by shadoe 01 Dec 2022

I took my membership out last week and paid by pay payl I've sent several request and no response as of today! You wont except my log in so I can download the designs I very much woulld like to download some fonts no you wont let me sign in for that!! I hope this problem can be fixed real soon!! I hate to turn it into paypal for their help! Thanks Jane Tryer


by rescuer Moderator 01 Dec 2022

You ARE signed in. You cannot post here without being signed in. If you are having trouble downloading designs, just ask for help. I'm not sure where you've sent requests. Read through some of the Posts done by moderators to see if that helps. If not, we would be glad to help if we can. Remember the subscription membership is only good here on Cute. The sister sites have their own offers and are not included here.

You've been here a very long time. I would think you would know Miss Veronika is kind and generous.