by gramsbear 09 Jun 2012

Cuties, this is not about Embroidery, but I have been teaching my GD how to do cake decorating for about 2 years, as her family needs cakes I can no longer do. Anyway, she asked about 3 weeks ago if I would help her do a tiered cake. She hadn't done that yet & wanted to do everything herself. Me to just explain & teach. I want to show youns what she acomplished. For her first tiered cake, it is beautiful. Thanx for looking. Hugs, Judy


by gramsbear 10 Jun 2012

Thanx to all of you for such sweet words of Praise for my GD. Her name is Tamika & she is 27 yrs old. She is interested in Embroidery also. Hahaha! Hugs, Judy

by susiesembroidery 10 Jun 2012

This is a real accomplishment for your GD. Congratulations on having such a willing and able learner. You did a fine job in teaching her these skills. She will have lots of fun with it in future.***

by anangel 10 Jun 2012

She did a wonderful job, Judy, and you must be an amazing teacher, too!! I envy you that your GD spends enough time with you to learn such a great skill!! Sweet memories! And, that cakes looks really great (and tasty!)

by theduchess 10 Jun 2012

WOW! All I can say is KUDOS to the TEACHER.She will only go up on her knowledge if this is an indication.

by designgirl 10 Jun 2012

She has a real talent there. She should open a bakery specializing in cakes. How old is she? Great job.

by bonnetgirl 10 Jun 2012

She did a great job.
Hugs Joann

by jrob Moderator 10 Jun 2012

wonderful work, Grandmother. That's our jobs to teach the ones following us. Great teacher and great student.;)

by muflotex 10 Jun 2012

wow, good job you both one giving and one receiving all that wonderfull knowhow

by grandmamek 10 Jun 2012

She did a wonderful job and you are a great teacher. Hugs, Mary

by mariahail 10 Jun 2012

great job!!!! and it looks yummy!!!!*********

by nannynorfolk 10 Jun 2012

She has done a great job- better than i can do :) lol

by 1ladyb 10 Jun 2012

Very well done. I'd like a

by airyfairy 10 Jun 2012

Oh WOW. She has really done that well. Sarah.

by fabricfairy 10 Jun 2012

She did a lovely job .

by shirley124 10 Jun 2012

Love it. She did well.

by susanpsychic 10 Jun 2012

Looks good enough to eat! Also, I am thinking of making an embroidered band to put around a layer, but don't know how to do a tiered cake, or even how to decorate one, unless I was to do a FSL something or other. lol Yummy Yummy CAKE!

bevgrift by bevgrift 10 Jun 2012

We use to sugar starch lace for table deco. I found this link
Maybe what ever you emb could be used.

gramsbear by gramsbear 10 Jun 2012

Susan, when we needed a "Cake" to set one of my fountans in on a large cake, My DH came up with the idea of using styrofoam, and cutting out the center and decorating it like a cake. Everyone thot it was an actual cake. Maybe you could do something like that with lace. Hugs, Judy

by aussiequilter 10 Jun 2012

what a fantastic cake

by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Looks great. Hugs Joyce

by noah 09 Jun 2012

excellent work girls hugs:):)

by 1sewnsew 09 Jun 2012

What a great thing to do. Pass the creativity down and keep it in the family.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Jun 2012

It's a job well done

by capoodle 09 Jun 2012

She has a nice steady hand. She did and excellent job on it.

by drro 09 Jun 2012

wow! Great work!

by lidiad 09 Jun 2012

Great job! Congratulations to both of you!
Hugs, Lidia

by devon 09 Jun 2012

I have been doing this for 27 years and she has done an excellent job. My hat goes off, for the both of you!!!!! Well done. DeVon

by shirlener88 09 Jun 2012

Judy, so happy to hear you are teaching your GD - this is wonderful - how old is she? I wished my Mother would have taught me - her skills with decorating cakes. I love it.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 10 Jun 2012

Thanx Shirlene. She is 27 yrs old. Hugs...

by cfidl 09 Jun 2012

It is beautiful! God Bless the children. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jun 2012

Judy you have taught your grand daughter very well I am sure all of you are delighted by this great result

by mysew1325 09 Jun 2012

this is so nice... she did a great job..

by pldc 09 Jun 2012

My daughters & I have done cake decorating in the past & I can say without a doubt the time & effort she put into this cake is OBVIOUS! This is FANTASTIC! Judy you are a terrific teacher!Hugs Loralye