by jrob Moderator ( edited 26 May 2017 ) 06 Jul 2015

How to Search for designs

There are many ways to search, and many things to search on this site.

To search for designs, it depends on what you know about the design; do you only know that you are looking for a dog? Do you only know that it was part of a pack.

To find a dog (or a single name of design) you click on the designs tab. On the left side you will see a list of words, including dog. Click on it. You will be taken to a page of the designs that have “dog” as part of the name or reference. Over on the right hand side there is another list you can use to narrow your search. If you click on puppy, you get more specific in your search. (Related Search list shown)

If you know the design you are looking for is a part of a pack you can search in this manner: Go to the design section and look over on the left side for the word “pack”, click on it and you will get the packs that have been posted as designs. You will then have to scroll through the packs, because that search can not be further narrowed at this time.

You can copy this shortcut and delete back over "horse" and change it to the name of the tag you are searching if you know it.

If there is something that just can’t find, ask in the community-chat section and your Cuties will come to the rescue and help you.


by RFozzy 4d ago

I was looking for Tooth Fairy and there is no tab to check. Tried to see if there was a kids one too, but again, no tab.

by rescuer Moderator 11 Jan 2018

There is not a way to search for designs by hoop size at this time.

by CurvyGirls 20 Jan 2017

I appreciate your site but truthfully you guys need a search bar.. If you want to sell you don't want folks going outside of the site to search for an item then stumble upon someone elses.. I do IT for a living..

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rescuer by rescuer 20 Jan 2017

Two pages of bee designs and I didn't need to leave the website.
Most of us really love this website and the owner.

by CurvyGirls 20 Jan 2017

There is no search bar here within the site? this is kind of antiquated ...

CurvyGirls by CurvyGirls 20 Jan 2017

And to have to search through all the images instead of a simple search.. hummm

rescuer by rescuer 20 Jan 2017

It really isn't as difficult as it may seem. Most of my searches show me a single page of results. If that is too much, you can always ask for help from the Community.

rescuer by rescuer 20 Jan 2017

Keep in mind that not all images you may see on Pinterest etc. will be available here for download. Some are no longer offered here while others you find in the Project section may be found on another website.

CurvyGirls by CurvyGirls 20 Jan 2017

Well I did a search for a Bee and one came up now I got to go back and try again its very annoying when you are ready to purchase and more on with your project.. I been trying to search this for hours..

rescuer by rescuer 20 Jan 2017

You could have asked for help. We are all willing to help. I don't think one of the tens of thousands of users here wouldn't help someone in need.