by claudenicolas 02 Jun 2012

My secret sister, I want to show here picture closeup

1- you can see the coatstand with the little fragrant bag.
2-closeup of the FSL
Thank you, all is wonderful
Hugs Claude


by brendaleas 02 Jun 2012

so pretty, well done SS, hope I am not to late next year to in on the fun.

by zoefzoef 02 Jun 2012

beautifull gifts ! Well done S Sister !

by mumzyfarm 02 Jun 2012

Sew beautiful I just love the vase where can I get the design I want to try it. hugs:}

by noah 02 Jun 2012

Love your gifts hugs:):)

by blueeyedblonde 02 Jun 2012

Beautiful job!

by shirlener88 02 Jun 2012

Miss Claude - thank you for sharing the closeup - this is lovely - I have never attempted a FSL Vase before - now I might try - it is lovely work - Way to go SS.

by cfidl 02 Jun 2012

It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

by oigelcox 02 Jun 2012

These are beautiful. Happy Birthday. Hugs joyce

by lidiad 02 Jun 2012

They are beautiful gifts! Great choice, SS!
Hugs, Lidia

by mrskiki 02 Jun 2012

Beautiful gifts. What is a coat stand? Is this another word for a coat hanger? Hugs. Nan W

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claudenicolas by claudenicolas 02 Jun 2012

You are right, I have use a bad word, I should have look in the dictionnary