by cicadamn 09 Jan 2012

Sorry This is not Embroidery. Have just come from Hospital had to have my knee repaired ( Three holes drilled into front) to remove torn cartilage pain not so bad now but have to use crutches for 6 weeks, so will sit and embroider.


by gramsbear 12 Jan 2012

So Sorry to hear your hurting knee. I Pray God will heal you real quickly! Hugs &Prayers, Judy

by marcellelewis 12 Jan 2012

Speedy recovery to you and a *. A good excuse for embroidery too. I hope you feel so much better when you have recovered.


by dilceia 12 Jan 2012

I wish you a good recovery!

by zoefzoef 12 Jan 2012

look it positive; now you can sew whole days !

by lulu07 12 Jan 2012

OMG, take care of yourself and try to stay off of the knee as much as possible (stay on cute and have fun that way)...I hope you will recover soon.

by linda8450 12 Jan 2012

Had both hip and knee replaced then 5 years later the other side. Don't sit toooo long! Moving is best medicine, even if it hurts, even on crutches..won't heal correctly if you sit too long. Linda

by shirlener88 12 Jan 2012

Cica, take care of yourself and know we will be praying for a fast recovery - keep those meds close by - the pain my hit in a day or so. Happy stitching.

by oaro 12 Jan 2012

I wish you speed recovery

by capoodle 12 Jan 2012

Keep the pain meds close by. What kind of recovery time line did they give you? Will be thinking of you and praying for the fastest possible recovery. I recovered (it was nasty)this tiny army cot stool for my daughter to keep under her desk at work. She also has a small pillow for comfort to keep her foot up. Her break and surgery was in August and she still is keeping it up whenever possible.

ramona by ramona 12 Jan 2012

This fold up foot stool/seat is a great idea for me in my cabin. We don't have much room for something to stay out permanent. This would be perfect for company and then fold up and put away. Oh, and it would also be great for her to put her leg up. :-)

capoodle by capoodle 13 Jan 2012

I've seen a really neat one made out of PVC pipe.

by ramona 12 Jan 2012

Do you have to keep your knee elevated? If so, be sure to do that so not cause complications. I'm sure you won't be embroidering for a few days anyway.

Wish for a speedy recovery.

by susiesembroidery 12 Jan 2012

Wow, what a painful experience this must be. My DH had a complete knee replacement in Feb last year, he healed really well, but rested a lot. Please don't over excert yourself and lift the knee as much as possible to avoid swelling. The benefits of rest is so important. Hope to hear that you feel realy well soon.****

by sewbadly 12 Jan 2012

Naps are good, too.
Heal quickly.

by noah 12 Jan 2012

oh my what a pain but try to think about sewing like mind over matter lol if you can hugs carolyn

by lflanders 12 Jan 2012

I do hope everything works out great! Just remember that if you sit with your legs hanging down for long periods of time, your knee is going to swell! That is not good for it at this point! Hugs, Linda

by lidiad 09 Jan 2012

I wish you a prompt recovery! Hugs, Lidia

by leenova54 09 Jan 2012

Ouch, good luck, hope you heal quick and embroider something really fantastic!

by spendlove Moderator 09 Jan 2012

Look on the bright side - you have a great excuse to sit and sew and let others do the boring stuff for you!

by sadp 09 Jan 2012

look after that leg and rest well, it sure helps, hugs S*

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cicadamn by cicadamn 09 Jan 2012

Thank You.