by bevgrift 18 Jun 2012

Who has recuperated all that they have spent on this wonderful Embroidery Hobby, and are genuinely making a profit.

I shudder to try a correct calculation on all that I have spent on supplies alone.
How many Items/designs would I have to sell?
I do not feel good about the amount of money it has cost me, even if I am having the best of fun.
Hugs Bev


by mranderson 22 Jun 2012

All I can say this hobby is cheaper than a psychiatrist. That's my story and I am sticking to it. heeheehee. Hugs Marg

by 1sewnsew 22 Jun 2012


by theduchess 22 Jun 2012

Don't even go there.Cheaper than other stuff though!Went shopping with a friend for a new handbag, WOW!You won't see me wearing Gucchi

by gerryb 19 Jun 2012

I shudder to think how much I am in the hole!! Make money? Are we supposed to? I do make a LITTLE bit, but not as much as I spend. But it's cheaper than golf fees!! (Tell that to your hubbies!)

by bevintex 19 Jun 2012

I have always done some sort of crafting long before I discovered machine embroidery. They all run into money for the supplies ,you always need just one more product or gadget or bottle of something. I don't worry about what it costs. I buy what I can afford and no one is going without because of my hobbies. I do it for me and because it makes me happy. I just like to create new things and to be able to say i made it myself. And to share with family and friends, that is the best part.

by mooie24 19 Jun 2012

for me began as a Hobby..I made money.. bought more.. made more money and bought more lol..
I have two sides to mine now.. my business side and my personel side.. lucky for me my business side pays for my hobby side, but at times my business side is so busy that my personell items go to the bottom of the list so I have to priortise my hours but im in profit and doing really well so cannot moan lol.. . Big hugs from London - Maria xx

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mooie24 by mooie24 19 Jun 2012

Just to add most of my first peices of work.. came as gifts for babies ect.. i make sure as many people see the item before giving thus advertising my creations.. I have had so many orders from this method lol

by sewfrenzie 19 Jun 2012

Its a hobby for me. I thought about selling my things, but realized I would be spending more than I could make. I AM fortunate enough to have more material than I know what to do with. I just have to figure out what to make from much of it, lol! I don't buy blanks, I make my own since I "inherited" about 10 boxes of material, it was actually 25 but I donated the other 15 to a church that they make sundresses for a mission somewhere in Africa. I have a total of at least 30 bins and boxes of several different types of material to use up. So my machine, thread, zippers, etc are my main expenses. Enjoy yourself and if a few items sell, well good for you, but I wouldn't focus all my energy on making money from your hobby. You'll spend more on materials (fabric, blanks, thread, zippers, stablizers, etc., etc.) than you'll make.

by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

I will never be able to recupe all I have spent over the last 5 years as I do most of my embroidery projects as gifts for my friends and family and wall as school Fetes for my grandkids. Hugs Joyce

by mislynx2 19 Jun 2012

I am still at the starting point - I do hope to start selling soon - however not thinking of major profits just enough to maintain my supplies with maybe a bit leftover - it's a hobby that I love - making some cash would be a bonus.

hugs mislyn

by pinon 19 Jun 2012

It's my hobby, not my business and I've never sold a thing. I enjoy making for others, it's fun and I'm sure there are other more expensive hobbies out there. (What, I couldn't tell you. LOL)

by bevgrift 19 Jun 2012

Thank you dear Cuties for all the responses.
They all confirm that it is a bottomless pit.
So I decided not a penny more.
I have some nice (16) quilts to finish up. I was trying to practice freehand quilting them. A slow improvement now.
Then I am going back to my Knitting Machines ( they paid for themselves in no time). I am also good at dressmaking but this new embroidery has kept me busy.
I will put all the Embroidery on hold for now.
Happy Stitching!
Hugs Bev

by blueeyedblonde 18 Jun 2012

I have spent a fair bit and yes, I will get some back. However, it is a hobby and I now get asked to do a few things (when I get asked I get paid - so that helps towards supplies). When you see the look on people's faces when you give them something you made - that makes it all worthwhile!
When you do something up as a gift, you do it with love/pride in what you do. Remember, that if you went out and bought something for someone, it would probably cost you more!
I've been finding lots of things at garage sales that I can use - nice tablecloth, with nothing on it, so embroider on it and it is transformed!
Just enjoy what you do as a lot of people don't have a hobby or haven't found something they enjoy or are good at - and you're ahead of that!

by zoefzoef 18 Jun 2012

I think that's why it is called hobby, and not work. You never can get out what you have paid for. But should this be the case ? I don't think so. If you can't relax yourself, you get sick, depressed,...and than you need to go to the doctor, take pills,... cost also lots of money..better spent it on your hobby !

