by maryanns66 13d ago


For those that are interested or don't know, Yoriko passed away. He son made an announcement on Facebook.


by test 10d ago

Yorico is my friend. My heart is crying...

by theduchess 10d ago

RIP Yoriko, My prayers and condolences to her family.

by dragonflyer 12d ago

So very sad, condolences to her family...thank you for letting us know...

by oaro 12d ago

So sad to hear She will be missed RIP Yoriko

by sebsews 12d ago

RIP Yoriko. She was a real fighter and loved by many Cuties. Thanks for letting us know.

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graceandham by graceandham 9d ago

For those whose first language is not English, RIP stands for Rest In Peace. Sometimes put on tombstones.

by maleah 12d ago

May the good Lord keep her and her family in His tender mercies. She will be greatly missed....

by mariagiannina 12d ago

That is so sad, thank you for letting us know.
Condolences to her family.

by basketkase 12d ago

Oh my goodness.....this hurts my heart...

by mi30kaja 12d ago

This is so sad. Hate hearing when loved ones have left us. Mt thought are with the Family and Friends.

by shirley124 12d ago

Sad to hear Yoriko passed away. Thanks for letting us know. Hugs

by noah 12d ago

yes i read it there Maryann thanks

by irenewayne 12d ago

RIP Yoriko. Condolences to her Family

by pcteddyb 13d ago

Thank You for letting us know. Such a lovely woman gone too soon.

by tuross 13d ago

My heart goes out to her family but at least Yoriko is no longer suffering is is in the arms of our wonderous Lord enjoying all the joy that this brings.

by lbrow 13d ago

She was loved by many but especially by the Lord. She has peace, love and joy now, resting in His arms.

by lidiad 13d ago

Very sad. My condolences to her family and thank you Maryann for letting us know. Hugs,Lidia

by airyfairy 13d ago

So terribly sorry to read the passing of Yoriko. My condolences to family and friends.
Thank you Maryann for letting us know.

by sharonleekesner 13d ago

Thank you for letting us know. I loved her site with all the beautiful designs, like she was connected to all of nature's beauty. I am glad her son made the announcement so all of us will know what happened to her. Sometimes we are left not knowing. Again, thank you for letting us know.

by stork 13d ago

So sad to hear. She was such a giving and nice person on this group. Will pray for her family as they deal with their grief

by sewdeb 13d ago

A very sad day for the Cute family. She was such a dear person. Thoughts and prayers for her family.

by marianb 13d ago

Such sad news. Yoriko was a very lovely and helpful person.

by 02kar Moderator 13d ago

This is a sad day in the machine embroidery world. We have lost a very special member of the Cute family. My heart is breaking for her family and for us.

by gerryvb 13d ago

so sorry,
we all lost a very sweet and talented Cutie...May she rest in peace. And let's pray for all family and friends that she left behind.

by asterixsew Moderator 13d ago

An amazing woman with a brilliant talent. We joined Cute at the same time, our birthdays were very close... She has gone far too young, though I knew how very I’ll she was. Thanks for letting us know.

by momac 13d ago

So sad to hear of Yoriko's passing. My condolences go out to the family. Hugs from Maureen in South Africa

by tinfriend 13d ago

So very sad to hear the news of Yoriko's passing! Deepest Sympathy to her family and friends! RIP dearest Cutie!xxx

by mranderson 13d ago

So Very very sad to hear this news. She had been a very big part of the Cute family. RIP Yoriko. Love Marg.

by sewtired 13d ago

Lovely smile to the end. May she rest in peace.

by pennifold 13d ago

I am devastated to hear that. I knew she was really bad in her last post to me, but hoped against hope she would get her transplant. Another Cute angel in heaven. Love Chris

by graceandham 13d ago

She shared a lot of beauty with us with her digitizing and her spirit. Sad to hear.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13d ago

My heart aches.

by dailylaundry 13d ago

Oh, my, such very very sad news. Prayers to her family - this made me very sad, I knew she was ill but, I was so praying for her to rally. Bless her heart! Love and hugs, Laura

by rescuer Moderator 13d ago

Thank you for letting us know. This is such sad news!

by maryanns66 13d ago

Here' s her latest photo.

gerryvb by gerryvb 13d ago

thank you for your post.

ethan by ethan 13d ago

So sorry to hear of Yoriko's death.

dadybrode by dadybrode 13d ago

Merci de l'avoir annoncé, sincères condoléances à sa famille, elle était une talentueuse brodeuse
.Mon coeur est très triste.
Va en paix charmante amie brodeuse
Que Dieu t’accueille dans son paradis tu le mérite.