by lildoll2 19 Aug 2019

can i use a 50/3 wt.thread for my machine crochet if it calls for using a 30/35 both cotton , please cuties i really need to know as i have a lot of the 50/3 thread ... thank you DOris again..


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by lidiad edited 27 Aug 2019

I have used a 50 wt cotton thread, the one used by quilters, with success. Cotton thread leaves a lot of lint but that's not a problem if you clean the bobbin area often.
I use rayon for free-standing lace designs digitized for rayon. Hugs, Lidia

by lildoll2 21 Aug 2019

i called a few dealers i buy things from, i got one to get me some 30wt cotton, 1100 yds for 4.50 cotona cotton by madiera, lot cheaper than i could have gotten it for, angel was on my shoulder today, thanks for your help too cuties.. doris

crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Aug 2019

Glad you had angels on your side.

mops by mops 28 Aug 2019

I love the Madeira cotton - used the 30 wt a lot for bobbin lace making, now use it for machine lace.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Aug 2019

That is what I could find.

lildoll2 by lildoll2 20 Aug 2019

what kind of thread do you use for lace? i can't belive size 30 cotton is so hard to find , unless you have a big you ever use polyester for doilies? i read it somewhere.. i may be stuck with a lot of 50-3 cotton. do you need any at a real good price,? thanks doris

crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Aug 2019

I use 40 weight for my FSL

by lildoll2 20 Aug 2019

does someone know where i can buy some 30-35 wt cotton thread , please, thank you doris

by mops Moderator 20 Aug 2019

You could try using 2 threads together. I have done that with a 60wt thread.

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Aug 2019

I do not know myself and hopefully someone else will come along. I would do a test stitch and see