by rsehorse 18 Jun 2012

Oh please lets not go there. (our DH's might be looking) We do it because we LOVE it. Enough said. Hugs to all, Susan

by pennyhal 18 Jun 2012

When I first started ME I bought a ton of thread. In order to pay for it all, I started monogramming napkins. I sold enough to pay for it and make a small profit which I spent buying more thread. Then, my goal changed. I started doing ME as a hobby. I became focused on doing it for fun! Now it's just spend spend spend.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jun 2012

For me, money doesn't even come into play. I just enjoy the smiles my gifts bring. That is my payment.

by pcteddyb 18 Jun 2012

I don't expect to ever make a profit on the entire lot. I am doing a craft show here and there and I work to get back my supply costs for those items. Would never be able to get back the machine costs, design costs, etc. - but I am happy if I can get back the supplies cost and most importantly I ENJOY MYSELF in the process - sometimes that is the priceless part....

by kryztyna 18 Jun 2012

Hehehehehehehe would not even try to work it out on a see saw balance. Cost on one side, return on the other along with enjoyment, pleasure, fun, the thrill of collecting designs, materials, cost is sitting pretty high up in the air, and i'm purring like a cat down here with my bum in the sew sand. My advice, don't think, just enjoy!!Hugs Christine < Johannesburg

by shirley124 18 Jun 2012

Between computers and embroidery and sewing machines I would not like to even think what it has cost over the years. But I am sure some people spend far more on their hobbies than I do. I get a lot of pleasure from my hobby and I only buy what I can afford at the time.

by my3chis 18 Jun 2012

Is there any hobby that can make money? I fly R/C planes also and that's pretty pricey too. Just enjoy what you love and do what you can afford.

by pldc 18 Jun 2012

lol never, just the price of the machine alone puts me in the hole but thats not why I have it

by ezzemml 18 Jun 2012

The main profit that you get from this craft is the joy you see in others as they receive it.

by spendlove Moderator 18 Jun 2012

A hobby for me - and much cheaper than golf!

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gerryb by gerryb 19 Jun 2012

That's what I said too!!

by grandmamek 18 Jun 2012

I know I will never make a profit. But I sure am having fun. It is my retirement hobby to keep me busy and to keep my sanity!! Hugs, Mary

by justsew 18 Jun 2012

I am retired, and would be bored with out my embroidery, what I do is try to save money by making things for friends and family birthdays Christmass ect. I have a list of three thing my sister wants, how goods that?. best thing is to have fun.
Hugs Pam.

by shirlener88 18 Jun 2012

Bev, surely you don't think that you can recoop do you? Hehehe! I have had a website for almost 2 years and haven't made $500 on everything sold - how could that be a profit - with the cost of website, the business cards, designs and the embroidery supplies, let alone what my PC Program and my Embroidery Machine cost - if I ever came close to getting what I paid for 1/100 of it - it would be a miracle - but that doesn't stop me from wanting the next new and best design that I have ever seen or trying out the new items that come on the market. I love embroidery and everything that goes with it.

Now, if my husband was a golfer - I wouldn't expect him to become a Pro Golfer to get back the money that he might have spent on clubs, balls, tees or green fees. Which that I will say - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and keep on stitching. Hehehe!

shirley124 by shirley124 18 Jun 2012

What a lovely web site you have. Congratulations. Shirley

1sewnsew by 1sewnsew 22 Jun 2012

Yes, a very lovely site.

by berny 18 Jun 2012

Its just a SPEND!SPEND!SPEND!Hobby for me.I get so carried away when I see designs,fabric, can't help myself.

by terriweistra 18 Jun 2012

I have spent a fortune and have fun in the spending and making whatever I feel like. I explain to myself that it is my gift for retirement and I have fun and keep busy and supply gifts etc., Enjoy your hobby, I am sure it keeps you busy, entertained and happy and in the long run that is what counts :)

by lyns 18 Jun 2012

Nope. No profit here. For me it's a hobby and I mostly do for friends & family. I am entering a craft fair in a few weeks (at nagging from said friends & family - will let you know how it goes. Lyn. xx

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gerryb by gerryb 19 Jun 2012

If the fair doesn't work out, try your own, personal show from your home. I run one 2 days in Sept. & invite friends & tell them to bring a friend. I have things made as in a craft show, & take orders for personalized items. That has done a lot better for me than a show.

by lique 18 Jun 2012

It would be difficult to get all money out. I just try to get my running cost out (services and materials.)

by lidiad 18 Jun 2012

Recuperated? Hehehehehe.... It's my hobby and I give almost everything as gifts, keeping those items that are not really perfect, but good enough for me.
Hugs, Lidia

by kitty2011 18 Jun 2012

Not me, not a cent .... I'm still at the spending