by teddybear117 06 Nov 2018

11-06-2018 Wishing everyone well on this beautiful November morning. My daughter had my head in quite a tailspin and I pulled away from most everything. So I have pretty much been in the shadows. But when I saw this I wanted to share the find. This is a freebie but not an embroidery design. I found an Office program that works smoothly with Win 10 (also other os's) that is free at the moment. There is also a free zip program that I haven't tried yet. They also have a back up program that is reduced in price ($15.00 and $15.99) at the moment. The software company is partner with Microsoft and Intel. Hopefully true because I am getting the back up program today myself. I got the Office program last week and really like it. All my previous computer came with Office and I have felt lost without it and the generic one was messing up on my computer. I know how important backing up our designs can be and I am sure many are like me and not backing them up because most back up programs are expensive. They have a drop down menu with quite a list of countries so it isn't just for the US like some. Go to the download tab for a complete list or scroll down the page to where is says freeware for just a list of the freebies. There is quite a list of freebies.