by nama2 18 Oct 2011

ANY HELP APPRECIATED! I am trying to make some ITH I-spy bags for Christmas gifts. I have tried 2 different gauges of plastic for the window part, but when the bag is all done, the plastic just rips out where the satin stitches were. Thanks for the help ahead.


by quail 19 Oct 2011

When I make my I Spy bags, I make the entire satin stitch window first, you know like reverse applique.
Then, I go back to the first placement stitch for the window, place my plastic behind my window fabric and stitch the placement stitch a couple of times. That will secure the plastic without all the satin stitching which may cut through the plastic. I've made a great number this way without any problem.

teddybear117 by teddybear117 19 Oct 2011

I have not made these, but would like to for this coming Easter. If I am reading this correctly, you do the satin stitch first..then go back and do a straight stitch to secure the plastic. I imagine even a longer stitch length would secure it without worrying about perforating the plastic too much with the satin stitch.

teddybear117 by teddybear117 19 Oct 2011

worrying about perforating the plastic too much causing it to tear away.

nama2 by nama2 19 Oct 2011

I will try that-thanks!

by muflotex 19 Oct 2011

back around Easter I did some and used plastic tablecloth, bought only a small cut and it workes fine for me, would like to try to recycle some of the clear plastic from groceries

by mysugarfootswife 19 Oct 2011

I agree the sheet protectors work best. That's what I use. I'm sitting here looking at 5 yards of plastic that I bought from Wal-Mart that didn't work at all. No what am I going to do with it!

muflotex by muflotex 19 Oct 2011

How about a tree skirt? for a very big tree lol just kidding

justonlyme by justonlyme 19 Oct 2011

Start a thread asking for suggestions. I bet you get all sorts of really good ones. I used some I bought to replace glass in picture frames. But used a photocopy of the picture in case it stuck.

by alexgrandma 19 Oct 2011

I bought my plastic from Nancy's notions. It seemed to work the best.

by castor 19 Oct 2011

Try the Sheetprotectors that are used for Docoments.I had good results with those.Good Luck,Ursula

nama2 by nama2 19 Oct 2011

I am not sure what those are?

castor by castor 20 Oct 2011

Seetprotectors are large Plastic Envelopes you use in Ring folders.They are accidfree to store Documents .They are 4Asize

by gerryb 18 Oct 2011

I've made several of these. Used a plastic that was originally bought to cover tables..or chairs. The files I have do a straight stitch first, then you trim the plastic, then the satin stitch. I agree with mdladyus, check with the site you got them from. Let us know what happens.

by designcrazy 18 Oct 2011

It could be the needle you are using, but I can't tell you the correct one to use. You could look on emblibrary site to see what needle they use. I hope you have better luck next time. I did a sample, bugs in a jar, awhile back and it did fine, but of course I don't remember what weight the plastic was. Sorry I'm not much help!

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nama2 by nama2 18 Oct 2011

I also did the bugs in a jar design and it turned out great. I'm still perplexed on this. I will check Emb library-thanks.

by lidiad 18 Oct 2011

I have never stitched onto plastic, but I'm interested to know. :)

by greysewist Moderator 18 Oct 2011

If there is another line of stitching under the Satin Stitch, you may be able to just skip the satin stitch if you think that would look 'finished'.

by mnladyus 18 Oct 2011

Were did you get the design? You could contact them to find out what they used. One thing I think you would need to do is use a much longer stitch on the plastic.

by gramsbear 18 Oct 2011

What about making a "Pocket" to hold the clear plastic? Then sew it closed if you prefer. Hugs, Judy

by cfidl 18 Oct 2011

How about a trim with bias tape? then you have both sides covered before stitching! christine LLDS!