by gerryb 04 Mar 2020

Looking for an embroidery design of a catcus. Do we have a search box here on cute?


by castor 13 Mar 2020

try filip koza he has a cactus des free

by dragonflyer 12 Mar 2020

Gerry.... Did you get it all sorted out at Sick? Do you have what you need?

by kingmar 07 Mar 2020

Take a look at Fabric Confetti's Prickly Blooms. Not free but sew out great.

by loriziegler 06 Mar 2020

Design by Sick has some and they are free a lot in their hourly freebies.

gerryb by gerryb 07 Mar 2020

I bought and paid for 2 files at Design by Sick that were really what I wanted. However when I try to download the files, I get a blank page. I've tried on 3 different devices, tried right clicking and "save to.." which will only save the site and back I go into the same circle! I've tried to keep this private, but I am over it. If anyone has any way to see why they aren't answering their emails, I'd appreciate it!

rescuer by rescuer 07 Mar 2020

Gerry, I sent you a PM

loriziegler by loriziegler 07 Mar 2020

Sorry to hear that! I bought their designs when they had a great sale on all of their designs on disc and I did not have any problems!

by rescuer Moderator 05 Mar 2020

I can't remember one from Cute except the font/alphabet at the link. If I find more I'll add them here. I know some of the Cuties that have websites have done cactus designs in the past. Perhaps one will reply.

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Mar 2020

Unfortunately there is no search box. I am giving you a link with info how to search here. Off hand I can not recall seeing a design of a cactus. If I find some I will come back here.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 04 Mar 2020

Emblibrary has a set called "Pretty prickly cacti"

gerryb by gerryb 07 Mar 2020

Tks crafter, I did find that info but didn't find a cactus! I'll try Emblibrary again.

gerryvb by gerryvb 07 Mar 2020

just type cactus in search, on emblibrary, they do have some.