by sewmom 14d ago

This is a baby gift set I made for a friend that just took in his newborn granddaughter. I have a sweet spot for those that foster and adopt as I have done it also.

The fleece blanket is a single layer. Sides are folded in, corners mitered, blanket stitch from back side. All materials are from my stash which has been holding up well during shelter in place.
Disney designs are all legal since I have a Brother Disney machine. (I have to admit I like to stop the stitching before it stitches the Disney copyright but I don't always catch it.)


by dragonflyer 12d ago

Very nice...cute set. I am sure it will be well loved.

by toogie 12d ago

I have used a few of my Disney designs but often I forget about the built in designs. Nice to see them stitched out. Also, nice of you to help this grand dad. Wish them all the best!

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sewmom by sewmom 12d ago

Thank you. The frame around Bambi is also a built in.

by pennyhal2 13d ago

I'm sure the baby will have lots of love and enjoy being with her grandparents. It is good of you to help them welcome her with these great gifts. Nicely done! I often delete anything I don't want in a design with my software, or just stop the machine like you do.

by castor 13d ago

they are adorable I can see how soft that Blanket is hugs

by blueeyedblonde 13d ago


by crafter2243 Moderator 14d ago

Ahh. So sweet. I do not see the copyright anywhere. Did you have to pick it out? I have never stitched out any of the Disney characters on my Machine. They turned out awesome.

sewmom by sewmom 14d ago

The copyright is under Bambi and Snow White, I stopped the machine before it stitched on the other designs.

sewmom by sewmom 14d ago

They stitch out very well but the Dwarves had around 40 color changes!

by robertahilde 14d ago

So sweet and so well done! - Hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 14d ago

Delightful work

by pennifold 14d ago

Such a beautiful set and I'm sure they will be well appreciated. Love Chris

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sewmom by sewmom 14d ago

Thank you : )

by lidiad 14d ago

Cute and well done!
Hugs, Lidia

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sewmom by sewmom 14d ago

Thank you.

by sonjapotgieter 14d ago

What a Great Job done!!!!!Love the Fabric!!!

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sewmom by sewmom 14d ago

Thank you.