by icana 20 Aug 2008

has anyone ever heard of 90-100 wt bobbin thread? singer is telling me that is what I am supposed to use in my xl6000. If so where do you buy it?


by bevgrift 01 Feb 2011

I have the Brother bobbin thread which works great.
From my Brother dealer.

by cocka2clarks 01 Feb 2011

Brother has a 100 wt which I purchased from a stand at the quilting show. Works great.

by lbrow 06 Jun 2009

Jrob to the rescue again. I think we need to make her a Super Cape like Mighty Mouse wears. Glad she helped solve your problem way back when icana. *

by marjialexa Moderator 06 Jun 2009

Well I certainly learned something today!! All of these machines are soooo different in their specifications of what you can use. I imagine with an auto-winder for your bobbin, (right in the case, don't have to take it out, right?) you'd have to use specific thread, it's calibrated for that. Glad you have one, too, Meganne, and know the ropes. And I'm glad for my Janome 300E, that sews with anything I put in it (except that blasted Floriani rust-colored spool!!), hee hee hee. Hugs, Marji

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meganne by meganne 07 Jun 2009

Yes Marji,
With the Elna XQ models and Singer XL models, when you are embroidering and your bobbin runs out, the machine automatically stops, the hoop moves over to the left side, the machine stitches out the last of the bobbin with gigantic stitches along the right edge of the hoop, it then refills the bobbin and starts embroidering again in the exact spot it left off.

The thread to refill the bobbin is extremely fine, but boy is it ever strong, it cut into my hand before I could break it.

Now you can use ordinary embroidery threads in the 'ordinary' bobbin, such as when embroidering FSL and cotton thread for plain sewing, but I would not recommend these for the Auto Bobbin.
The only threads I have had a problem with on my XQ2, have been Black and White Rayon threads of cheaper brands such as Dragon, Q & A. Otherwise the machine will stitch out anything.

I did an indentical FSL design, with Gold Metallic thread, that stitched out perfectly on my XQ2, yet played up no end on the Diamond.
So not all machines will work equally well with the same thread.
HnR, M

by meganne 06 Jun 2009

I just found this in my searching, suuposedly recommended by Singer......
hnr, M

by shirlener88 06 Jun 2009

no, never heard of it - but I don't own a singer, either.

by meganne 06 Jun 2009

The Singer XL6000 is the sister machine to the Elna XQ2 and they also recommend 90-100wt bobbin thread, especially if you use the auto bobbin winding feature, which, by the way, no other machines on the market have, so you cannot be guided by what other people use in their machines unless they also have a Singer XL6000 or an Elna XQ model.

Thicker threads are not suitable for auto bobbin winding, so I can assure you it is not "a crock" if you want to do right by your machine!

The reel that came with my machine (XQ2) has the following written on it:
(Fujix) SchappeSpun #90 100% Polyester
The rest of the writing is Chinese/Japanese symbols.

Now, what I have noticed, is that Brother bobbin thread is (almost) identical, it is the same size spool, No. #90 and is also 100% Polyester.

When I say 'almost' the Brother thread is not as strong as the Fujix Schappe Spun but may be the closest thing you (& me) will find.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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icana by icana 06 Jun 2009

singer reccomended a website where you can buy RA 80 wt bobbin thread. i still have not found any 100 wt. they did have to replace the endless bobbin assembly and i haven't had much trouble since. thanks

by dlmds 06 Jun 2009

Icana, Welcome!! I have a Babylock, and they recommend "The Finching Touch" 60 WT., so I guess I am not much help. H&*.

by kitbutler 06 Jun 2009

Brother sells an embroidery bobbin thread that is 90 wt & 100% polyester. It is recommended for my machine the PE700II as well. I have seen it for sale on a few Web sites, but the nearest brother/singer store might carry it.

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bevgrift by bevgrift 01 Feb 2011

This works great on my Brother Innovis1500.
The bobbin holds more thread and the embroidery is much softer (for babies designs)because of less build up of thicker thread at the back of designs

by lbrow 21 Aug 2008

Icana welcome to the cute site, looks like jrob had the answer u were looking for. We r glad to have u as a new member.

by jayemcee46 21 Aug 2008

I haven't heard of this one, but I'm not sure what the weight of my bobbin fill is as I've changed brands, I know that it is a bit lighter than regular embroidery thread Jo

by shirlener88 21 Aug 2008

icana, some machine's require that you use a special thread or weight of thread as your bobbin thread - my Babylock Ellegante only works with a specific bobbin thread - but I use the same embroidery thread as in the top - when I am doing Free Standing Lace and have no trouble what-so-ever - go figure. Mine is called The Finshing Touch it is 100% Polhester and is 60 wt.

by mpo14011 21 Aug 2008

I can't help you but I use Coats Fillmore bobbin thread.It is very good, and I have not had any failures with it.Bobbin thread is thinner then your normal sewing threads. Don't have to refill bobbins quite as often.

by jrob Moderator 20 Aug 2008

I think that may be in reference to a Mettler number. Their fine embroidery Mercerized Cotton has No. 60 (100) by 200M 219 yards. The 100 is what is on all of the threads made in Spain that we call 60WT.;)

icana by icana 21 Aug 2008

thanks, that make all the sense in the world. I have also emailed singer support and asked them

marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Jun 2009

Is this like Farenheit and Celcius? Hee hee hee, anything to confuse us.

by gerryb 20 Aug 2008

I usually use Soft Touch by YLI which is a 80 weight white (can also get beige & black) cotton thread. It's what my dealer says is best. BUT I have also used 70 weight bobbin thread. Maderia also carries an 80 weight thread.

by jand803 20 Aug 2008

I would think you could adjust your bobbin tension for any thread weight. If you use a very thin weight, you may have too much bobbin thread showing on top of your work. If you are happy with the way your designs stitch, you might want to continue with what you have been using. Jan

by misscharlie 20 Aug 2008

At the moment I am using coats and clark bobbin thread it is 70wt. I bought it at walmart. I did notice while I was at walmart over by the sewing machines they had prewound singer bobbins. Hope this helps *

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icana by icana 21 Aug 2008

that is what I am using now with the demo machine that I am using while mine is being unjammed. I usually buy it when I catch a half price sale at handcocks or joanns, I bought several types of bobbin thread and prewound for my brother se270d,but the singer don't like the prewound, thanks

by grannyo 20 Aug 2008

Maybe that's the weight of embroidery bobbin thread. I know that it is thinner than embroidery thread is. I don't have a way to check it out. I buy pre-wound.

by simplyrosie 20 Aug 2008

???? I have an XL6000 and I use regular embroidery thread... I've never heard that before. :-)

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icana by icana 21 Aug 2008

I think it is a crock myself too but someone else mentioned that it may be a mettler number in which a 100 equals a 60