wow 100 pounds come on over i am good at making people fat .lol Think of u often Carolyn

by manami 11 Aug 2013

Dear Debra, I think of you so often, I'm sorry you are going through such difficult times. Please try to eat more. You are in my prayers. Love and hugs, Yoriko

by graceandham 11 Aug 2013

Lee, my sister said the only thing that didn't smell wrong and that she could keep down during chemo was orange sherbet ice cream. Give it a try! Also, sometimes she could eat something if she didn't have to smell it cooking, so her sweet hubby grilled a lot. Do what you have to, but no point in beating the cancer if you get so skinny you slide down the drain in the bathtub.

by diamondfowler 11 Aug 2013

Been worried about you and so sorry your going through so much,just keep]

the Lord in charge of things, you do have to eat more food

by twee 11 Aug 2013

so good to hear from you. Hugs and prayers

by aleene 10 Aug 2013

So glad to see u here again. I know how hard it is to eat while doing chemo, but try hard. I am pulling for you

by gerryvb 10 Aug 2013

good to see you here again. Hope somebody can help you with the computer, hugs and prayers for you.

by camylow 10 Aug 2013

it would be nice if you could talk to someone in churches about your computer..there is always people that love to help out without a charge....
Glad to see you are cream adds weight..believe me I know...mashed potatoes are easy to swallow and they are carbs so that will help...add gravy on there also...again try churches...ours has a helping group for people that are going through sickness or family issues...loves and hugs..deanna

by holly12 10 Aug 2013

So glad to hear from you. Wish you felt better, but hopefully in time. Why don't you try some Ensure to gain weight or Glucerna if your sugars are up. Good luck and keep up the good work. Arlene

by rescuer Moderator 10 Aug 2013

Dear Debra I am so sorry you are having such trouble. I would be happy to help your computer behave.
I know it is hard to eat while you feel so sick. Perhaps if you eat something -- even a little something and you eat all day healthy foods but also, eat as many foods as you can.
I find myself wishing I could be next-door to all the Cuties but especially those in need. My prayers for you continue.

by mary51 10 Aug 2013

I am soo sooo happy to read your post!!!! hang in there brave lady! You are always in my prayers.

by jrob Moderator 10 Aug 2013

Wish I could cook for you and bring you a dish....That's a heck of a way to loose weight!
I am happy to see you here and continue to pray for you and your miraculous recovery.
Hugs and happy thoughts.

by jussyc 10 Aug 2013

Good to hear from you Debra, have you tried kicking it? :)

by lidiad 10 Aug 2013

Lovely to see you, dear Debra! I would suggest you to eat not only dessert but also fruit, as you can digest them quickly and give you vitamins and other goodies you need.
Love and hugs,


by 02kar Moderator 10 Aug 2013

It is so good to hear from you. You remain in my prayers. I guess your computer is unhappy about the chemo too. Have an extra bite of food for me.

by michemb 10 Aug 2013

Nice to see you here Debra, you are always in my prayers, darn those computers, we either love them or hate them lol. You are an inspiration to us all, your strength, determination and courage are beyond words.
I agree with Bettina, just eat desserts, it's not often we can do that,
hugs always

by toet 10 Aug 2013

Hi Debra, I am now walking in your shoes, I hope that I can be as strong as you. I have just had my computer fixed, hopefully no more hissy fits. I have been searching for beanies, have not found any nice ones yet. My hair goes down to my bottom, I will be getting it cut off rather than wait till it falls out. Big hugs Heather, remember little steps

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camylow by camylow 10 Aug 2013

If you cut it now. then you can have a real hair wig made up and it would be yours...prayers and hugs deanna

by ansalu 10 Aug 2013

Hello sweetie, wonderful to see your avatar. Have hoped that one of your sons could fix your computer. It's bad if you cannot get connected with the rest of us...
So now you can eat chocolate and ice-cream and dessert first all the time ;o)
Hugs to you my dear, Bettina

by spendlove Moderator 10 Aug 2013

Glad to see you Debra. Wish I were closer then I would come and give your computer a stern talking to.