by tonilee 22 Jun 2012

good morning cuties, i keep thing about getting a singer featherweight made in the 40s and early 50s as of yet i haven't found one. any thoughts on these machines


by momhome 23 Jun 2012

They are used a lot by quilters because they are so light weight and can be easily carried to where they are going to quilt that day. I have one that has a carrying case, all the attachments (like button-holer, pleater, etc, etc) and the table it sets in. I won't part with it for anything.

I understand they are in great demand. The best I can suggest is to look on ebay, craigs list (if you are in the states), and watch auction listings. Goodluck.

by sandyqueen 22 Jun 2012

The metal featherweights were built from about 1937 TO 1963. Anything after that date is not the original featherweight. Then came the plastic ones. Watch what is called featherweight and don't be fooled.


by almag 22 Jun 2012

I have two. One sews perfectly and the other one does, too, but it tends to send the fabric off at a tangent and that one needs to be adjusted. I love them just for patchwork but they're wonderful for simple, ordinary sewing. Carrying them to patchwork classes is a breeze. They create quite a stir these days from other classmates. I took one to a quilt camp a couple of years ago and sewed on it for the first night. Then I swapped over to my big machine once the novelty wore off - I am spoiled because I have a big computerised machine that thinks for me, it's fast, does the needle-down thing and ties and cuts off the threads at the end of the sewing.
I do know for sure that if I didn't have a Featherweight I'd be searching all the time for one and I'd buy it just to have it. They are solid-feeling, reliable, pretty much indestructible in normal use and so light..... but they are what we'd call, these days, basic.

by theduchess 22 Jun 2012

I own 3. These are FABULOUS!One was mine (Since the year 1)One was Mom's and the 3rd was my Aunt's.I adore it. Great for quilting and a whiz on jeans!Great to carry to class.No fancy stitches, has ruffler,and zipper foot.But it's a breeze for thick projects.Mine is set up next to the embroidery machine, always ready to go. I do not oil-grease it with the Singer stuff. I use modern oil -BreakFree CLP This from any gun store-(Academy)
This is better.Runs like a hot knife on Butter.

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sandyqueen by sandyqueen 22 Jun 2012

Amazing Duchess, twin stories. You know a good thing.


by sandyqueen 22 Jun 2012

I have RA so my featherweight is my take to classes where straight stitch is only thing needed. It weighs 13 lbs case and attachments. My favorite presser foot is the ruffle one. I had mine since 80's, mom wanted one so hubby got her one which is now his, aunt wanted one so he found her one. They sew wonderfully like when new. They are made of metal. You can tell year made and which factory by going to Singer web site. Parts readily available. Try Ebay as daughter got one there.


by dec716 22 Jun 2012

I just bought one on ebay for just over $250
watched and waited a long time to get that price on the 1941 model i wanted. Great condition! My reason was to replace one my family had but got lost.
They do sew beautifully.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Jun 2012

I donated mine to a museum in North Dakota. I love my computerized machines too much to go back to it.

by shirley124 22 Jun 2012

I have one, but I don't use it. I have it on display along with another machine about 110 years old. There is one the same in our local museum. Shirley

by aleene 22 Jun 2012

I saw one in a flea market about a week ago it was priced at $450.00.

by jenne 22 Jun 2012

I have one, mine is an old one It's in a small case, but you can still bye them new they are the best ever for carry to a class and just straight sewing no fancy stitches.

by lbrow 22 Jun 2012

They are pretty much collector items now. I had one in the 50s and wish I still had it. I loved it!. It was given to me a a gift in Ca. and traveled many, many miles with me back home to Ga.. No fancy stitches back then just plain good sewing and no problems. So portable. Good luck on finding one/Lillian

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theduchess by theduchess 22 Jun 2012

Lil,In my quilt group -24 ladies-We all own one or 2.Great, light weight easy to carry.

by dollygk 22 Jun 2012

I haven't searched for a machine in quite a while but while living in Kuwait in the late 60's had bought a Singer 'Princess' that was featherweight. There are mini machines for simple sewing/mending sold in Walmart and Target that are just like toys, so funny to lift them! Good Luck!!

by lidiad 22 Jun 2012