by mariahail 04 Mar 2020

Hello ladies, looking for a someone to digitize a small design for me, please let me know asap...It is for a friend who has a dog for emotional support and this puppy is supposed to wear a little tag when she takes it to the stores, etc., thanks a lot for your help.


by basketkase 28 Jul 2020

Yep I helped out...

pennifold by pennifold 28 Jul 2020

You're a star! Love Chris

sewtired by sewtired 29 Jul 2020

Such wonderful people here at Cute!

by sewtired 28 Jul 2020

If you haven't been helped yet, perhaps you could post a picture of what it is you want.

by arisann 28 Jul 2020

Hi, I hope you found your design / help you needed. Hope you are well, prayers and hugs to you. The idea is cute and hope you can follow it through with this tag.

by lidiad 04 Mar 2020

Ask Vicki,
Hugs, Lidia

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lidiad by lidiad 04 Mar 2020


by toogie 04 Mar 2020

Sorry I can't digitize, but I just wanted to say,"Good to 'see' you here!"