by cjmelm 17 Feb 2012

is embroidery myhart .com any good


by suelyn7 18 Feb 2012

I have googled this and I can't fi d the site at all

by hightechgrammy 18 Feb 2012

Welcome to Cuties! Has anyone warned you yet?? Cuties is addictive. It happens without you realizing it. One day, you are just hooked! Be sure to make yourself some folders for all the wonderful free designs by cuties you can download. And, be sure to check out the projects! We're glad you found us! Jan

by katydid 17 Feb 2012

I have nothing good or bad . I do not know the site. perhaps others will. Kay

by parkermom 17 Feb 2012

I had never visited that site before, so I just looked at it, and I would have to agree that it might just not be legit. Some of the titles are misspelled, which wouldn't happen with truly licensed products.

by susiesembroidery 17 Feb 2012

Welcome to the cutest gangsters in the world. Here we stitch everything right down to helping one another and having an ear for each others daily bothers and problems. Hope you will be as happy as the rest of us.*****

by cjmelm 17 Feb 2012

thank you all and I will stay away from them...

by suelyn7 17 Feb 2012

anyone got the link I cant find this site

by airyfairy 17 Feb 2012

Welcome to the Cute family.

by airyfairy 17 Feb 2012

Welcome to the Cute family.

by sewinhuggs 17 Feb 2012

Those are all copy right designs. I wouldn't buy from them. welcome to cute.

by grandmamek 17 Feb 2012

Welcome to cute. I have never heard of this site. The old saying is "Buyer beware.: Hugs, Mary

by cfidl 17 Feb 2012

I want the raggedy ann set! Please tell me, because I do see red flags that it is OK to purchase from here! and Welcome to Cute! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by terriweistra 17 Feb 2012

Welcome to Cuties, I am sure you will settle very happily with your new embroidery family :)

by lidiad 17 Feb 2012

I don't know that website but I welcome you to Cute! Hugs, Lidia

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 18 Feb 2012

sooooo, sew cute!!!!

by justonlyme 17 Feb 2012

I've looked at them before because I wanted some M&M designs, but I sort of doubt that they are legit because their prices are a little low for licensed designs. Beware of sites that sell everything. Sometimes you will get more than you bargained for. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
There are TONS of free sites to go to in order to get started. Check out "freebies", second tab over, and follow the links. You'll lose yourself there with so many goodies!! I don't recognize your name, so welcome to Cute!! Where you'll find an answer to just about anything embroidery and a few things that aren't!! :)

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cjmelm by cjmelm 17 Feb 2012

I'm new just found you all not to long ago thank you all