by leenova54 12 Jul 2013

Just an update. Was in the hospital for 2 1/2 days, nasty infection on the side of my foot, finally healing. Can't do chemo till it heals so I am in limbo waiting. More antibiotics and all that good stuff then started having panic attacks in the mornings so on a pill to help that. I am just a mess and my poor 77 year old parents are constantly running for me. My sons should be doing more but trying to help when they live an hour away is hard on them since they live over and hour away and both work. My Dad doesn't under why they can't drop everything and be here when I really am not what I call sick and don't feel I need someone here constantly. Am talking to the chemo doc on the 17th then see what she thinks cause she doesn't seem to want me to get hospice. I'll try to keep you posted but my computer keeps being a brat and crashing. Hugs to all Cuties!


by shirlener88 18 Jul 2013

Praying for you my dear. So sorry to hear of the trouble with your foot and the panic attacks.

by holly12 17 Jul 2013

Hi, So glad to hear from you. Wish you lived closer, I'd come over & help or just be a friend. Pray for you every night.Keep a stiff upper lip as you always do. Arlene

by basketkase 16 Jul 2013

Oh Debra, so happy to hear from you......I have experienced panic attacks and they are no fun, indeed!! You poor dear, you have had so much handed to you in the past several years. You are one of the strongest women I know and I admire your perseverance in the face of all these adversities!! Thoughts and prayers are with you!

by camylow 15 Jul 2013

Sure wish you had someone close to you....if I wasn't clear across the states Id be there in an instant....Many hugs and prayers ...deanna

by aleene 15 Jul 2013

BIG HUG!! Hope you are feeling better today. Prayers being said for you

by ssampsel 15 Jul 2013

hope you are feeling a bit better being at home instead of the hospital. you have been one of my very favorite people ever since i joined here. you have uplifted me with your no-nonsense opinions and your amazing personal strength.

by manami 14 Jul 2013

Dear Debra, I'm sorry you are going through difficult times. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. With my love, Yoriko

by twee 14 Jul 2013

So good to see your smiling face. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Do you belong to a church? People in my church are so good to support those who need comfort. There is also an organization in our area that sends visitors to the shut-ins to help lift their spirits. I wonder if there would be something like that in your area. You could surely benefit from a little kindness and love, and it would help lift the burden a bit for your parents. They love you so much they would do anything for you, what a blessing to have them.

by lidiad 14 Jul 2013

Thank you for your update, dear Debra. Hope that the infection is healing well, Love and hugs, Lidia

by noah 14 Jul 2013

hello Deb,I am praying for u big hugs Carolyn

by zoefzoef 14 Jul 2013

Hi Deb, I hope the infection is healing properly and you do not to take more medicines as needed. I hope the doctor can help you further on the 17th. It is wonderfull that your parents help you, it will be hard for them too. For sure it is not easy for your children. One hour drive (one way) and then back is not easy too, especially when they work and have a family too.But like said, maybe you can skype with them ? or together they can work out a system to visit you on a regular base ? hope this all works out better for you.Hugs and prayers sent. Linda

by jrob Moderator 14 Jul 2013

Hey Darlin' Deb!
Sorry about the foot. It kind of put a damper on your dancing for awhile. Your sweet daddy just wants to keep taking care of his little girl. Perfectly normal and perfectly precious. Just try thanking him for his concern and tell him you told the boys you'd call when you need them and you don't just now.
Can't wait to hear what your chemo doc says so be sure and come back and let us know. Still praying daily for you, my friend.
I am attaching a picture that if you can, print off and just show it to your computer. I don't think any other words will be necessary. Hugs and love! Jerrilyn

by susiesembroidery 14 Jul 2013

Lots of hugs and kisses to you, dear Debra!!! I hope you will soon be well enough for more Chemo. One really feel to be self supportive as long as possible. I hope your health improve, and give that computer a kick so that it can operate propeerly and we can share more with our dear friend (LOL) Lovies and best wishes, Susie.

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susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 14 Jul 2013

sorry! That should read "properly". Yea, it is old age (or that is what they call it!!!hahaha).

by beatie58 14 Jul 2013

Debra, lovely to see your smiling face, hope you can get your foot infection under control and that you get good news on the 17th and are able to continue your chemo. You are such a wonderfully positive person I think of you daily. Huge cyber hugs Sally

by graceandham 13 Jul 2013

Also, am praying about that infection but especially about the panic attacks - could be some of the medications.... Know that we care about your recovery and love hearing from you.

by dennis999 13 Jul 2013

So sorry to learn of your recent hospitalisation with the foot infection but more concerned to learn that this has put back your chemo treatment. It is a difficult situation between your parents and your sons but as you say, it is not always easy for them to drop everything, given the distances. Having said that, I can also understand your own parents point of view.

Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to chat quietly with either or both of your sons about your situation and your concerns for your parents. Sometimes, we can be a bit reluctant to actually ask for help, not wanting (as we see it) to impose on people but perhaps the time has come for you to ease up on the personal pride and ask your sons for their support.

I hope that I have not imposed my thoughts into your private family life but sometimes it takes an outsider to point the way through the trees. Above all, I do hope that life gets a whole lot better for you very soon.

by graceandham 13 Jul 2013

Good to see you popping in to check up on us! (It's still the same old foolishness.

by gerryvb 13 Jul 2013

so good to see your picture here. Hope the infection will be over soon. Hope you will get a lot of help soon, with the house, and with your computer. You are a wonderful lady, My prayers and hugs for you,Gerry

by sdrise 13 Jul 2013

Big hugs and prayers to you Deb. Hope the foot heals fast so you can get back on schedule. Stop in when ever you can. We love hearing from you!! HUGS!!

by cfidl 13 Jul 2013

Your doctor has tremendous confidence in you to think you can do the house and your treatment and and and. I pray your needs are met without stress on your parents. Blessings to you.

by airyfairy 13 Jul 2013

Dear Debra - you have been through so much, I am just amazed at your strength. You know that all your friends here think about you constantly and I know that I am not alone in sending you love and hugs. Sarah.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Jul 2013

Debra you are such a champion.
I am wondering if there might be something other than hospice available to you. Someone that comes in once a day and does some of the chores or maybe just a cup of tea or the like. Some insurances allow for home care.
As far as you computer being a brat, may be a "time out" will do the trick. Try it maybe he will cooperate
I am sending hugs, hugs and more hugs. Hope you feel better soon.

by pennifold 12 Jul 2013

It's always delightful to see your posts Debra. I too hope that your body heals so that you can continue with your next bout of chemo.

I'm sure that your parents don't mind doing things for you - after all that's what us parents do and I hope the boys can come up on the weekend to help you out a bit. It's hard when families are working as you have to wait on their free time to be with them.

In the meantime, I hope your computer starts to behave, they are great when they work, but oh! the inconvenience when things go wrong. Hold in there, you are one of my heroines too. I pray for you every night. Love and blessings Chris

by oaro 12 Jul 2013

glad to hear from you Hugs and prayers for you Maria

by haleymax 12 Jul 2013

Send it to it's room without supper? Maybe that would help it to understand that is not the way to behave.

by devon 12 Jul 2013

Hang in there sis. Sending hugs and prayers your way!!!!

by shilly 12 Jul 2013

Maybe the cat can help?!!!

by shilly 12 Jul 2013

You certainly do not lead a boring life, do you? I am very impressed at how you handle things; most of us would find it difficult to manage half of your also impressed by your parents who are such a great support in your life and do understand that our children have a limited amount of energy working and doing daily tasks but they still mange to help you out. I expect it's a great feeling to have them in your life too. Having funny visions of your computer crashing and acting you've made me laugh...

by mary51 12 Jul 2013

I am glad to see your post. You are so positive!!! an example for all of us. God bless you!

by anangel 12 Jul 2013

Here's a big HUG for my heroine, YOU!! I empathize with you, and wish so much I could alleviate the difficult struggles you have dealt with for so long in such a positive way. Most could not handle a portion of what you have and keep going! The Lord has a purpose and reason for all we endure in this life, and I know we are not to question Him, but I also know that the going gets so tough at times, it is difficult not to! Hang in there, Debra, and know you are loved and cared about so deeply! My prayers continue for better days and smiles for you!

by grandmamek 12 Jul 2013

Deb. It is nice to see your post. I do hope your infection improves so that you may continue with your chemo and other meds. Let us know what your Dr. says on the 17th. I think of you every day and you are coninuely in my prayers daily. Hugs, Mary

by sboo 12 Jul 2013

Please take care, you are in my thoughts every day. Sorry I don't live closer we could keep each other from having panic attacks. Ended up in the hospital Sat. for the last one I had. No fun.. Hang in there. Shirley

by ansalu 12 Jul 2013

Sweetie I'm thinking on you every day. Hope you get your medication and the side effects under control. Did you still plan to sell the house?
Keep my fingers crossed for you on the 17th :o)
Hugs to you, Bettina

by debswebster 12 Jul 2013

Thinking if you Deb, and praying all goes well. Hugs across the miles. xxx

by michemb 12 Jul 2013

Hang in Deb, you are always in my prayers and I hope things improve a bit for you

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Jul 2013

Debra dear have a cyber hug. Sorry to hear that life is not too good at the moment but will think positive thoughts that it is now on the up for you. At least your sons are not far away even though they are not with you more

by rescuer Moderator 12 Jul 2013

Continued prayers for you and hugs