by bonnetgirl 15 Aug 2012

Today I received a call at 6 am. It is the worst nightmare I have ever had. My 2 year old great grand baby passed. We don't know how yet. Her grandpa is an EMT and raced home from work and got there first. He gave her cpr but didn't do any good. God has a new little angel but our heart is broken.


by dkrob39 25 Aug 2012

Only prayers & God's strength can help you I can't imagine losing one so young & precious I will be praying for you I had a tragedy in my life recently that I am dealing with it is so difficult I wouldn't have made it thus far without his strength!!

by meganne 25 Aug 2012

I am so sorry I did not see this earlier to express my deepest, heartfelt, sympathy to you and your family. I am truly at a loss to finds the words, for there are none that could possibly console you.
Such a devastating tragedy and happening so suddenly, all I can do is pray for Him to give you all, the strength you will need to get you through this.
my heart aches for you.

by katydid 22 Aug 2012

I am so sorry.

by sissibrode 22 Aug 2012

I'm so so so sorry for your loss........what a terrible ordeal for you and your family!!!

I will pray for you*

by rsehorse 22 Aug 2012

This is so difficult. Words, there are none.... How awful. My heart goes out to you. This is so sad, I know I have been there.

by momhome 21 Aug 2012

I am just now reading this, and my heart broke for you. I am so sorry - words can not express it. Just know that many many prayers have been sent your way. God does indeed have a beautiful angel with him.

by debswebster 21 Aug 2012

This is truly an unimaginable tragedy. I am dreadfully sorry for you and your family.

by 2newbie 20 Aug 2012

sorry for your loss,you and your family are in my prayers.

by mary51 20 Aug 2012

Such a bad news! My prayers are for all of you! God will give you the strenght!

by marron1 20 Aug 2012

so sorry for your loss ....

by pldc 19 Aug 2012

oh my deepest sympathy to you & yours! How very shocking for you all!Hugs & prayers Loralye

by carlson 19 Aug 2012

Wow yes this is one nightmare I wish you could wake up from. Wish I had the words to say that could help but it is always helpful to know that they never are gone for they are always with us in our hearts.
Take care dear one and my prayers and deep sympathy are with you. :.{

by brendaleas 19 Aug 2012

My prayers are being sent to help you and your family at this time of loss. I will say a special prayer for her mother and father too. Love and hugs.

by zoefzoef 19 Aug 2012

How sorry for you and your family and friends. It is soo hard when a life ends in the begining. It is so untrue. Sending you all the strenght and prayers. Take care.

by lidiad 19 Aug 2012

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers and hugs to you and your family.

by maleah 19 Aug 2012

May the Lord be with you in the time of sorrow.

by judybell 19 Aug 2012

I'm so sorry. My prayers are with you and your family. Hugs, Judy

by bevgrift 19 Aug 2012

My Deepest sympathy to your and your family.
Hugs Bev

by rescuer Moderator 18 Aug 2012

I am so sorry for your loss. That is heartbreaking! She is a beautiful angelic child. May the Lord comfort you and bless your family with peace.

by claudenicolas 18 Aug 2012

It is a so bad new, I am sorry, a great loss for all the family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you
Hugs Claude

by michemb 18 Aug 2012

Dear Joann,
Such a great loss for your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. These things are always so hard to understand, may you find the strenght to cope,

by jillian 18 Aug 2012

So, so sorry.

by drro 18 Aug 2012

Oh my! This is so sad! You and your dear family are in my prayers. Your darling is so precious! God Bless you in this time of sorrow and keep you cradled in His arms!

by sewdoctor 17 Aug 2012

I am so sorry...

by darenluan 17 Aug 2012

I'm so sorry for your loss.

by dlonnahawkins 17 Aug 2012

No matter what any of us say, it will not lesson your loss. Losing a little one hurts the entire family. Deepest sympathy to your and your family.

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aleene by aleene 17 Aug 2012

Such terrible news. my prayers are with you!

by airyfairy 17 Aug 2012

Whatever each one of us says - nothing can help the pain you and your family are going through. My thoughts are with you and the parents of such a cute little girl. This is just so sad. Hugs Sarah.

by yvonne123 17 Aug 2012

My thoughts are with you. Such terrible news.

by hightechgrammy 16 Aug 2012

Joan, I can't tell you how very sad I am for you and your family. It makes me really value each and every day, how precious life is. I just can't imagine your grief. I will pray for you and your family. Love and hugs, Jan

by obaachan 16 Aug 2012

I am so sorry for your loss ... I can't even begin to imagine your feelings ...I will ask The Great Spirit to welcome her with open arms .... and to hold you and your family in the palms of His healing hands.. to comfort, heal and to help all to cope with such a loss. Jo

by ansalu 16 Aug 2012

So sorry to read taht you lost your little star. My thought are with you...

by juanitadenney 16 Aug 2012

Sorry for your loss she is a little cutie. It is always so hard losing a loved one especially when they are so young and haven't gotten to have a wonderful fullfilling life. Our prayers are with your family.

