by babie 18 Oct 2011

Had a bad experience yesterday. Had a full computer crash. Unfortunatley while I was downloading to backup my weekly allowance purchase which I did just before. Could recover designs from Emblibrary and but could not salvage the ones I got from Anna Bove. I've send her an e-mail and hopefully she will resend the download link again. Lost all historic emails but everything else was fine. Am now setting my system up to include a backup of my e-mails also as it is nice to have them. But at least it is not my designs.


by blueeyedblonde 18 Oct 2011

Sounds like it's all coming together for you - thank goodness.

by cutegirl 18 Oct 2011


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babie by babie 19 Oct 2011

Yes they are all in place now.

by coulson 18 Oct 2011

I had a computer crash and had 'Carbonite' as a backup--so sorry about that. When I got a new computer and had carbonite do a recovery on my files many were empty and many were not there. I have had no help from them either. Carbonite is now deleted on my computer!

by babie 18 Oct 2011

Just to let you all know - wonderful service. Just got my new link to my designs purchased from Anna Bove. She made my day.

by mad14kt 18 Oct 2011

I can imagine. I had several of my files to get corrupted! How, I just don't know, YUCK. I will FIESTA ANYHOW...I am sure everything with AnnaBove will work out *2U

by cfidl 18 Oct 2011

I use carbonite back up system! What are you using... I have several months left and it is great - just want to know. Thanks christine LLDS!

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babie by babie 18 Oct 2011

I save them to a external hard drive in a sorted manner and from there I cut cd's by category. I also store them on my computer but it is not sorted - just a file with lots of designs. These I've obviously lost but I have 2 more up to date organised sets of all the designs. (haha apart from Anna Bove designs)

by lidiad 18 Oct 2011

Not so bad, after all! Good luck with the designs from Anna Bove!

by bumblebee 18 Oct 2011

You have my sympathies. I had a crash and no backup
I learned my lesson and got a belkin hard drive backup.