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by rescuer Moderator ( edited 29 Aug 2019 ) 28 Aug 2019

🌸🌸 Cuties major work has begun on this website and the other sister websites. It is recommended that you download files from your download center and as always, we recommend backing up those files. Those with subscription membership should be sure to download files and use a good backup system. As files are transferred to a new storage system, sometimes files can be forgotten or lost by the transfer software or process. Please, please be patient with Miss Veronika as she must manually find and replace lost files. This is not an easy task and is consuming a lot of time.

Sending 🌸🌸🌸 to all Cuties


by asterixsew Moderator 31 Aug 2019

ttt again

by gramsbear 29 Aug 2019

Thanx for the info, and I Pray for Ms. Veronika, as she undertakes this HUGE task!!! She is always very busy, but this is over and above normal BUSY!!! You GO, Ms Veronika!!!

by stork 29 Aug 2019

Thank you for letting us all know. Hopefully nobody will get their panties in a bunch........Have a great weekend!

by cfidl 29 Aug 2019

Thank you for the notification!

by lidiad 29 Aug 2019

Thank you for letting us know. Miss Veronika has a huge job to do and I'm sending her huge hugs!

by pennifold 29 Aug 2019

Thank you for letting us all know things are about to change. Love Chris

by momac 29 Aug 2019

Thank you for letting me know. Hugs Maureen

by zoefzoef 29 Aug 2019

Thank you for informing us

by eyeztodiefor10 28 Aug 2019

is Miss Veronika going to bring "Designs by Cuties"?? We've been waiting for several years for her to bring it back. Many people learned to digitize using that forum. It was a wonderful place to learn and grow. I really hope she plans on bringing it back. Thank you, Meri

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Aug 2019

Meri, we don't know if or when the DBC will return. We hope for patience from all users and from all her websites. We know she is working very hard right now.