by jerrib 16 Aug 2012

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I am filled with tears at your loss. I am sure God will surround her with his loving arms, but still hard to understand the reason why such a little beauty is taken before her time.
My prayers are with you all.
Warm hugs and love

by lflanders 16 Aug 2012

Today God received a beautiful child to grace his kingdom. He will help you through all of this but this is something that you will never get rid of in your heart. Of course we do not understand why but in your heart, you do know that she is in a beautiful place and someday you and the rest of the family will meet again. I am sure the pain is overbearing right now but it will not be long before it will deminish some and the heartache will ease and one day you will be able to say her name and remember the good times and still be able to smile because a beautiful angel touched your lives with so very much love! Our Lord had other plans for her. She is one of the chosen ones to grace his wonderful Kingdom. I am so very sorry that you and the rest of the family has to feel this horrible loss but I will pray that comfort will soon come to all of you. Many prayers. Hugs Linda

by susiesembroidery 16 Aug 2012

May you find courage and love in the knowledge that God always does what is right. May His peace be upon you and His sweet caress give you strength. My heart aches for you. Hugs and ****roses

by lique 16 Aug 2012

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Aug 2012

Joann I am so so sorry. My heart truly aches for you.

by cfidl 16 Aug 2012

Sad news this morning. My sympathies to you and your family. Christine

by sdrise 16 Aug 2012

What a doll!... My sympathies go out to you and your family. Suzanne

by lbrow 16 Aug 2012

How precious she is! Oh but to know she is in a wonderful place now. I have learned that the only peace and comfort we have comes from God. Others say they know our heartache but you have to experience the same thing to really understand the pain in another's heart. I know how it feels to experience the warmth of God and his angels around you, comforting you so my prayer is this for you. Know she is in a far better place now and this world has very little to offer compared to heaven./ Much love to you, Lillian

by grandmamek 16 Aug 2012

My sincere condolences to you and all your family. She was such a little sweetheart and taken so early. Only God knows the reasoning for this. May he be with you during this tragic difficult time in your life. Hugs and love, Mary

by anangel 16 Aug 2012

My heart goes out to all your family, and you have my deepest sympathy! She is definitely a beautiful angel taken too soon.
Hugs and prayers,

by pennifold 16 Aug 2012

Dear Joann, I was so shocked to read this sad news and also had tears in my eyes. I cannot fathom the pain of such loss of one so young. I see that she was the light in her grandfather's eyes too. My deepest sympathy and lots of hugs through cyberspace for you all. God certainly has another angel to watch over us. Love and blessings Chris

by marthie 16 Aug 2012

Oh this is so sad and tragic. Be strong in this difficult times

by spendlove Moderator 16 Aug 2012

My heart goes out to you. (((((((Hugs))))))

by almag 16 Aug 2012

With great sadness I've read of your awful loss. Thoughts of comfort and, eventually, understanding and acceptance for you and your family are winging your way from DownUnder.
With much love at this tragic time .... Alma.

by terriweistra 16 Aug 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family sweetheart.

by janetedna 16 Aug 2012

So sorry. I can't imagine the pain. Jan

by sadp 15 Aug 2012

I am so, so sorry to read about your loss, my prayers to you and her parents...there is one more angel in heaven... May God be with you and grant you strength in this difficult time, hugs S*

by parkermom 15 Aug 2012

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this heartbreaking time.

by lucypiwow 15 Aug 2012


by christracey 15 Aug 2012

Sorry to hear of this sad news. May God bless you all & be with.

by leenova54 15 Aug 2012

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this, no parent (or grand parent) should have to bury their child! She was a little beauty. No words can convey how saddened I am by hearing this. I have no grands and don't think I will. Hugs to you and the family for your loss.

by shirley124 15 Aug 2012

So sorry to hear of your loss. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling. My thougths and prayers are with you at this very sad time. I am sure she will be another beautiful angel up there with some little nieces I have lost in the past. Hugs Shirley

by nanabs 15 Aug 2012

Words seem to fail me after reading this. I'm so sorry for your loss and sending Prayers to you all in the difficult time. She is so precious.

by nonna57 15 Aug 2012

Am saddened to hear of your loss. Please pass on condolances to all family. Pauline Australia

by theduchess 15 Aug 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with you.Sorry for your loss. Stella

by nannynorfolk 15 Aug 2012

Oh, i have tears in my eyes as i read this- my heartfelt deepest sympathy for you all - such a beautiful little girl - hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Aug 2012

It is so difficult to know what to say but I am thinking about you and your family at this time

by clawton 15 Aug 2012

So sorry to hear about the loss in your family. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

by capoodle 15 Aug 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this saddest of times.

by jrob Moderator 15 Aug 2012

I am so very, very sorry. I cannot imagine the pain that you and your family must be feeling. I pray that God gives you peace and heals your heart. I wish that I could give you a hug, but I'll just have to send you one from here.

by elizabethak 15 Aug 2012

i am so sorry to hear this - just a gentle reminder how precious our children are - love them as they are only on loan from God,
God be with you
Elizabeth AK

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 15 Aug 2012

This is the truth. Love them like there is no tomorrow. Thank you I know God will see us through this.

by marjialexa Moderator 15 Aug 2012

Dear Lord, my breath caught in my throat when I read this!! Yes, that truly must be the worst nightmare, I cannot begin to imagine. She is such a beautiful child, I am so sorry for you, and her parents must be just devestated. How I pray you all can get through this. What a tragedy! My biggest, best hugs, for what it's worth, Marji

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 15 Aug 2012

I know we will be alright but she was the light in her grandpa's eyes. Her mom and Dad are not involved in her life.