by cclark 28 Apr 2012

What type of thread do you use to stitch out

battenburg lace designs? My first thought is cotton but I don't know where to find it.


by dragonflyer 30 Apr 2012

I have used serger thread for quite a bit of my "Cotton Look" FSL...and the Tavernmaker website actually recommends serger thread for their designs. Don't know why it wouldn't work for Battenberg designs...when it is sewn up it looks a lot like cotton...

by cclark 30 Apr 2012

Many thanks to everyone for your help!

by eastwitch2 29 Apr 2012

For regular Free Standing Lace a 50 weight, 2 ply cotton thread works as both the top and bobbin thread.
I would image that the 50 weight, 2 ply will work best for Battenburg FSL.

One thing to watch for is that there is lots of 50 weight cotton threads out there but most are 3 ply and may cause problems when stitching any knd of FSL designs.

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eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 29 Apr 2012

Most Quilting Cotton thread is 3 ply!

by jofrog2000 29 Apr 2012

You need to click on LACE, and halfway down the page are the battenburg doilies (some look like large snowflakes, which is what I used them for). I used marathon poly, and as delicate as they look, they need no blocking, and look super. It's all in the digitizing. These are great.

by cfidl 28 Apr 2012

I get my 50 wt. cotton from connecting threads. They have unfortuately changed their colors still the thread is good and the price is good, wait for the sale next month. LLDS!

by bevgrift 28 Apr 2012

Sewing thread brand 'Serelon" makes fabulous FSL.
It is a polyester thread and comes in many shades.
Use top and bobbin thread.
Happy Stitching!

by lidiad 28 Apr 2012

My previous link doesn't work This one does. It's the home page, then click on Tutorials and scroll down until you find the tutorial for the Battenberg lace.
\Hugs, Lidia

by lidiad 28 Apr 2012

I have used #50 cotton both as top and bobbin thread. I bought it from the shop that sells embroidery thread, and it's the same thread used by quilters.

Here is a link where to find clear instructions:

by shirley124 28 Apr 2012

Good question. Interesting replies.

by marcellelewis 28 Apr 2012

Some digitizers recommend using quilting cotton on top and in the bobbin for battenburg lace. I haven't tried it myself. Apparently it creates a softer lace and looks more like hand crochet.


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marcellelewis by marcellelewis 28 Apr 2012

I did not create that link on the word recommend. I don't know why my post did that. Marcelle

by caroldann 28 Apr 2012

Here is some info from emblibrary that may help. Hugs..Carol

Special Project Notes:

Battenburg lace requires the use of cotton thread. A 40 weight rayon or polyester thread will not work as it will not hold up the delicate stitches. Choose 50 weight 100% cotton sewing thread or for a bit heartier look, use 30 weight Madeira Cotona or 30 weight 100% cotton sewing thread.

I used 50 weight 100% cotton sewing thread from Coats and Clark. I used cotton thread in the bobbin and in the needle (top thread). For an even more delicate, somewhat softer effect, you can use regular bobbin thread (70 weight thread) in the bobbin and cotton thread in the needle. Bobbin thread, however, only comes in white or black, so if you choose bobbin thread for your lace, the lace will not be reversible as the bobbin thread will be seen on the back of the embroidery.

by noah 28 Apr 2012

The designs i just put on here are/were batten berg and i used 100 polly and the second one was variegated thread

by shirlener88 28 Apr 2012

I have done many with my regular embroidery thread and love the result - I have also used serger thread and like the old-time look of it, too - but you have to watch for fuzz and clean your machine well when you use it.

by cfidl 28 Apr 2012

I recently test stitched a doily for christief with 40wt cotton and it stitched out perfectly. I have had fewer problems with the heavier thread with Battenberg than with FSL and even more than filled, The more you do the more you know which is best for which designers. TEST TEST TEST! Sonja is 40 wt even though I use 50. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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cfidl by cfidl 28 Apr 2012

It was 50 wt. I usually use 50 wt. sorry for the confusion.

by rsehorse 28 Apr 2012

I have used my embroidery thread and it works fine. You get a lighter weigh doily or design in the end. I have also used cotton thread, which I purchase at Wal-Mart or Joann's. If I use the cotton thread for the top thread and in the bobbin I get a much heavier weight doily. It almost seems stiff to me. You also use Cotton thread and light weight bobbin thread in the bobbin. just be use the colors match so it reversible. Good luck, Susan

by grandmamek 28 Apr 2012

I have designs from Emb library and I just used my polyester embroidery thread. They stitched out very nicely.

by jofrog2000 28 Apr 2012

I've done battenburg style doilies from threadsnscissors, and used my poly embroidery thread.