by toogie ( edited 26 May 2014 ) 01 Aug 2013

Suedewsbury's Baby Elephant-I was so excited to try Sue's baby elephant,since my hoop is a 4x4, and I have never made a softee.I love her! I made her into a pacifier holder, by adding a ribbon as her tail.I intended to st the ribbon in with the seam, when I replaced the first half of elephant, but of course,I forgot.I had to sew it securely by hand,before I stuffed her.Sue stressed that she hand tacked her halves together, to align them, before sewing last st out. This is extremely important. Mine were off a little so I had to resew around on my regular sewing machine,and I still have a few sts showing on her back.However all babies are not born perfect, we love them unconditionally.Thank you Sue for your baby elephant, to my baby Elanora.Also, you can find the butterfly font at Embroidery All Sorts.I stitched just the letter on one side and then when I reversed Sue's Elephant,I stitched the b-fly in reverse.The last 2 photos are before resewing and stuffing, and shown as an example, of what happens when you don't align well.I hope you try Sue's design and thank her for this gift.I think you will like it as much as I do.-Toogie


by spendlove Moderator 03 Aug 2013


by spendlove Moderator 03 Aug 2013


by lidiad 03 Aug 2013

That's adorable, and a great idea too.
Hugs, Lidia

by de105 03 Aug 2013

Very cute and I like the initial on the side and the tail . I have to try this.

by marianb 03 Aug 2013

She realy looks great, will have to have ago this afternoon

by capoodle 02 Aug 2013

Adorable and like how you added designs for the new little one.

by greytgirl 01 Aug 2013

Your little elephant is adorable. And, what a clever idea to use it to hold a pacifier!

by rsehorse 01 Aug 2013

Looks great and thanks for the stitching tips Hugs, Susan

by lenamae 01 Aug 2013

so pretty I know she will love it.
Hug lenamae

by oaro 01 Aug 2013

very nice

by nu2embroidery 01 Aug 2013

E is for excellent job

by dchamberssc 01 Aug 2013

great idea and super cute pattern

by annyn 01 Aug 2013

Very nice. Well done.

by zoefzoef 01 Aug 2013

cute !

by sewdeb 01 Aug 2013

Wow, you sure a quick! Great job! He (she?) is adorable!

by dailylaundry 01 Aug 2013

Great job and thanks for sharing all the pics! He is adorable!! Hugs, Laura*

by joansatx 01 Aug 2013

very cute!

by mad14kt 01 Aug 2013

So CUTE ;D *2U

by highlandermom 01 Aug 2013

Great idea using as a pacifier holder. I hope to try for couple older kids as I love all Sues little stuffed animals.

by laffma1 01 Aug 2013

She is just darling!!

by noah 01 Aug 2013

So very cute i love it hugs:):)

by tiger007 01 Aug 2013

very, very nice. Cute

by basketkase 01 Aug 2013

What a terrific job you have done with Sue's design.......I love seeing the creative juices flowing!!

by phi4 01 Aug 2013

Thanks for your helpful hints.I like the idea of pacifier holder too.I am going to have to make some.

by babolucia 01 Aug 2013

I love the idea of pacifier holder. Good job!

by dragonflyer 01 Aug 2013

Sooo, both did a great job! Love the 'tail'... We are so lucky to have so many talented Cuties here that are also so generous with their talents!!!

by shirley124 01 Aug 2013

Well done. You have done a great job with baby elephant. Love the idea of making it intoa pacifier holder. Shirley

by justsew 01 Aug 2013

fantasic idea, she is very cute.
hugs pam

by hermione54 01 Aug 2013

Hello, it's very cute and the ribbon is a good idea, congratulations.
Sorry, i have make a mistake for the place of my comment. I'm not very wake up.

by carolpountney 01 Aug 2013

Oh how cute

by allmine99 01 Aug 2013

Good effort for first try!

by yvonnevanwerkhoven 01 Aug 2013

Very cute...great job

by pldc 01 Aug 2013

Oh my goodness Toogie this is so cute I love that you made it into a paci holder too, hugs Loralye I may have to try one too

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hermione54 by hermione54 01 Aug 2013

Hello, it's very cute and the ribbon is a good idea, congratulations.