by Janus48 25 May 2013

To any of you who are vision impaired (or live with someone who is) I have found that my 91 year old dad can heat his food or drink in the microwave unassisted. I got a few of those sticky back velcro dots and placed them on the flat numerical pad. One on the "cook time" on the "start" on "clear" and then one on the "one"...This allows him to heat for 11 seconds or 1 minute 11 seconds. He says it works great for him now.


by eggyannie 26 May 2013

thank you so much for this tip and thank you for helping him keep some of his independance

by juanitadenney 26 May 2013

Thanks for sharing this neat clever idea.

by graceandham 26 May 2013

If you're in the US, for other helpful ideas, contact your state agency for the blind and visually impaired and they can give you lots of ideas as well as some catalog resources (and probably online) for equipment. Also, check with a local public school teacher of the visually impaired who can tell you lots, too, such as computer software, etc. There are many resources out there, but sometimes we don't know how to connect.

by shirlener88 25 May 2013


by gerryb 25 May 2013

Great ideal & tks for sharing!

by lidiad 25 May 2013

Great idea!
Hugs, Lidia

by rachap 25 May 2013

Wonderful idea & I'm sure it helps your Dad keep his independance.

by 02kar Moderator 25 May 2013

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

by pennifold 25 May 2013

That's a brilliant idea. I love all the little extra things we can do now for our vision impaired people. Love Chris

by sewilso 25 May 2013

What a wonderful idea!! Thank you for sharing!

by noah 25 May 2013

yes here in Canada the cnib (the Blind) sale these and a steal thing u put over a cup and when u pore coffee it beeps that it is full.Works well.They got lots of things in their book to help people like my hubby out ,when Moms not around lol hugs

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noah by noah 25 May 2013

I forgot to say thank-you:(:( hugs

by debswebster 25 May 2013

How very thoughtful of you to figure this out for your dear Dad. I am sure it will be helpful for both of you!!