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by jrob Moderator ( edited 04 Mar 2022 ) 01 Mar 2022

Hello beautiful embroidering friends. I hope you are having a day full of sunshine, no matter what side of the equator you enjoy.

I need a favor to protect Ms. Veronika, and I know that we all want to do that. Goodness, where would we go find each other if not for here?

Betty's Embroideries has taken down the designs that brought up this subject.
Please note that she has said "All links for anything of mine or to my free designs are not allowed please remove this and any other links you have to my free designs immediately. " (direct quote) We will honor her request.

Thank you have a super day and know I love you all!


by pennyhal2 13 Mar 2022

I can sure understand why Betty has had to say this. I've enjoyed seeing her designs and they stitched out great.

by arisann 11 Mar 2022

Thank you for help in keeping it all right and good for us all. Your the best. We all love Betty O. she has been good to us. We all want it to be as she wishes for her site. Thank you for all you do! lvu

by marianb 11 Mar 2022

Thank you

by pennifold 11 Mar 2022

Thanks so much Jerrilyn. Love Chris

by lidiad 08 Mar 2022

Thank you.
Hugs, Lidia