by fannyfurkin 21 Apr 2012

Does anyone else do this? I am hooping and I think something like "will this fit in a smaller hoop?" or "maybe I need to print the worksheet?" or something like that, so I go back to my computer and I check emails, check facebook, check cute, go back to my hooping and realise that I did not do what I went to my computer to do.


by mi30kaja 22 Apr 2012

Yes Often.

by muflotex 22 Apr 2012

yup, but got a small hand project near the computer

by zoefzoef 22 Apr 2012

Happens all the time...

by lidiad 22 Apr 2012

Join the club, Alice, you are normal!
Hugs, Lidia

by rmj8939 22 Apr 2012

I, for one, do this way too frequently.

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Apr 2012

Think I am suffering too. I am on my way from my sewing machine to the iron and just passed by...

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asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Apr 2012

Just passing again

by airyfairy 22 Apr 2012

All the time - and with everything else, not just the computer. Good to see you here Alice. Hugs Sarah.

by gerryvb 22 Apr 2012

I thought that's the normal way we act.LOL

by terriweistra 22 Apr 2012

Yip, I am guilty too. I have good intentions of sewing/embroidering and then spend far too long on the Cutie site.... just having a quick look :)

by mariahail 22 Apr 2012

i AM GUILTY!!!!********

by manami 22 Apr 2012

Hi Alice,
That reminds me that I came to my computer to convert design's formats :) Hope you are well, Hugs,Yoriko

by mranderson 22 Apr 2012

Every time I go into a room I think about the hereafter. That is.... "what am I here after" Hugs Marg

by snowbird42 22 Apr 2012

i once saw a video by bill cosby where he said after 50 your brains are in your behind....reason you get up to go to another room and when there have forgotten what you went for go and sit down and presto once your behind is on the chair you sudenly remember what you went for.....soozie

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 22 Apr 2012

I am not 50 yet. lol. only 47.

airyfairy by airyfairy 22 Apr 2012

Oh! thank goodness there is hope for me. I am 20 years older than you Alice!!!!

by hightechgrammy 21 Apr 2012

That's like going to the grocery store for something, and coming out with everything except what I went in for! I thought it was just me!

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jid53 by jid53 22 Apr 2012

I know that feeling

by drro 21 Apr 2012

Of Course!... I thought it was mean it isn't? ..........uh oh!

by jrob Moderator 21 Apr 2012

Alice, personally I never get distrac

jrob by jrob 21 Apr 2012

what was I saying?

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 21 Apr 2012

Ha ha ha.

by obaachan 21 Apr 2012

Oh My Gosh Alice ... I do this all the time !!!

by parkermom 21 Apr 2012

Story of my life!

by dino 21 Apr 2012

Yep! We all get side tracked. Especially when we have so many things on our list that we would like to do.

by dino 21 Apr 2012

Yep! We all get side tracked. Especially when we have so many things on our list that we would like to do.