by lidiad 19 Dec 2021

Have you noticed that there is an upgrade available for Embird, called Embird 2022? I did and I am thinking if it's worthwhile upgrading (you have to pay for the upgrade) or continuing with my Embird 2021. Is it my impression or the program has become expensive, with so many new features which I will never use. Perhaps I'll stay with the 2021 edition......What do you think?


by pennyhal2 28 Dec 2021

I haven't upgraded since 2018. This version does everything I want it to do. I find that upgrades sometimes delete some of my favorite functions and the learning curve in the new programs get more complicated as they add more functions. I do not digitize, so perhaps if I did I'd upgrade more.

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lidiad by lidiad edited 01 Jan 2022

If you are happy with it, don't upgrade. I upgraded because sometimes I create a new border (outline) and for that I need to use Studio, the digitizing module. Another reason has been that I was curious to see the new features, because the basic program has been upgraded and my curiosity won,,,, hehehe
Hugs and Happy New Year! Lidia

by mooie24 27 Dec 2021

I paid for the upgrade.. installed it had a quick look to realize all my original settings have now gone .. :-( .. I will get the family celebrations out of the way and then have a play... by the way I did use my saved up points to put towards purchasing this :-)
Big Hugs from London
Maria x

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lidiad by lidiad 31 Dec 2021

Hi Maria, what points are you talking about? Who gives you the points?
Also, I didn't lose my settings because before deciding if to upgrade or not, I have downloaded the latest update for the previous program and it asked if I wanted to keep the existing settings before deleting the previous version. I clicked yes. So when i have installed the upgrade, it used the saved settings.
Big hugs to you as well, from Melbourne, Australia.

by lidiad 26 Dec 2021

Thank you Kim. I went back to Embird's site and read again their notes, so I understood that there is a new program included in the new upgrade and the US@49.00 was for the basic program and they didn't charge for the new program included with Studio. Anyway, I went ahead and bought the new upgrade. The US$49.00 have been converted to Australian dollars plus 4% for Paypal's service and the total has been AU$72.00 and I'm waiting to be charged by my bank for the international fee.....
Thank you for your help and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hugs, Lidia

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2021

Yes, I did notice... it seems to happen about every two years or so.... I thought that this one was pricey at $49 for just the Basic Embird...but I did it anyway. Past experience (at least for now) reinforces that if you ever want to upgrade, you will pay for it anyway...sooner or later. I do think it might be more important for those who use the digitizing side(s) of Embird and not just the Basic pod as I do... Past upgrades have only been $20-$30 dollars...but this one seems expensive to me... maybe I am just getting old!