by phi4 08 Apr 2012

what is a "peg cover?". can someone answer it please?. thank you.


by lidiad 09 Apr 2012

Now I know too... Thank you! Hugs, Lidia

by lique 09 Apr 2012

See a photo from one in use

by marthie 09 Apr 2012

To add to "hightechgranny's" comment - we alse call it a peg here in South Africa. And as for the Brits and Ausies, we are all from the COMMON WEALTH

by designcrazy 08 Apr 2012

Thanks for asking this ? I was wondering the same thing!!!! Now we know!

by basketkase 08 Apr 2012

LOL....I just asked Carolyn that question!!

by bevintex 08 Apr 2012

a clothes pin or peg attaches on the back, add a magnet to hold notes on your fridge

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phi4 by phi4 08 Apr 2012

thanks for all answers & prompt responses.

by hightechgrammy 08 Apr 2012

It's a cute little cover for a clothespin :-) Those dear Aussies and Brits call them "pegs." They have such funny names for things, don't they -LOL But, WE don't have any funny words for things, right? Hugs, Jan

parkermom by parkermom 08 Apr 2012

Reminds me of the "toboggan" question!!! Being in the south , we've heard lots of different names for things, and it is so much fun to learn new expressions

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 09 Apr 2012

LOL! I live in the cold snowy tundra of MN and my kids have no idea what a toboggan is. When I showed them a picture of one they said oh the funny looking sleds we see in childrens books. LOL!!
I think I need to buy one just so my grandkids know what one is and to have fun with of course!